Waterproof Hermetic Power Supplies

LED waterproof power supplies in hermetic sealing are widely used in LED lighting installations and industrial automation where the humidity level is high as well as in outdoor environments. An LED power supply is necessary for every LED lighting system. Whether it is an LED light strip, tape, clip, or any other type of lighting module, it would not be able to run without an appropriate LED power source. It is necessary to find the power supply with the most optimum parameters for your applications.

If you are looking for power supplies for an outdoor environment or areas with high humidity, then the waterproof hermetic power supplies will best suit your needs. The robust housing made of high-grade plastic or aluminium and the high degree of protection IP65 to IP68 ensure trouble-free and easy operation despite the unfavourable conditions.

Among the huge collection of waterproof hermetically sealed power supplies, we mention two series here, i.e. IP67 LED power supplies and Professional IP67 LED power supplies with a 3-year warranty. The input and output wires are led out of the housing of each waterproof hermetic LED power supply to facilitate the assembly of the device.

At Future House Store, you will find the waterproof LED power supplies from the world’s leading manufacturers of LED lighting and power supplies including GLP, POS, and Mean Well. Our collection of hermetic power supplies includes products with the output power ranging from 12 W to 200 W with 12V DC voltage.

The power supplies by Mean Well brand are the devices in a sealed plastic casing with a high degree of protection IP67 enabling it to work in humid places and outside the house or building. The power supplies by Mean Well meet several safety standards and have some certificates, so that they can be used in home and commercial applications without any worries.

Waterproof power supplies with IP67 hermetic rating by POS brand finds its applications in LED lighting systems and industrial automation. The plastic housing of the POS power supplies ensures their use in high humidity areas. The power supplies from this category are characterized by obeying the emission and safety standards and protection against overload, short circuit and overvoltage to ensure safe operation.

The waterproof hermetic power supplies are used in LED lighting, industrial automation systems, and machine control that are used in powering LED bulbs, LED strips, LED panels, RGB LED drivers and electronic devices. Various applications of LED power supplies include LED living room lighting, LED bathroom lighting, LED lighting in the hall, LED cabinet lighting, promotional LED lighting, exhibition LED lighting, LED lighting for business premises, or any other selected spaces.  

The robust design and construction of the waterproof power supplies indicate that their main purpose is LED applications like banners, tapes, advertisements, lamps, fittings, and light bulbs. The various benefits of waterproof power supplies include high reliability, strong built, increased mechanical strength, waterproof and sealed housing.

Waterproof power supplies with an IP67 rating are the environmentally sealed, ultra-high efficient group of power supplies. They offer high reliability with affordability in a product that operates under extreme conditions even submerged in water. Each product in this category is hermetically sealed and carries an IP67 rating for ingress of dirt, dust, and water. The products are cooled through natural conduction and convection processes hence no airflow is required.

The rugged construction of waterproof power supplies ensures reliable operation, long-life, and our manufacturing capabilities and unique design allow us to provide an endless combination of input and output voltages for your vital power supply needs. Our waterproof power supplies provide reliable, and economical AC to DC power solutions. The products offer a highly reliable standard solution while providing strength in a rugged design. 

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