Become a trading partner of Future House Store
Are you a distributor of LED light sources? If you are interested in wholesale and you want to cooperate with a reliable supplier and take advantage of the discounts - in that case, this offer is right for you.
We work with both private individuals and companies.

Discounts for wholesalers
For wholesalers, we have favourable discounts. You will receive a discount for your B2B account so that you can order/price your product using an electronic form dedicated to B2B customers.
Our partners
For cooperation we invite:

electrical wholesalers,
stationary and internet stores,
network stores,
private customers/distributors,
furniture manufacturers, contractors, designers,
manufacturers of lamps and luminaires,
lighting designers,
representatives of all industries involved in the use of LED lighting.

Benefits of cooperation

Products of recognised quality and recognisable brands, adjusted to each budget,
favourable commercial conditions,
technical consultancy,
short deadlines,
professional contact, support at every stage of sales.
 We invite you to cooperate. Please register your account send us your registration email and information about your business at

Once reviewed, we will apply the discount to your account.

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