LED - means Lighting Emitting Diode. An LED diode is a semiconductor element whose operation is based on a physical phenomenon called electroluminescence. Here you can read about news related to LED technology, new products, tips and tricks etc.

Can you use dimmable LED bulbs without a dimmer switch?

1430 8 Months ago

LED light bulbs are the representation of the latest progress in the lighting industry. LED lights provide various benefits in contrast to traditional light forms, creating new ways to utilize lights that were not possible before. LED lights are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional light sources making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial lighting needs. Unlike halogen and incandescent light sources, LED lights are available in both dimmable and non-dimmable forms. Initially, when LED lights were introduced, it was not common for them to be dimmable.

Pros and cons of LED light bulbs

721 1 Year ago

Lighting is an important component of our daily lives and we need it for almost every aspect of our everyday operations. With an enhanced sensitization on protecting our environment, there is increased progress made by the lighting industry, and LED lighting is one of these advances. LED technology has been recognized for energy efficiency that has a key selling point for LED lights.

Why do LED lights flicker on camera? How to stop light flickering in a video? (Guide)

40295 1 Year ago

When seen through a camera lens, sometimes it seems like an LED light bulb is flickering quickly at regular intervals like it is turning off and on rapidly. The light flickering in a video becomes more obvious and apparent because the frames per second (FPS) recording of the camera is not aligned with the frequency of electricity. This is known as the ‘strobe effect’. LED lights are of two types i.e. strobe and constant.

All about DMX Control for LEDs

606 1 Year ago

A DMX controller offers you countless options to control LED lights in your space. In past, DMX controls were bulky and big things that were only employed in theatre lighting. But modern-day DMX controls can be smart panels with touch screens or wall controllers. 

Dim to Warm LED lights

498 1 Year ago

LED technology is continuously evolving to suit the needs of users and to match the applications in the real world. To achieve this goal, many manufacturers are making LED lights that have the ability of “warm dimming”.

Reasons to choose LED Line LED strips over competitors

505 1 Year ago

LED strip lights have become extremely popular in the LED lighting market and are being used in various ways to generate beautiful lighting effects. The huge reason why people like LED lights is their energy efficiency. LED lights last longer and saves on energy cost being more energy-efficient as compared to other forms of lighting.

Light – The Key to Effective Work and Learning

462 1 Year ago

It is research-proven fact that environmental conditions can positively or negatively affect our health, productivity, and well-being.

Fitting and testing new studio lights

380 1 Year ago
Lighting may not be considered the most important aspect of a music production studio but having the right lighting and ambience can help you to be more creative with your music production particularly when it is easy on the eyes.

LED vs Halogen: Which one is better? LED or Halogen?

3231 1 Year ago

There are many types of lighting technologies available in the market and it is important to know about them to choose the right one. Halogen and LED lights are the two most common types of lighting and you should know the difference between LED and Halogen lights so that you can make the right decision on what is the best lighting solution for you.

Choosing the best energy efficient LED bulbs

424 3 Years ago

The number of LED light bulbs we currently see in stores grows with every passing day. But how to choose the products that actually are the most efficient and will help us save both energy and money? Let's find out what we should pay attention to while shopping for the new efficient LED bulbs.

Modern outdoor wall lighting

587 3 Years ago

Our modern outdoor wall lights are becoming more popular now. Here are some of the reasons and benefits of why.

Why should you purchase LED lights?

1244 3 Years ago

Why should you purchase LED lights? Across various industries and markets, LED lighting technology has gained massive popularity. Positive comments from many industry experts have contributed to increasing the popularity of LED light bulbs, LED diodes, LED strips, which in many parts of the world have been successfully replaced by traditional bulbs and fluorescent lamps that used to be used in the past.

The biggest advantages of LED lighting

421 3 Years ago

The biggest advantages of LED lighting. We have recently presented you with basic information about LED lighting. Today, we invite you to read the article in which we presented the greatest advantages of LED lighting. LEDs are the most energy-saving source of lighting available on the market. They consume 80 or even 90% less energy than conventional light bulbs. What's more, the average life of an LED bulb is about 15,000 - 30,000 h. This time depends, of course, on the type of LED bulb. It is worth knowing that at the same time we would use from 15 to as many as 30 classic light bulbs.

LED bulbs mean lower electricity tariff

389 3 Years ago

LED bulbs mean lower electricity tariff. Today, we would like to talk about LED bulbs. As you know LED bulbs are one of the most energy-efficient light sources.

Basic information about bulbs and LED lamps

359 3 Years ago

Basic information about bulbs and LED lamps. The use of LED lighting in our homes has appeared on the market relatively recently. It is worth knowing that in the industry they have been for several decades, only the invention of high-power diodes has contributed to their popularization. Today, they constitute an attractive replacement for traditional light bulbs. This kind of lighting is increasingly chosen by users. That is the reason why we decided to introduce you to basic information about LED lighting

What does CCT mean?

2463 3 Years ago

In this post, we are going to explain what does CCT mean and what are the possibilities of CCT smart lighting?

Innovative LED Line panel (Frame)

1251 3 Years ago

Innovative LED Line panel can be distinguished by its unique design. The high-quality LEDs used in this spatial frame-shaped construction provides a neutral white light of 4000K with a luminous flux of 3200lm.

Modern lights are not only for the home

445 3 Years ago

Modern lights are not only for the home. We offer various types of modern LED lighting. As we all know, garden lights have something to offer. They make the garden at night look on a unique charm. You can sit down at night where there is darkness, and enjoy a lit up atmosphere. Garden lamps could be used in many occasions such as setting up the garden for a romantic dinner with your partner or any party occasions, such as barbeque with friends, family meetings, general special occasions, reading your favourite book to relax, or simply just to light up the garden. You can check our outdoor lighting from our Garden-Lights brand such as LED round balls as well as the LED light cubes.

Futlight smart lighting Mi-Light series

717 3 Years ago

The Futlight has been established in 2012 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland). Their main products are LED Bulbs, LED Downlights, LED Track Light, LED Floodlights, LED Controllers.

What to consider when buying LED strip lights?

905 3 Years ago

Warm white, neutral white, daylight, cool white, cold white.... again so many names to describe the same thing which is a shade of white (the light appearance provided by the LED).

Come and meet our RGB+CCT remote controller

429 3 Years ago

Come and meet our RGB+CCT remote controller. Can you imagine the situation when you use a remote controller to change brightness intensity or colour of light? It sounds like a fairy tale but it is possible. We know how to do it.

Designing LED Project, Individual Production, Custom Orders

536 3 Years ago

We offer our clients a wide range of services related to modern LED lighting. The rich experience we have gained in this area over the years of work will ensure the satisfaction with the services provided by a qualified team of specialists.

25 Benefits of LED Panels | Perfect Ceiling Light in 2019

1214 3 Years ago

Lights which are mounted in roof ceiling are known as ceiling lights. Nowadays ceiling lights are famous that are placed inside the ceiling. Not mounted down from the ceiling or hanging up with the ceiling. These lights are mostly LED ceiling lights. Light-emitting diodes are a new technology in both perspectives of energy-saving and less radiation. Led lights to come in a various variant, but the most common one is ceiling LED lights.

8 Tips to Help You Cut Your Electricity Bill

530 3 Years ago

Electricity fuels just about everything we use every day and it's an essential part of modern life, but that doesn't mean we can't do our best to cut costs wherever possible.

Uses of LED extrusions, aluminium LED profiles in home lighting

1668 3 Years ago

In determining how smart home is, there are a number of things that come into play. It is not only limited to stacking up your home with gadgets...

Make your life easier and buy LED strip accessories

385 3 Years ago

Make your life easier and buy LED strip accessories. Do you know that in our offer you can easily find many types of LED strip accessories? So that is the reason why today we would like to talk about this kind of accessories.

The unique functions of Mi-Light WiFi remote control YT1

1295 3 Years ago

Nothing compares to the experience of having a smart and automated home. It adds immense value to your space. The technology does not only make your home look chic, modern and sophisticated, but it also puts a touch of ease and comfort to your everyday lifestyle.

Professional electrician Elex show 2017

355 3 Years ago

It is the place where you will be able to see all the latest top name electrical products under one roof. Every electrician and every lighting company should at least once a year visit electrical exhibition show to see what is going on right now on the market and what are the plans for the future in the industry

Aluminium profiles

631 3 Years ago

Aluminium profiles not only protect the LED strip from mechanical damage but also work as an excellent heat sink.

Future House Store now supply also smart lighting

343 3 Years ago

Mi-Light smart lighting control reduces the number of times you'll find yourself having to reach for a switch it's great fun not only for your kids but for yourself as well and it saves on your electricity usage too. Isn't that great?

Every kitchen needs LED wall step light

413 3 Years ago

Every kitchen needs LED wall step light! Why? Let us explain the benefits of LED wall step lights but before that let us explain what is LED wall step light.

Choosing LED bulb

388 3 Years ago

Choosing an LED bulb - Base. The part of the lamp or light bulb that connects to the light fitting is generally known either as the cap or base. This provides electrical contact and also often the physical location of the lamp.

Choose right LED power supply

376 3 Years ago

By transforming 240-volt (mains) power to a lower voltage such as 24v or 12v, an LED power supply drives your LED installation. Connect your LED power supply between the mains supply and the LED product it will power. LED drivers come in many shapes and sizes.

LED advantages

342 3 Years ago

A key advantage of LED lighting is considerably lower energy consumption. Properly designed LED illumination allows for up to 80% efficiency, which means that 80% of the consumed energy is converted to light energy.

MAX-LED 12W LED bulb replaces 75W incandescent bulb

530 3 Years ago

In our offer, you can find some of the great products. One of them is MAX-LED bulb that consumes only 12W and generates a luminous flux of 1055 lumens.

Flexible SMD LED Light Strips - 3528 vs 5050 Comparison

1216 3 Years ago

Most of the flexible SMD LED light strips that are being offered on the market today are either of the SMD 3528 vs 5050 type, and it is really important to make sure that you understand their differences.

LED types

6089 3 Years ago

DIP, SMD, COB. Find out what are the types of Light Emitted Diode, their features and parameters and how to recognise them.

MAX-LED - RF Wireless Touch RGB

327 3 Years ago

The controller supports up to 30 meters of 150 LED RGB strip and up to 15 meters of 300 LED RGB strip.

Economical home - 90% smaller bills

382 3 Years ago

One of the EU directives meant that throughout the EU withdraws from the sale of incandescent bulbs, which have many defects are energy-absorbent, and very much increase the operating costs of the house.

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