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Drivers & Power Supplies

The LED drivers is an independent power supply that regulates the power supply for a LED or series of LEDs. LEDs are energy-efficient lighting devices with long service life and low power consumption, which is why special power supplies are needed.

Why do we need LED drivers?

LED drivers are needed for two purposes: First, LEDs are designed for low voltage LED drivers and power supply (12-24 V) DC operation. However, most places provide higher voltages of LED drivers and power supply (120-277 V) and AC. LED driver corrects higher voltage, alternating current to low voltage, direct current. 12 V LED drivers for lighting The LED driver series with one output and constant voltage from Power LED, which is suitable for LED interior lighting, e.g., For example, LED lighting for private households, showcase lighting, LED downs, LED backlights, coordinated lighting and light sculptures.

12V LED lighting drivers are widely used to replace old traditional transformers for 12V halogen lamps that are commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, especially those with extractor covers, bedrooms, and living rooms. Because LEDs are very efficient, they work with much less power.

Second, the LED driver also protects the LED from a voltage or current fluctuations. Changes in voltage can cause changes in the current supplied to the 12 V LED lighting drivers, proportional to their power supply and the LED drivers must operate within a certain current range (measured in amperes). Therefore, too much or too little electricity can cause the light output to change or decrease faster due to higher temperatures on the LED. In short, the LED driver converts a higher voltage (AC) to a lower voltage (DC). They also keep the voltage and current flowing through the LED circuit at a nominal level.

What are LED drivers used for?

The LED drivers are either used externally on internally within the LED bulb assembly.

These are commonly used in domestic LED bulbs to make it easy when replacing the bulbs; the internal drivers are usually housed in the same case as the LEDs. For the aforementioned reasons, every 12V LED drivers for lighting source requires a driver. However, some LED driver, particularly those designed for household use, contain internal drivers rather than separate, external drivers. Household bulbs usually include an internal driver because it makes replacing old incandescent or CFL bulbs easier. These include LED bulbs with standard screw-in or plug-in bases (E26 / E27 or GU24 / GU10 – see images below) or those that specify a line-voltage (120 volts) input on their datasheet. LEDs that typically require an external driver include cove lights, downlights, and tape lights, as well as certain fixtures, panels, and outdoor-rated lights.

LED Power Supplies & Drivers

The external drivers are housed separately from the LEDs and usually used for applications such as outdoor, commercial, roadways lighting. These types of lights require separate drivers which are easier and cheaper to replace. In most of these applications, the manufacturer specifies the type of LED driver to use for particular light assembly.

Our extensive LED driver IC product portfolio, design tools, and technical resources can help you add innovative lighting features to your design. Search for the best device for your system in two different ways: by the function of the LEDs in your design or by the topology of the LED driver power supply.  

Lighting is one of the most important of all building systems and we offer buyers thousands of lighting products to choose from, including modern lighting, indoor, outdoor and bathroom lighting. The spectrum of lighting manufacturers and wholesalers we represent is very broad. If you are mainly looking for the latest LED drives and LED lamp manufacturers for 2020, here are all the options you can think of. Be sure to see all the options you can find, such as B. LED car lights, work lights, automatic LED lights.

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  • Modular Power Supplies

    Modular Power Supplies

    Modular power supplies are the collection of power supply modules in aluminium open work housings that are aimed to power LED lighting as well as industrial automation equipment. Such power supplies feature high-efficiency which makes them the ideal choice for both home and industrial users. Modular power supplies are economical to use. 

    Modular power supplies are just like simple power supply units but with detachable cables. These power supplies contain some individual modules and each of these modules generates a different output voltage. Therefore, when joining numerous modules on the modular power supply, we get the power supply of many outputs.  

    The cable system of the modular power supply is detachable, thus offering the capability to eliminate the unused connections at the expense of a small amount of extra electrical resistance lead by the additional connector. In simple words, the modular power supply is the one where some or all of its connectors, and cables are detachable. It is different from the usual power supply where all its connectors and cables are permanently fused to the unit.

    The output voltage of these modules can sometimes connect in series to create higher output voltage i.e. the sum of the output voltage of all the modules in a modular power supply unit, or in parallel to supply high output current i.e. the sum of output currents of all the modules.

    The casing of the modular power supply is specially designed to allow the free flow of air, hence, ensuring the proper cooling of the power supply. They have several protections including thermal protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, and short circuit.  

    Many modular power supplies are also appropriate for fixing on DIN rail with additional dedicated grips. The modular power supplies from the POS brand and Mean Well are products from the economic series. At Future House Store, you will find power supplies in this category with a good value for money. The modular power supplies are available in a huge collection of output power ranging from 15 W to 500 W. 

    Our modular power supplies come with a specially designed casing with IP 20 airtightness allowing free airflow and proper cooling of the power supply. Power supplies from this group also have implemented protections like short circuit and overload protection. The modular power supplies from the POS brand are covered by a 24-month manufacturer's warranty.

    We provide highly configurable, multi-output modular power supplies offering rapid and easy configuration of a custom power solution. Leading power density and ultra-high efficiencies provide a versatile and compact power solution.

    Modular power supplies offer several advantages including better cable management, lower temperature, space-saving, and easy power supply unit removal. With fewer power connectors and cables accumulating dust and blocking up the insides of your computer, the airflow inside the case is going to improve. Consequently, it will lower the operating temperatures of the internal components, allowing them to last longer.

    Whether you require a highly efficient modular power supply products or for industry-leading products with 10 years of warranty, we have a modular power supply solution for all of your needs. All of the products at Future House Store are designed to allow you to meet your demands quickly, eradicating the need for customs with the POS and Mean Well modular power supply series being the most flexible designs able to offer seamless output voltage.

    We deliver modular power supply units that perfectly suit the needs of your application as quickly as possible. If you want high quality, maximum performance, and a cost-effective solution for your power supply needs then we are the right choice. We offer our customers a variety of modular power supplies and chargers from leading brands.  

  • Flat Power Supplies

    Flat Power Supplies

    Flat power supplies for LED are popular among users, particularly in the areas where the use of large power supplies is not possible. Due to their compact design and other compelling features, they are the ideal choice for use in advertising, furniture, and other applications. Sometimes flat power supplies are also termed as ultra-flat power supplies. 

    The flat power supplies from the POS brand are specially designed for wooden furniture. They also meet the various safety standards and have Class II insulation, therefore, they can be easily employed in the buildings with the flammable class such as furniture.

    Flat power supplies from the world’s leading brands such as POS brands are available on our store and website. Also, switch power supplies mainly compact and flat designs are available at Future House Store. Due to their flat design and smart appearance, they are appropriate to be employed in the most compact installation areas including slim light strips or fluorescent tubes, in narrow gaps behind mirrors, or hung ceilings. 

    They come with small specs so they can fit any small space. It makes them suitable power supplies for each type of installation site. Flat power supplies are manufactured to work in lighting systems as well as industrial electronics. The power supplies in this category meet the several safety standards and have a second class on installation. These properties enable them to be used in buildings of unchanged combustibility class. 

    Our customers can choose from our wide collection of flat power supplies with the power output range from 6W up to 180W in various performance and designs according to their individual requirements. All the power supplies from the Future House Store offer protection from overvoltage and overload as well as short circuit proof. Besides their flat and compact design, flat power supplies are highly efficient, reliable, and have a long life. 

    The flat series of power supplies from Future House Store was specifically designed to install an LED power series in slim installation spaces or the smallest gaps. The small dimensions and very small housing makes them the right choice to use in spaces that are too narrow.

    We have many years of experience in lighting solutions and electronic devices. The lighting products and power supplies by the LED specialists stick to the highest quality requirements and provide multipurpose usage opportunities. We secure the trust of leading brands and manufacturers in the world of LED products and supply high-quality products for the satisfaction of our customers. We also provide extended warranty for our power supplies for added comfort and security to our customers.

    Due to their unique housing and flat design, they are great for use in the advertising industry as well as furniture areas. They are characterized by low weight, small dimensions, and thanks to their installation holes, they are easy to assemble. The main properties of flat power supplies are their compliance with lighting standards.

    At Future House Store, you will find the POS brand’s constant voltage switching flat power supplies with the output of 12V. A constant voltage switching power supply can be utilized to power LED lights that have constant current drivers or resistors already integrated into the system. Such kinds of products will generally call for a constant DC voltage. 

    A huge collection of flat power supplies choices are available for you with a power output range from 6W to 180W. The POS brand’s flat power supply series provided by Future House Store is a great solution wherever there is a small space to install power supply units. Explore the huge collection of flat power supplies at our website and find the one which best suits your requirements.

  • Waterproof Hermetic Power Supplies

    Waterproof Hermetic Power Supplies

    LED waterproof power supplies in hermetic sealing are widely used in LED lighting installations and industrial automation where the humidity level is high as well as in outdoor environments. An LED power supply is necessary for every LED lighting system. Whether it is an LED light strip, tape, clip, or any other type of lighting module, it would not be able to run without an appropriate LED power source. It is necessary to find the power supply with the most optimum parameters for your applications.

    If you are looking for power supplies for an outdoor environment or areas with high humidity, then the waterproof hermetic power supplies will best suit your needs. The robust housing made of high-grade plastic or aluminium and the high degree of protection IP65 to IP68 ensure trouble-free and easy operation despite the unfavourable conditions.

    Among the huge collection of waterproof hermetically sealed power supplies, we mention two series here, i.e. IP67 LED power supplies and Professional IP67 LED power supplies with a 3-year warranty. The input and output wires are led out of the housing of each waterproof hermetic LED power supply to facilitate the assembly of the device.

    At Future House Store, you will find the waterproof LED power supplies from the world’s leading manufacturers of LED lighting and power supplies including GLP, POS, and Mean Well. Our collection of hermetic power supplies includes products with the output power ranging from 12 W to 200 W with 12V DC voltage.

    The power supplies by Mean Well brand are the devices in a sealed plastic casing with a high degree of protection IP67 enabling it to work in humid places and outside the house or building. The power supplies by Mean Well meet several safety standards and have some certificates, so that they can be used in home and commercial applications without any worries.

    Waterproof power supplies with IP67 hermetic rating by POS brand finds its applications in LED lighting systems and industrial automation. The plastic housing of the POS power supplies ensures their use in high humidity areas. The power supplies from this category are characterized by obeying the emission and safety standards and protection against overload, short circuit and overvoltage to ensure safe operation.

    The waterproof hermetic power supplies are used in LED lighting, industrial automation systems, and machine control that are used in powering LED bulbs, LED strips, LED panels, RGB LED drivers and electronic devices. Various applications of LED power supplies include LED living room lighting, LED bathroom lighting, LED lighting in the hall, LED cabinet lighting, promotional LED lighting, exhibition LED lighting, LED lighting for business premises, or any other selected spaces.  

    The robust design and construction of the waterproof power supplies indicate that their main purpose is LED applications like banners, tapes, advertisements, lamps, fittings, and light bulbs. The various benefits of waterproof power supplies include high reliability, strong built, increased mechanical strength, waterproof and sealed housing.

    Waterproof power supplies with an IP67 rating are the environmentally sealed, ultra-high efficient group of power supplies. They offer high reliability with affordability in a product that operates under extreme conditions even submerged in water. Each product in this category is hermetically sealed and carries an IP67 rating for ingress of dirt, dust, and water. The products are cooled through natural conduction and convection processes hence no airflow is required.

    The rugged construction of waterproof power supplies ensures reliable operation, long-life, and our manufacturing capabilities and unique design allow us to provide an endless combination of input and output voltages for your vital power supply needs. Our waterproof power supplies provide reliable, and economical AC to DC power solutions. The products offer a highly reliable standard solution while providing strength in a rugged design. 

  • Desktop Power Supplies

    Desktop Power Supplies

    A desktop power supply is a battery back that connects a device to the mains power supply and is used to power your various appliances. These power supplies act as a channel between the main power supply and your appliances or desktop devices. It assists the electrical interaction that provides power to your devices and the capability to operate.   

    The design of desktop power supplies enables you to easily and quickly connect the LED to the ends of the 12V line via the end of the cable with a DC plug. Desktop power supplies in our range are connected to the mains. For power supply in economy series, this category of the power supply is used in simple and inexpensive LED lighting applications. All DC power supplies come with a DC 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm jack.

    The desktop power supplies feature high efficiency, long shelf life, variable cable lengths, fully enclosed plastic casing, energy-saving qualities in some power supplies and LED power indicators to know if the device is charging or not. Our desktop power supplies have the latest technology and are compact, neat, and smart for a clean and well-organized desktop. 

    Desktop power supplies are available in various mounting types including desktop, or wall plugs. Desktop power supplies have wide areas of applications including your computer, laptop, or home PC, at work, medical equipment, and military applications. 

    Desktop power supplies convert the AC from the mains power in your home to the DC your devices and appliances uses. Desktop power supplies and adapters are necessary as a source of DC voltage for an entire range of electronic devices. The provided power of 6W to 100W and output voltage of 12V hence covers the requirements of all typical uses. 

    A wide range of desktop power supplies with high energy efficiency meeting all requirements asked of a DC voltage source. Desktop power supplies are in one internal unit, which converts alternate current to direct current. We offer compact, modern voltage sources and desktop power supplies for use in electronic household appliances, electronic systems for telecommunications, security systems, industrial electronic systems, and many other fields.

    A source of power supply for various electronic devices, also known as a charger or AC adapter, plugs into a wall outlet and converts the main AC power to a single DC voltage. Your devices and appliances use multiple DC voltages, and the power adapter is the external part of the power supply for them. The additional direct-current voltages are generated by internal circuits. 

    Our range of desktop power supplies offers output power ratings ranging from 6W up to 100W. All the desktop power supplies in our range are safety approved and meet the latest energy efficiency requirements. Such power supplies offer low cost and highly efficient solution for multiple applications. The power supplies from this category are ideally suited to offer the power, low-cost solution, and energy efficiency to increasingly proficient modern industrial and technology equipment. 

    Future House Store offers a huge collection of cost-effective, highly efficient desktop power supplies. Our diverse range of desktop power supplies ranging from desktop stabilized switching power supplies to power supply plug cords, are sure to meet your unique requirements. 

    Our range of quality desktop power supplies from the world-leading brand like Design Light includes desktop series switching power supplies and power supply cords. Detailed information about all of our desktop power supplies is available on our website to help you find the right product for your application. Visit our website and choose the best power supply from our wide variety of desktop power supplies. 

  • Other Power Supplies

    Other Power Supplies

    The LED power supply is the brain of an LED lighting system. It offers load regulation, power conversion, and downstream component protection. LED power supplies are an important component of any LED lighting system using LED strips, LED modules, or LED bulbs. LED power supplies or LED drivers are the interfaces with which wireless communication modules and sensors are integrated to allow human-machine interaction for smart lighting applications.

    The purpose of the LED power supply is to maintain the durability and stability of the LED system. It is important to choose the right power supply which matches the given LED lighting system and offers adequate power supply and stabilization of the mains voltage. It all turns into the lifespan of the LED lighting system. 

    A power supply is an electric circuit that controls the incoming power to give a constant output voltage. It is also known as an LED transformer driver or LED source. As LEDs operate on low voltage DC power supplies enable LED lights to be easily adapted to various power supplies hence allowing longer stand by power and ensures safety. There is a huge collection of LED power supplies and LED drivers for various sorts of installations.

    We stock various types of LED power supplies to drive your 12V LED lighting products. Our range of power supplies also known as LED transformers or LED drivers universally matches the needs for both industrial and residential projects. Most of our power supplies come with a constant voltage of 12V and power ranging from 6W to 80W. All of the power supplies by Future House Store are designed to perform well with a long lifespan. Use our various types of durable and high-quality power supplies and drivers for your next exterior or interior LED lighting project. 

    Future House Store offers high-quality power supplies from well-known brands such as MW Power, Design Light, LEDIX, etc. Our power supplies offer many types of AC to DC constant voltage, waterproof and nonwaterproof, and plug-in LED power supplies, which can drive your LED lighting products like LED module, LED strips, LED flood light, LED bar, etc.

    LED lights are driven by either constant current drivers or constant voltage drivers. Constant current drivers work by fixing the current of the whole system and change the voltage based on the load of the LED. On the other hand, constant voltage power supplies need a fixed voltage and the LED loads are collected in parallel through the output of the driver till the max output currents are reached. 

    If you are searching for LED power supplies with good quality, reliability, and reasonable price, you can choose products from our collection of LED power supplies. We are constantly engaged in providing high quality LED power supplies to our customers for an excellent experience. We offer a technically advanced and innovative solution to LED power supplies. We deal with strong and durable power supplies that are designed using advanced technology. Visit our website and get the right power supply for your LED lighting project.



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