Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4-zone RGBW LED strip controller FUT038

Ticks all the boxes, recommended seller, many thanks, would purchase from again

By: ho******* 2 Month  ago

MAX-LED MR16 LED light bulb 5W SMD 12V neutral white

I have purchased these bulbs as a replacement for my bathroom lights. The bulbs work well and give a great light. I\'m just counting now how many bulbs I need for the downstairs lol. MAX-LED good and cheap brand with high quality bulbs. Thanks, guys for the quick delivery. I\'m well satisfied with my purchase.

By: Do*** 3 Month  ago

Design Light under cabinet LED light ORBIT 2W RGB aluminium

Great lights, enough to make a cup of tea without having bright main lights on. love the different coloured feature and remote control!

By: ro********** 3 Month  ago

Mi-Light WiFi controller iBox2

Intuitive application, simple connection of system components (radio receiver, controller, smartphone). They work with both Android and iOS. A lot of fun at remote lighting control via the Internet. I would recommend.

By: St***** 3 Week  ago


Torches - Future House Store

LED torches are the powerful, efficient, energy-saving - LED flashlights from the best manufacturers. The LED technology is a significant benefit for every user from homeowners to specialists from uniformed services. The first is reliability - in contrast to the bulb, the diode is resistant to shocks and impacts and has a lifespan of tens of thousands of hours of continuous operation. The second is efficiency - modern LEDs consume much less electricity than a light bulb emitting the same amount of light. Add to this the fact that the latest LEDs have higher power than a similarly sized bulb, and it will become clear why LED is the technology of the future.

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