Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4-zone RGBW LED strip controller FUT038

Ticks all the boxes, recommended seller, many thanks, would purchase from again

By: hobbys0_0 2018-12-21

MAX-LED MR16 LED light bulb 5W SMD 12V neutral white

I have purchased these bulbs as a replacement for my bathroom lights. The bulbs work well and give a great light. I\'m just counting now how many bulbs I need for the downstairs lol. MAX-LED good and cheap brand with high quality bulbs. Thanks, guys for the quick delivery. I\'m well satisfied with my purchase.

By: Donna 2018-12-04

Mi-Light Outdoor Light

LED floodlights are replacements of traditional halogen or metal halide lamps characterized by practicality and significantly reduced power consumption, which makes them fully economical products. The use of such LED floodlights finds their place, for example, to illuminate various types of external rooms such as garages, parking lots, staircases or home gardens. The construction of LED floodlights is made entirely of aluminium, with IP65 enclosures. A characteristic feature of LED floodlights from the Mi-Light series is the ability to control by radio or alternatively via a Wi-Fi network. LED floodlights offered in this category are available in the multicolour RGB+CCT version with the option of switching on the standard single colour mode (warm white 2700K or cold white 6500K), through a controller compatible with this product.

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