Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4-zone RGBW LED strip controller FUT038

Ticks all the boxes, recommended seller, many thanks, would purchase from again

By: hobbys0_0 2018-12-21

MAX-LED MR16 LED light bulb 5W SMD 12V neutral white

I have purchased these bulbs as a replacement for my bathroom lights. The bulbs work well and give a great light. I\'m just counting now how many bulbs I need for the downstairs lol. MAX-LED good and cheap brand with high quality bulbs. Thanks, guys for the quick delivery. I\'m well satisfied with my purchase.

By: Donna 2018-12-04

LED Strips

LED Strips - Future House Store

LED strip is also commonly known as "LED tape" or "LED ribbon", LED diodes are placed in a single strand on a special PCB substrate with 3M double-sided adhesive tape. LED strips are available in many colour variants, with varying density of LEDs as well as with various LEDs. This is a modern and increasingly popular solution in the field of LED lighting. Depending on the model used, LED strips can be obtained from the decorative effect to a powerful lighting effect. In our online shop, you will find types such as LED MONO (monochrome/single colour), RGB (multicolour), RGBW (multicolour+white), CCT (white with adjustable colour temperature) and RGB+CCT (multicolour+adjustable colour temperature). LED strips have a multitude of uses, they are used especially in interior lighting to create ambient light accents, to illuminate work surfaces or emphasize the arrangement. The use of LED strips with increased airtightness class with "silicone" coatings or new coatings in "Nano" technology, allows to use them in places with high humidity. Thanks to its simple construction and high flexibility, LED strips are used in almost every field of life. A wide range of used LEDs on LED strips allows you to choose the right model with the right amount of light. An important advantage is also the fact that almost every tape is dimmable. With RGB LED or RGBWW tapes, except for dimming and brightening, you can also choose any colour from the vast range of colours offered by these models. An important feature of LED tapes is also the ability to obtain almost any dimension - (they can be shortened depending on the model every 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, etc). They also differ in the number of LEDs used so that in some types of LED strips one can obtain almost uniform continuous light lines.

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