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Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4-zone CCT remote controller FUT005

Product Name: 2.4GHz 4 Zone RF CCT Remote Control

Model No.: FUT005

Voltage: 3V (1 x 200mA button battery)

Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz

Modulation Method: GFSK

Transmitting Power: 6dBm

Standby Power Consumption: 20uA

Control Distance: 30m

Size: 110*50*11mm

This product has been discontinued, please check out other MiBoxer remotes

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Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4 zone CCT remote controller FUT005

Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4-zone CCT remote controller FUT005 size technical picture dimensions

Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4 zone CCT FUT005 radio remote controller is a four-zone dimmer that allows you to control each zone individually by radio. The multifunctional remote control allows you to change the brightness of each zone together or separately and the colour temperature (warm white 3000K / cold white 6000K). This transmitter works with MiSeries receivers.

3V 200mA button mattery plastic white remote controller CCT

This remote is powered by a 3V CR2025 battery (not included)

2.4GHz 4-zone RF CCT remot controller by Mi.Light
The remote is characterised by the ability to turn on and off simultaneously all zones (or individually) as well as to dim and lighten those zones in any configuration. In addition, the CCT remote can control the appropriate colour tone (warm white 3000K / cold white 6000K), which significantly influences the mood of the room, without the need to change the dimmer mode.

The "NIGHT" function works by limiting the output power for the selected zone (or all zones) to 0.4W, which results in an immediate reduction in the brightness of the connected LED strip, which can be used, for example, in a bedroom.

Communication with the receiver is via radio (optionally, you can expand the installation with a compatible MiSeries compatible Wi-Fi module) and the range is 30 meters.

In case of power failure from the 230VAC side, the dimmer will return to the previously set parameters and re-enable the lighting.

Colour adapted to the mood - colour temperature

brightness and colour temperature control any room LED smart lighting Mi-Light

In the 1990s, in which most households had halogen lamps with uniform light colour, it was necessary to adapt the light source to the mood or the lighting needs of the room. In the case of working light, it was usually a colour of cold colour temperature that irritates the eyes and stimulates the action, while the warm light serves and continues to relax, which causes our body to fall into a calmer and soothing mood. CCT (Colour Temperature Change) allows you to change the colour temperature between the aforementioned warm white of 2700-3300K and white cold 6000-6500K depending on the characteristics of the wireless controller of the Mi-Light series. Full control - cooperation with receiving devices Each of the Mi-light LED driver series is characterised by the ability to assign not only one device to it. Built-in invisible underneath the electronics, it works on the principle of the receiver and thus connects to our LED driver. One zone in the remote control is also not an obstacle because we can assign to it many devices such as LED bulbs, downlights and receivers working with the model. Many devices do not interfere with each other and make this connection easy to use and easy to control. Below you will find a full table listing all the devices that work with your model

Remote construction - control has not been so easy

functions of the remote controller FUT005 by Mi-Light 4-zone control

Depending on the model of the transmitting device, which mainly occurs as a radio link to the receiver, various control functions can be obtained. The centrepiece of the dial or the rotating wheel for the dimmers is the main function of the particular change of colour or brightness. At the very top of the remote control, there are buttons that correspond to the operating mode of the unit, so be sure to turn on the remote control before the startup. The construction of the multi-zone remote control is simple, the buttons for a zone on/off are located at the bottom of the device stacked side by side so that access to them is convenient.

Entire room within reach of the hand - zone control

2.4GHz wireless transmission free control within 30m no limit smart bulbs

Some of the Mi-Light transmitters provide access to multiple zones fully controlled by one device. The use of such a method makes it easy to use the LED installation in a given room, allowing for future expansion of lighting at any time, when we do not need several zones in our installation, just another pairing of the connected receiver together with LED lighting with our device to the next zone. An interesting feature is the ability to program an unlimited number of receivers to a particular zone, in this case only the output parameters of the receiver.

Table 1. Compatible devices with Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4 zone CCT remote controller FUT005

Product codeProduct name
FUT036 Mi-Light 2.4G multi white wireless WiFi dimmer FUT036
FUT035 Mi-Light 4-zone colour temperature dual white LED strip controller FUT035
FUT009 Mi-Light 4W GU10 dual white LED spotlight FUT009
FUT012 Mi-Light 4W MR16 CCT LED spotlight FUT012
FUT017 Mi-Light 6W dual white LED light bulb FUT017
FUT019 Mi-Light 9W dual white LED light bulb FUT019
FUT060 Mi-Light 6W dual white LED downlight FUT060
FUT061 Mi-Light 12W dual white LED downlight FUT061
IBOX1 Mi-Light WiFi iBox smart light iBox1
IBOX2 Mi-Light WiFi controller iBox2

Mi-Light remote controller compatible with all CCT series

Features of FUT005

4 zones to use

Battery powered (1x3V CR2025)

Radio communication with receivers (2.4GHz)

Simultaneous control of colour temperature and brightness.

Save and return to previous settings without power

Aesthetic appearance

The possibility of extension of the installation.

The warranty period of 24 months

The model also has the ability to control the installation of LEDs on the phone or tablet, with Android or iOS with the additional Wi-Fi module. This solution makes it even more convenient to use LED lighting.

Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4 zone CCT remote controller FUT005 specification

Application MONO - single colour LED lights
Number of zones supported 1 to 4
Number of channels 4
Brightness adjustment range 1 - 100%
Dimming/Brightening function Yes
Controlling method Radio
Controlling range up to 30 meters in open area (possibility of signal extension by signal retransmission)
Model number FUT005
Control frequency 2,4GHz
Powered by 3V CR2025 battery (not included)
Transmission type One-way
Smooth dimming effect Yes
Return to previous settings when power is off No
Colour White
Product compatibility See ,,Product description table 1"
Dynamic programs No
Dimensions[mm] L110 x W50 x H11
Certification RoHS, CE
Warranty 2 years

Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4-zone CCT remote controller FUT005 retail and wholesale packaging cardboard box

Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4 zone CCT remote controller FUT005 package includes

1 x Mi-Light 4-zone radio remote controller FUT005 in a retail box
1 x User Manual (English)
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FUT005/FUT006/FUT007 user manual
This Mi-Light user manual describes three types of remote controls with the same functions. FUT005, FUT006, FUT007. How to link/unlink the lights, and much more.
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