MiBoxer LoRa

MiBoxer is a new brand owned by Futlight Optoelectronics Co Ltd. MiBoxer deals with smart LED lighting, remote controllers, and smart battery chargers. The brand is a new developer and supplier in the smart lighting industry. MiBoxer takes control of the market with its original high-grade products and competitive prices.

The main products offered by MiBoxer includes smart LED light bulbs, LED downlights, outdoor LED lighting, underwater lighting, LED controllers, and LED panels. Other products include RF Remote, RF Controller, panel controller, lighting, DMX512, Wi-Fi, LoRa, DALI, and SYS series. 

MiBoxer LoRa series includes various products in the smart LED lighting industry that particularly operates at 433 MHZ frequency. Different products in the LoRa series includes remote controllers, gateway, LED wall washer lights, LED underwater lights, LED wall-mounted underwater lights, LED pool light, and garden lights, all are operated at the same operating frequency of 433 MHZ. 

The MiBoxer LoRa series offers various lighting products operating at different power options including 9W, 15W, 18W, 24W, 27W, 48W, 50W power options. MiBoxer LoRa products work at 433 MHz that is the commonly used frequency band for all sorts of equipment that need low power, like headphones, garage door openers, baby phones, light controllers, and remote controls. Many inexpensive receivers and transmitters for switching devices and light dimmers operate on the 433 MHz band.

The lighting products from the MiBoxer LoRa series can be controlled with a smartphone application or 433 MHZ remote controlled. Most of the lights are RGB CCT LED lights that can be controlled with a remote or smartphone app to adjust the brightness and change the colour of the lights to make the light what you want. 

The 433 MHz is a wireless radio band frequency. It’s a frequency on which household devices are allowed to send signals. The 433 MHz frequency is often used to control wireless sensors, motorized roller blinds, socket switches, and all other types of home equipment. 

The 433 MHz technology has been around for a long time and is incorporated in many wireless devices. The MiBoxer LoRa series products with integrated 433 MHz technology are available at attractive prices and comes with high quality and durable characteristics. 

The MiBoxer LoRa 433 RGB CCT lights come with a combination of millions of colours, adjustable colour temperature, brightness, and saturation options. You can use a 433 MHZ RF remote controller to control the LED lights via wireless transmitting to control many functions. 

The LoRa series products can also be controlled by a smartphone application and many lights come with third party voice control features. For third party voice control and smartphone app control, there will be a need for a 433 MHz gateway. 

Many LoRa series products like LED pool lights, underwater lights, wall washer light, and garden lights are waterproof and comes with professional and high-performance waterproof technology to prevent water damage to the LED lights.  

At Future House Store, you can find high quality and high-performance MiBoxer LoRa series products with attractive features and at affordable price. Visit our website to know more about MiBoxer LoRa products.

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