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RADPOL is a Poland based manufacturer and supplier corporation specialized in the production of heat shrinkable fittings, installation of heat transfer, devices and products for the power industry, machinery for the cable industry, plastic pipes for sewage, gas and water installation and way out for other industries. 

The RADPOL develops products that are made of fine quality and superior polyethene. They manufacture heat-shrinkable fittings and tubing, medium voltage cables, cable connectors, and terminals, holders, and clamps for sealing and joining household wiring and heat shrinkable accessories for the heat engineering industry.

The company leads the Polish market for solving the issues regarding the heating, gas, water, and energy distribution sectors. RADPOL shapes its enduring and everlasting competitive edge based on the usage of groundbreaking and advanced technologies in specific areas of operations.

Why is it worth choosing Mi-Light panel lights?

The main receivers of the compelling RADPOL products are the heat, motor, gas, railway, and energy sectors. Our key products include heat shrinkable tubes, heat shrinkable fittings, cable joints and terminations, lighting products, insulators, electrical installation accessories, cable ferrules, and terminals, pre-insulated pipeline systems.

RADPOL’s products are prepared by refined polyethene bassed on its material mixtures attuned to go through the process of radiation cross-linking. The company’s goods are employed in electronics, engineering, telecommunication, domestic appliances, automotive and medical industries. 

The Key products offered by RADPOL are heat shrinkable fittings and tubing, conductors, LED cables, and wires accessories like plastic goods, cable terminals, and connectors. All the high-quality RADPOL products are sold on the domestic market and foreign markets, especially Eastern and Central European countries.

The key function of heat shrinkable tubing and fitting is to provide protection and safety to the cables, wires, and pipes from scuffing, cutting, abrasion, and low impact conditions. The heat shrink works as a seal for cable entry to protect the cables and wires from the environmental effects for example liquids like water, acids, and oils and also from atmospheric factors like temperature and moisture that can damage the wire.

Due to its extensive experience in the industry, RADPOL offers customers with the most advanced solutions in the marketplace. Owing to the development of a sole agreement of infrastructural systems created by the product of RADPOL and other plants it turned out to be a broad supplier of modern solutions for different sectors of the industry.   

Which RADPOL products are in our offer?

Also, RADPOL offers a huge collection of power porcelain insulators, lighting equipment, and electrical installation equipment. The company also specializes in the production of porcelain products on custom orders.    

For the gas pipe, water, and sewer systems, RADPOL provides high-quality polypropylene and polyethene pipes in Poland. In the modern factory, RADPOL manufacture products for the gas, water, and sewage areas. The company is the producer and supplier of high technology products for the power and energy industry. They offer two electron accelerators for the cross-linking radiation of polyethene.

RADPOL is the manufacturer of pre-insulated systems for aboveground or underground district heating, industrial pipelines, and heat engineering. The company is the producer of solutions for the railway, heating, engineering, and energy industry.

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