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LED Strips

LED strips in many colour variants

LED strip is also commonly known as "LED tape" or "LED ribbon", LED diodes are placed in a single strand on a special PCB substrate with 3M double-sided adhesive tape. LED strips are available in many colour variants, with varying density of LEDs as well as with various LEDs. This is a modern and increasingly popular solution in the field of LED lighting. Depending on the model used, LED strips can be obtained from the decorative effect to a powerful lighting effect. In our online shop, you will find types such as LED MONO (monochrome/single colour), RGB (multicolour), RGBW (multicolour+white), CCT (white with adjustable colour temperature) and RGB+CCT (multicolour+adjustable colour temperature). LED strips have a multitude of uses, they are used especially in interior lighting to create ambient light accents, to illuminate work surfaces or emphasize the arrangement. The use of LED strips with increased airtightness class with "silicone" coatings or new coatings in "Nano" technology, allows to use them in places with high humidity. Thanks to its simple construction and high flexibility, LED strips are used in almost every field of life. A wide range of used LEDs on LED strips allows you to choose the right model with the right amount of light. An important advantage is also the fact that almost every tape is dimmable. With RGB LED or RGBWW tapes, except for dimming and brightening, you can also choose any colour from the vast range of colours offered by these models. An important feature of LED tapes is also the ability to obtain almost any dimension - (they can be shortened depending on the model every 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, etc). They also differ in the number of LEDs used so that in some types of LED strips one can obtain almost uniform continuous light lines.

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  • Non-Waterproof LED Strips

    Non-Waterproof LED Strips

    Flexible LED strips

    LED strips based on SMD technology are currently the basis for decorative lighting systems and are more and more often used as utility lighting. Diode strips are chosen by private individuals as well as for professional applications - by installers, architects and advertising companies. In our store you can buy LED strips at the cheapest price - we guarantee competitive prices. LED tape lighting is characterized by high savings in operation compared to traditional light sources, and thanks to many types of LED strips allows you to obtain previously inaccessible effects. Lighting arrangements using white and RGB tapes are perfect for homes, businesses, or even restaurants. A very large selection of colours that can be obtained on LED RGB tapes allows you to get eye-pleasing effects and various combinations of illumination.

    LED light strips with SMD technology are energy-efficient lighting solutions that are becoming more and more popular and used as decorative lighting systems and utility lighting. Such LED strips are chosen by professionals as well as residential applications by a wide range of users including architects, advertising companies, installers, and individual customers.

    LED strip lighting is easy to install and the energy-saving form of a light source. LED strips, also known as LED ribbon or LED tape, are appropriate for a wide range of applications. All of the LED strip lights offered by Future House Store are developed with high-class materials for the satisfaction of customers.

    Choose our non-waterproof LED strip lights!

    We provide a wide range of non-waterproof LED strip lights in the market. These lights are accessible in a variety of shapes, colours, and lengths. We allow our customers to choose the LED strip lights based on their personal needs and budget. Such lighting type is extensively used in several industries for my applications such as festivals, decoration, lighting, and many more.

    In Future House store, you can get LED strip lights at an affordable price and we assure competitive prices with high quality. Thee LED tape light is described by high savings and efficiency in functioning in contrast to conventional lighting. Moreover, many latest forms of LED strip lights enable you to obtain formerly unreachable effects.

    Arrangement of LED strip lights with the use of neutral white and RGB tapes are ideal for homes, offices, and restaurants. A broad range of colour selection that can be achieved with LED RGB tapes enables you to obtain eye-catching effects and several combinations of lighting. The compelling features of LED strip lights include bright light, long lifespan, and less consumption of energy. 

    Wide range of application

    Non-waterproof LED strip lights can be used all-around your home. You can apply such LED strips indoors because these strip lights are IP20 rated which means that they are not waterproof. They lack the protective coating to protect them from water damage that is necessary for outdoor LED strip lights. 

    As the non-waterproof LED strips are non-water resistant, therefore, if you only want to illuminate a part of your bedroom, lounge, or other areas where water damage is minimum, these non-waterproof LED strips will be perfect. They are widely used for under cabinet, wedding, Christmas light decoration, party, bedroom, and dining room.

    Installation of non-waterproof LED strip lights is convenient as they contain self-adhesive back with adhesive tape for easy and safe installation. Wide-angle LED strips, low power consumption, high brightness, and 50,000 plus hours long life are the attributes of modern LED strips.

    LED strips are also available in multi-colour LED tape strips lights that will change speed and colours periodically and automatically. RGB flexible LED strip is the colour-changing light source that features bright light, flexibility, and easy installation. These lights are brighter and long-lasting as compared to traditional rope light.

    These LED strips lack waterproof coating so they are not resistant to water. However, they can change the colour and temperature of light using light controllers. They are also easy to cut and connect again as they lack waterproof coating to peel off.

    If are thinking to replace some of your old residential lighting sources with something more decorative and modern, then these non-waterproof LED strip lights by Future House Store are just what you are looking for.

    Choose also our non-waterproof downlights!

  • Waterproof LED Strips  (NANO)

    Waterproof LED Strips (NANO)

    Why to choose NANO LED strips?

    LED tapes covered with NANO varnish protecting against damage, moisture, a breakthrough in lighting and life of IP65 LED strips. Thanks to the use of a special coating, the nominal useful life is significantly increased. The strip better dissipates heat, thus maintaining its full "light" capabilities. Varnish put on NANO LED strips in contrast to the epoxy, most often used with LED strips, does not distort colours, does not darken and does not break, thereby destroying the tape itself. The use of a thin nano coating guarantees good colour reproduction and a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. Invest in waterproof models with a NANO coating to enjoy economical and beautiful light for years.

  • Waterproof LED Strips (Silicone)

    Waterproof LED Strips (Silicone)

    Waterproof LED strips - fit for every house

    We offer a wide range of LED strips in a waterproof silicone sheath, which distinguishes the IP68 tightness class. Dedicated to lighting that will be under water, as well as for rooms with high humidity: kitchens, bathrooms, etc. The silicone layer also protects against dust and prevents the oxidation of solder diodes, which is why the waterproof LED tape is much more durable than ordinary ones. To choose an IP65 led strip with SMD diodes with warm or cold light colour or multi-coloured RGB diodes with different power. Slicone LED strips are covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer

    Silicone LED strips avaliable in our store:

  • 5V USB Strip Lights

    5V USB Strip Lights

    5V USB LED light: how to use it?

    Now you can easily highlight the space behind the TV just stick the tape and connect it to the USB input of a DVD or other equipment with a 5V USB output. In addition, these tapes offer remote control. 5V LED TV tape finds its application in the decorative lighting of the TV or monitor. This kind of LED strip is designed to make watching television easier and at the same time to improve the comfort of long-term looking at the screen. Thanks to this LED tape, the effect of tired eyes is reduced to a minimum. It is connected to the USB input with a standard 5V voltage. RGB LED light control is carried out with the help of a practical 24-button remote control. Thanks to it, you can set various sequences and effects and also smoothly change the colours of the tape. It is also worth adding that the RGB LED TV strip has a black foundation, thanks to which it perfectly fits into every TV set.

    USB LED light strips avaliable in our store:

  • LED Neon Flex Strip

    LED Neon Flex Strip

    The LED neon flex strip lights are amazingly versatile lighting types with a wide range of uses and applications from unique decoration to more professional and functional lighting uses. This extreme versatility is largely depicted in its ease of assembly and installation as well as various features offered by different kinds of LED neon flex strips.

    Basically, the LED neon flex strip is enclosed in the plastic housing that can be which could be opalescent, semi-transparent, or transparent, and the colour of LED can be orange, red, blue, green, yellow, white, amber, purple, pink, and more.

    These flexible neon light strips enable you to create unique patterns, designs, and logos. LED neon flex strips enclosed in a flexible silicone housing are an excellent substitute for classical LED strips. Neon strips illuminate with an intense uniform line of light and offer a great look. LED neon strips are sturdy and resistant to external conditions and other damages.

    At Future House Store, you will find a wide range of LED neon flex strips. These LED neon strips have flexible silicone coating to completely diffuse the low voltage light under, which resultantly offer the nice effect of neon lighting. These LED neon strips don’t have harmful gases, chemicals, unsafe operating voltage, and unreliable transformers.

    These high technology lighting solutions consume less energy while giving unparalleled lighting quality. Switching to LED neon strip lights will make your company more environmentally conscious. So, find the new and greener options available at Future House Store. Our LED neon strips have a long lifespan of over 50,000 hours, which will work for years to come and brighten up your ambience.

    Get the best, durable, and high-quality and LED neon lights from Future House Store to create any type of sign, design, or display according to your choice. As these strip lights are very light, the installation is so easy. You can also create complicated designs with these lights to attract people's attention.

    LED neon flex strips are the contemporary flexible substitute to the traditional rope lights and glass neon tube lights. It is a great replacement for classical neon tube lights for structure outline like doors, windows, roofs, carports, and storefronts. Their flexibility enables you to apply it along with the shape of walls, doors, and windows. Moreover, you can also bend it into various shapes and designs.

    LED Neon flex strips have a wide range of applications including border lighting, signage, architectural and interior outlines, cove or accent lighting, updating, upgrading, and more. It is the perfect light to decorate your house both inside and outside. These stunning lights can be used in theatres, stages, discos, restaurants, nightclubs, window displays, gas station lighting, landscape lighting, architectural border lighting, bar/club lighting signs, and much more.

    So, don’t wait and take the benefit of what LED neon flex strip lights offer you and upgrade your lighting today. Find your desired neon flex strip at Future House Store to get the best, high-quality, and affordable LED neon flex strips.



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