Decoding MiBoxer Product Codes: A Comprehensive Guide

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Navigating through the world of lighting solutions

You may often find yourself puzzled by seemingly cryptic product codes. These codes, while initially daunting, are often structured deliberately to convey essential information about the product in question.

Puzzled person in a lighting store

MiBoxer, as a premier brand in the lighting industry, employs specific codes to help customers identify the features and compatibility of their products.

In this guide, we'll help you crack the MiBoxer code, focusing specifically on terms like "FUT", "ZR" or the symbol "+".

What do MiBoxer Product Codes Tell Us?

MiBoxer product codes are not random sequences of characters. They encapsulate key information about the functionality, compatibility, and sometimes even the design of the product. Breaking down the code can help determine if the product is the right fit for your needs.

Close-up view of a MiBoxer product package

The "FUT" in MiBoxer Codes

FUT: This term is a direct reference to "Futlight," the parent company behind the MiBoxer brand. When you see a product with "FUT" in its code, you're looking at a product that carries with it the legacy, quality, and innovation associated with the Futlight name.

Understanding "ZR" in MiBoxer Codes

"ZR" is a common element you might encounter in MiBoxer product codes. Here's what it signifies:

Z: This typically indicates the product's compatibility with the "Zigbee" protocol. Zigbee is a widely used wireless technology designed for short-range communications. Products with a "Z" are often adaptable to smart home systems that use the Zigbee protocol.

R: The letter "R" denotes the product's capability to support "Radio Frequency (RF)" technology. Devices with an "R" in their code can either transmit or receive signals using RF technology, allowing for wireless control. This is particularly useful in smart home setups where seamless wireless communication between devices is essential.

MiBoxer product ZR

So, when you come across a MiBoxer product with "ZR" in its code, it essentially means you're looking at a Zigbee-compatible product designed for remote operation or reception.

+: Symbolizes multi-functionality, indicating that the product supports multiple technologies or features, such as "2-in-1" or "3-in-1" functionalities.

The "+" in MiBoxer's product codes

Signifies more than just versatility for the end-user—it’s a beacon of innovation that takes into account both consumer preferences and retailer needs.

plus mean multifuncionality

For consumers, this "+" symbolizes a multi-tool of sorts in the world of lighting. It showcases the product's remarkable ability to support various functionalities or technologies. Imagine having a singular device that seamlessly transitions from a calm evening hue to a vibrant party colour or from a bright reading light to a cosy movie-time ambience. That's the power of the "+". It's tailored for those who crave flexibility in their lighting environment and wish to effortlessly alter their mood or setup without the fuss of multiple devices or the added cost of different products.

From a retailer's perspective, the "+" is equally impactful. Stocking multifunctional products translates to reduced inventory. Instead of storing multiple units each catering to a single functionality, they can now stock fewer units that cater to multiple functionalities. This not only optimizes their inventory but also leads to significant savings in terms of warehouse space. In the competitive world of retail, where every square foot and every product stocked matters, such optimizations can contribute to operational efficiencies and cost savings.

In essence, the "+" in MiBoxer's product codes is a win-win, catering to the dynamic needs of both consumers and retailers. It's a testament to MiBoxer’s forward-thinking approach, crafting solutions that benefit the entire supply chain, from production to the end consumer.

Here's a deeper dive into the "+":

MiBoxer and the "+" Multi-Functionality Indicator

The "+" in MiBoxer's product codes showcases the product's ability to support multiple functionalities or technologies. It's an indicator of a product's versatility, ensuring users have a wide range of options with a single device. This is especially useful for those who might want to alter their lighting mood or setup without having to switch devices or invest in multiple products.

    1. FUT035Z+

Zigbee Product: The "Z" denotes the product's compatibility with the Zigbee wireless protocol.

Designed for Single Color and Multi White (2in1): The "+" here suggests that the product is designed to cater to two specific functionalities. Namely, it can support a single colour (like pure white or warm white) and can adjust between multiple whites (like transitioning from warm white to cool white). This provides a user with the flexibility of setting a singular colour mood or varying between different shades of white.

    1. FUT037Z+

Zigbee Product: As with the previous code, the "Z" here stands for Zigbee compatibility.

Designed for RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT (3in1): The "+" in this product code indicates a threefold functionality. It supports:

    • RGB: The classic Red, Green and Blue configuration. This allows for a myriad of colour combinations.
    • RGBW: This is an extension of RGB but with an additional White LED, providing a broader spectrum of colours and allowing for purer whites.
    • RGB+CCT: This configuration not only supports the full RGB spectrum but also Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) adjustments. This gives users the power to set the colour mood and adjust the colour temperature to their liking, making it suitable for various scenarios from vibrant parties to relaxed reading sessions.
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