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Special Profiles

Special aluminium profiles are profiles of particular use and purpose. These aluminium LED channels can be used, for example, as clothing hanging rails with their lighting, decorative lighting lines and wall accents, lighting for showcases and shop windows, creating illuminated glass shelves and lighting such as mirrors in the bathroom. Multifunction LEDs can also be used successfully in other applications. Out of the range of these aluminium profiles, three models deserve special attention: the LED Pen, the ShelfMulti multifunction profile and the Back tray. The LED PEN profile, thanks to a large number of specially designed handles, is used to illuminate cabinets, expositions, furniture shelves, exhibitions and mirrors, etc. The special feature of this profile is the fact that it is a compact rotary model, direct the light. The aluminium BACK, thanks to its "T" design, allows directing the light beam in two directions, which gives the possibility to accurately illuminate the specific exposure. As with most LED profiles from our range, special models are also available in several aluminium finish options.


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