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Future House Store is a company offering professional lighting services based on LED technology. We provide a wide range of lighting products and accessories for modern homes, businesses, and professional applications. In our lighting store, you will get all types of products that will guarantee the proper installation and optimum performance of lights. 

Our broad range of various products includes LED strips, controllers, power supplies, aluminium profiles, LED bulbs, LED smart lighting, LED outdoor lights, and many more. Such lighting products enable you to customize the installation according to your requirements.

In our assortment of products, you will also find advanced LED solutions for the 21st century such as zone dimmers multichannel RGB, RGB+W, RGB+CCT controllers, Amazon Alexa Voice Control lighting, Wi-Fi LED drivers, etc. You can get anything you want to fulfil your lighting needs from a single place i.e. Future House store. 

With the advancement of LED technology, smart lighting is becoming more prevalent. To meet the requirements of customers we offer smart lighting products under the name Mi-Light. It is a series of products connected to the LED lighting industry with the main focus on LED lighting. Some of the items from Mi-Light range are Mi-Light control system, remote controllers, panel controllers, WiFi control, light bulb series, LED downlights, outdoor light, Alexa series, smart LED controllers, etc.

LED bulbs are the energy-efficient, safe, reliable, and long-lasting light source with high brightness and intensity. LED bulbs are the right alternative to traditional light bulbs as they consume 90% less energy as compared to incandescent bulbs.  

For the smart home, we have smart controllers, light switches, security systems, smart alarm light bulbs, smart staircase lighting, etc. In smart home automation, all the devices and appliances are connected to offer an all in one control over all the functions of the house. 

LED strips are the latest and popular lighting solution in the LED lighting industry. LED strips are a cost-effective way to illuminate your space and projects. LED strips are used in residential, commercial, and industrial projects. LED strips are available in white or RGB colour changing LED strips in our store to choose from.

Profiles for LED lights are the hot and very famous lighting material in modern lighting design. LED aluminium profiles are widely available at our store. Specific aluminium profiles are available for each type of LED lighting product. 

Outdoor lighting offers two-fold benefits for you and your property. First, they add glamour and beautify the exterior of the building, and secondly, it adds a factor of security at the time of dark. Outdoor lighting can be used in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. Different types of outdoor lightings at our store include LED floodlights, LED garden lights, LED wall lights, outdoor decorative lighting, street lights, illuminated house numbers, etc. 

LED Controllers are an essential component of the dynamic light control system. These controllers are utilized to change the colours for RGB and RGBW LED lights. They are also used to select and adjust the colour temperatures with colour temperature changing CCT LED strips and dim single colour light neutral white LED strips to different light levels. We deal with remote controllers, for aluminium profiles and other types of controllers. 

Still, there are many other types of products at our store which you need to search on our website. We welcome you to explore our online store to get the best product and excellent experience. We hope that you will be one of the happy and satisfied customers once you buy our products and use our services. 

 If you need any assistance, please contact us via our contact form

LED lighting products available in our online shop:

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