Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4-zone RGBW LED strip controller FUT038

Ticks all the boxes, recommended seller, many thanks, would purchase from again

By: ho******* 2 Month  ago

MAX-LED MR16 LED light bulb 5W SMD 12V neutral white

I have purchased these bulbs as a replacement for my bathroom lights. The bulbs work well and give a great light. I\'m just counting now how many bulbs I need for the downstairs lol. MAX-LED good and cheap brand with high quality bulbs. Thanks, guys for the quick delivery. I\'m well satisfied with my purchase.

By: Do*** 3 Month  ago

Design Light under cabinet LED light ORBIT 2W RGB aluminium

Great lights, enough to make a cup of tea without having bright main lights on. love the different coloured feature and remote control!

By: ro********** 3 Month  ago

Mi-Light WiFi controller iBox2

Intuitive application, simple connection of system components (radio receiver, controller, smartphone). They work with both Android and iOS. A lot of fun at remote lighting control via the Internet. I would recommend.

By: St***** 3 Week  ago

Mi-Light LED Downlights

Mi-Light LED Downlights - Future House store

LED downlight lamps from the Mi-Light series are ceiling lighting fixtures that are ideally suited as an alternative to traditional ceiling luminaires. The use of this type of lighting will provide significant savings related to energy costs because the offer includes LED luminaires with a low power of 6W giving a decorative tone or 12W with a stronger accent ensuring higher luminous efficiency. Downlight LED luminaires will work in offices such as offices, apartments or public rooms, such as medical care facilities. The mounting of the luminaires is done by inserting the luminaire into the gypsum board. In contrast to the usual monochromatic LED downlight luminaires available in our offer, luminaires from the Mi-Light series.

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