Drivers & Power Supplies

The LED drivers is an independent power supply that regulates the power supply for a LED or series of LEDs. LEDs are energy-efficient lighting devices with long service life and low power consumption, which is why special power supplies are needed.

Why do we need LED drivers?

LED drivers are needed for two purposes: First, LEDs are designed for low voltage LED drivers and power supply (12-24 V) DC operation. However, most places provide higher voltages of LED drivers and power supply (120-277 V) and AC. LED driver corrects higher voltage, alternating current to low voltage, direct current. 12 V LED drivers for lighting The LED driver series with one output and constant voltage from Power LED, which is suitable for LED interior lighting, e.g., For example, LED lighting for private households, showcase lighting, LED downs, LED backlights, coordinated lighting and light sculptures.

12V LED lighting drivers are widely used to replace old traditional transformers for 12V halogen lamps that are commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, especially those with extractor covers, bedrooms, and living rooms. Because LEDs are very efficient, they work with much less power.

Second, the LED driver also protects the LED from a voltage or current fluctuations. Changes in voltage can cause changes in the current supplied to the 12 V LED lighting drivers, proportional to their power supply and the LED drivers must operate within a certain current range (measured in amperes). Therefore, too much or too little electricity can cause the light output to change or decrease faster due to higher temperatures on the LED. In short, the LED driver converts a higher voltage (AC) to a lower voltage (DC). They also keep the voltage and current flowing through the LED circuit at a nominal level.

What are LED drivers used for?

The LED drivers are either used externally on internally within the LED bulb assembly.

These are commonly used in domestic LED bulbs to make it easy when replacing the bulbs; the internal drivers are usually housed in the same case as the LEDs. For the aforementioned reasons, every 12V LED drivers for lighting source requires a driver. However, some LED driver, particularly those designed for household use, contain internal drivers rather than separate, external drivers. Household bulbs usually include an internal driver because it makes replacing old incandescent or CFL bulbs easier. These include LED bulbs with standard screw-in or plug-in bases (E26 / E27 or GU24 / GU10 – see images below) or those that specify a line-voltage (120 volts) input on their datasheet. LEDs that typically require an external driver include cove lights, downlights, and tape lights, as well as certain fixtures, panels, and outdoor-rated lights.

LED Power Supplies & Drivers

The external drivers are housed separately from the LEDs and usually used for applications such as outdoor, commercial, roadways lighting. These types of lights require separate drivers which are easier and cheaper to replace. In most of these applications, the manufacturer specifies the type of LED driver to use for particular light assembly.

Our extensive LED driver IC product portfolio, design tools, and technical resources can help you add innovative lighting features to your design. Search for the best device for your system in two different ways: by the function of the LEDs in your design or by the topology of the LED driver power supply.  

Lighting is one of the most important of all building systems and we offer buyers thousands of lighting products to choose from, including modern lighting, indoor, outdoor and bathroom lighting. The spectrum of lighting manufacturers and wholesalers we represent is very broad. If you are mainly looking for the latest LED drives and LED lamp manufacturers for 2020, here are all the options you can think of. Be sure to see all the options you can find, such as B. LED car lights, work lights, automatic LED lights.

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