Waterproof Downlights

Waterproof luminaires are an excellent choice for rooms in which light bulbs will be exposed to moisture, water vapour or water. Waterproof hermetically sealed luminaires with ...they block the access of unauthorized substances to the light source. The bulb in this frame will be 100% safe when it comes to water resistance.

Where waterproof luminaires can be used?

Waterproof luminaires are perfect for bathrooms. There is the greatest probability of damaging the bulb by splashing it with water. Thanks to these bindings, you do not have to worry about it. Floating water vapour from hot baths or saunas will not hurt the bulbs, and their lifespan will lengthen these places effectively. Perfectly designed luminaires guarantee the highest tightness that is required in wet places. They are also ideal in kitchens where water vapour floats on the agenda. Water-resistant luminaires will work very well, even in the most intensively used kitchens. In addition, we often find waterproof fixtures used in garages. Due to the negligible heating of garages, moisture often appears in them. Thanks to the use of waterproof luminaires, our lighting problems in garages will end. Light bulbs will last a lot longer. Due to the possibility of mounting LED bulbs, we can effectively reduce electricity charges. Once the investment for the purchase of LEDs has been made, the correspondingly smaller electricity bills will pay us back the money spent once. Thanks to the lower energy consumption, we have a positive impact on the natural environment and ecology. Less energy consumed is fewer fumes in power plants. Also, we can start to change the world for the better, starting by replacing LED bulbs.

Waterproof downlights available in our offer:

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