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Mi-Light Alexa series

The Alexa Voice Control system is an innovative voice system that allows access to a large number of modules and controls them by speaking various voice commands. The voice communication method is enabled by extremely intelligent devices in the form of loudspeakers. Depending on the demand, there are several extremely sensitive loudspeakers available. Amazon Echo, reminiscent of the shape of the column, beyond the properties of a personal assistant, has quite good parameters, allowing music to play in decent quality and a small Echo Dot, allowing it to be located in a hard-to-reach place. Despite the small time on the market, access to cooperating modules is very large, and so, for example, we can turn on / off devices in the room, play your favourite music, check the most necessary information such as weather, news, set alarm clocks or control LED lighting, all, of course, using spoken voice commands. We can only communicate with the Alexa Voice Control (AVS) system using English or German. Products in this category cooperate with the above voice system Alexa Voice Control.

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