Modular Power Supplies

Modular power supplies are the collection of power supply modules in aluminium open work housings that are aimed to power LED lighting as well as industrial automation equipment. Such power supplies feature high-efficiency which makes them the ideal choice for both home and industrial users. Modular power supplies are economical to use. 

Modular power supplies are just like simple power supply units but with detachable cables. These power supplies contain some individual modules and each of these modules generates a different output voltage. Therefore, when joining numerous modules on the modular power supply, we get the power supply of many outputs.  

The cable system of the modular power supply is detachable, thus offering the capability to eliminate the unused connections at the expense of a small amount of extra electrical resistance lead by the additional connector. In simple words, the modular power supply is the one where some or all of its connectors, and cables are detachable. It is different from the usual power supply where all its connectors and cables are permanently fused to the unit.

The output voltage of these modules can sometimes connect in series to create higher output voltage i.e. the sum of the output voltage of all the modules in a modular power supply unit, or in parallel to supply high output current i.e. the sum of output currents of all the modules.

The casing of the modular power supply is specially designed to allow the free flow of air, hence, ensuring the proper cooling of the power supply. They have several protections including thermal protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, and short circuit.  

Many modular power supplies are also appropriate for fixing on DIN rail with additional dedicated grips. The modular power supplies from the POS brand and Mean Well are products from the economic series. At Future House Store, you will find power supplies in this category with a good value for money. The modular power supplies are available in a huge collection of output power ranging from 15 W to 500 W. 

Our modular power supplies come with a specially designed casing with IP 20 airtightness allowing free airflow and proper cooling of the power supply. Power supplies from this group also have implemented protections like short circuit and overload protection. The modular power supplies from the POS brand are covered by a 24-month manufacturer's warranty.

We provide highly configurable, multi-output modular power supplies offering rapid and easy configuration of a custom power solution. Leading power density and ultra-high efficiencies provide a versatile and compact power solution.

Modular power supplies offer several advantages including better cable management, lower temperature, space-saving, and easy power supply unit removal. With fewer power connectors and cables accumulating dust and blocking up the insides of your computer, the airflow inside the case is going to improve. Consequently, it will lower the operating temperatures of the internal components, allowing them to last longer.

Whether you require a highly efficient modular power supply products or for industry-leading products with 10 years of warranty, we have a modular power supply solution for all of your needs. All of the products at Future House Store are designed to allow you to meet your demands quickly, eradicating the need for customs with the POS and Mean Well modular power supply series being the most flexible designs able to offer seamless output voltage.

We deliver modular power supply units that perfectly suit the needs of your application as quickly as possible. If you want high quality, maximum performance, and a cost-effective solution for your power supply needs then we are the right choice. We offer our customers a variety of modular power supplies and chargers from leading brands.  

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