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Smart Home

Smart Home products

Whether you are looking for smart controllers, security systems, light switches, or light bulbs, begin with the best smart home appliances we have tested for each room in a house. Smart home automation is part of the internet of things. The appliances and devices are connected to provide us with all in one control over all the features of your house. 

For decades smart home automation moves around lighting and simple appliances control but recently technology comes up with the idea of the interconnected world of touch control of your finger and voice command of Google assistant, Alexa, and Siri. Now the dream of a smart home is reality.

The best Smart Home devices

Smart home devices link switches, appliances, and gadgets to the central hub to enable you to control such devices conveniently and securely. You can get alerts when water leaks or fire incident occurs, program thermostat to work along with AC and fans when your room gets hot or direct a group of lights to turn off or on with the opening of the front door. Smart home appliances make your home more convenient, more secure more and comfortable, than ever.

We offer a huge variety of smart home products from a complete smart lighting system to smart controllers and security systems with multiple appliances that are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We bring everything you need to monitor, control, and secure your house together with smart home controllers, automation hubs, smart switches and remote control modules, all sorts of smart sensors, and many more.

Control your house with Smart Home products

Future house store smart home system works without boundaries. All prevailing smart lighting and devices can be added to your home control. You can control and monitor your home from anywhere on the globe. It offers real-time alerts on your android or apple mobile. Contact our team to transform your home into a smart home. 

Offering a combination of the latest and best products on the market, the sky is the limit and we love challenges. With years of experience, we can deliver a feature-rich solution from security issues to a fully automated smart home for you and your family according to your needs.

Protect your home CCTV cameras and controlled door entry for peace of mind that you and your property are secure. Best of all, you can check it from anywhere with the convenient smart home application on your cell phone. Enjoy the right temperature throughout your house with air conditioning and heating control, operated from one device.

The smart lighting system enables you to control and regulate the brightness of your lights, without your conscious input. These lighting compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are ideal for sites where lighting plays a key role like in the evening or during parties. 

Smart home appliances control through mobile are compatible with IOS and android. We are pleased to announce that or smart systems support voice assistant services. Connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control and remote control. 

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  • Smart Sensors

    Smart Sensors

    What are smart sensors?

    A smart sensor is a device that takes input from the physical environment and uses built-in compute resources to perform predefined functions upon detection of specific input and then process data before passing it on.

    The smart sensor is an analogue or digital converter combined with detection and calculation functions. It consists of converter components, electronic signal processing and processors, which contain some information in one package. This integrated sensor device, which has electronic components and transducers together on a Si wafer, is known as a chip system.

    What functions do smart sensors have?

    Smart sensors have intelligent functions such as wireless communication and are an integrated microcontroller. Used for analogue-to-digital conversion, digital processing, decision making, and two-way communication. Smart sensors offer various advantages over conventional sensors such as smaller size, minimal power consumption, and high performance.

    Smart sensors allow for more accurate and automatic collection of environmental data with less noise under precise recorded information. This device is used to monitor and control mechanisms in various environments, including smart grids, battlefield reconnaissance, research, and various scientific applications.

    Smart sensors form when micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) sensor elements are closely integrated with CMOS integrated circuits (ICs). These ICs provide device bias, signal amplification, and other signal processing functions. Originally, the wafer-level vacuum packaging (WLVP) technology used included only discrete sensor devices, and smart sensors were realized by connecting discrete MEMS chips to IC chips through the package or board substrate in an approach called multi-chip integration.

    How do they work?

    Applications developed by some country Instruments offer practical examples of smart sensors and how their components work together to produce useful information from measuring analogue currents and temperatures and to provide information for other functions mentioned. This application uses MSP430 MCU series variants with very low power consumption to make intelligent error display for power distribution networks.

    When installed correctly, the error indicator reduces operating costs and downtime by providing information about failed network segments. At the same time, the device increases safety and reduces device damage by eliminating the need for dangerous diagnostic procedures. Because of its position, the error display is mainly battery-operated, so operation with low power consumption is also very desirable.

    The error display mounted on the air duct connection points sends temperature and current measurements on the power cord wirelessly to the hub/terminal unit mounted on the poles. The hub uses a GSM modem to send data to the cellular network and to send real-time information to the master station. The master station can also monitor and run fault display diagnoses on the same data path.

    If you have installed several smart home accessories and you think, "Everything is not too smart, is it?" You might be right. Using your smartphone and application to directly control the thermostat or turn off the lights makes life a little easier, but it's like a fantastic remote control. For truly smart home accessories that work on autopilot, you need to use smart sensors.

    Think of sensors like the eyes, ears, and even the fingers of your house. You can see the state or condition of things in your home - when the door or window is open, when the room is hot or cold or the floor is wet or dry or when someone (or something) is moving - and then warns me him. Or (and this is where it gets very smart) you can set your smart sensor to tell other smart home accessories how to react.

    What makes smart home accessories? Generally, it's defined by its ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network, allowing users to interact with it from their smartphones. Most of today's smart home accessories are also compatible with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, Siri, or Samsung’s SmartThings platform.

    In Future House Store, we’ve rounded up many endlessly useful smart home accessories.

    Check out also Smart Alarms and Smart Controllers available in our shop!

  • Smart Alarms

    Smart Alarms

    Smart Alarms: Protection against fire, flooding and other threats

    A smart alarm makes use of wireless technology, home WiFi networks, and the presence of smartphones to incorporate your security with day to day life. From wireless CCTV footage to a door sensor, a smart security and alarm system means you can monitor, customize, and manage your security at any time, from anywhere using your smartphone. Basically, it provides you with control of your security system and makes it accessible and convenient to you, whenever you want to check it.

    A smart alarm system is taking your home security to the next level, putting its users strongly in control. You can configure and control your security system using your phone or tablet using a smartphone application. Smart alarms offer security and protection against flooding, fire, and other similar threats. The smart alarm devices detect water leaks, fire, and smoke, etc. It immediately informs you about the danger in the form of alarming sound and light.

    When the system is triggered, it responds by turning off the gas, appliances, water, activating the alarm, raising the blinds in strong winds, etc. When you leave the house you may not be able to remember everything to do such as making sure that the windows are closed, stove and TV off, lights turned off, and heating set in economy mode, etc. Our smart home products like smart alarms will do all this for you.

    Future House Store offers a wide collection of smart alarms including smart fire alarms, smoke detectors, and smart alarm siren. Our smart alarms take care of your peace of mind by providing a reliable smart alarm system. The smart alarms offered by Future House Store are small and compact in appearance. The reasonable size design optimizes the internal structure which brings you beauty, convenience, and enjoyment. 

    With our smart alarms, you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and valuable things.    Connected through WiFi, you can monitor and control your security system whether you are at home or away with the help of your smartphone or internet-enabled device, and get alerts in the form of sound or lights if the system is triggered so that you can take suitable action. Interconnect multiple products for complete protection of your assets and eventual peace of mind.

    You can monitor your home with smart alarms from anywhere and at any time. With smart alarms, you will be able to monitor your home security system using your smartphone. Bring your home security into the 21st century with a hassle-free and affordable smart alarm system. In our broad collection, you can find the best smart alarm systems and sensors for your home.

    The smart alarm enables you to activates, deactivate, configure, and control your security system from anywhere with the help of a smartphone. Along with the security benefits of smart alarms, there are many other advantages for your home and office which include affordable prices and ease of use. Smart alarms and smart home security systems incorporate many characteristics of a conventional burglar alarm with the capability to control, monitor, and interact with your home through an application on your smartphone or tablet.  

    The smart alarms are easy to install and you don’t require to pay someone else to install your smart alarm system, so you can easily and quickly set up your security alarms. As everything syncs with your phone, therefore, it is easy and convenient to use and monitor. Smart alarms, when triggered, produce sound alarm along with the flashing dazzling red light. 

    Smart alarms are full of power. It can be used at almost any place, the only thing it requires is access to the internet, so it works everywhere there is the availability of internet and router. In essence, the smart alarms may be able to empower the users to create their network of security while holding control through their smartphones.

  • Smart Light Switches

    Smart Light Switches

    A smart light switch is like an ordinary switch that goes on your wall to control the lighting but you can also control the smart switch with your smartphone through an application. The smart light switches enable you to control your home or office lights with your phone. Smart plugs also have the same functionality that allows you to turn on or off the power supply from your smartphone, set schedules, and connect the lights with other smart devices in your house. It can be helpful if you link a smart doorbell with a light switch so that when the bell rings, it automatically turns on the lights.

    Lighting is the foundation of a smart home or other building. Smart light switches that can control your lighting with your phone brings convenience, luxury, security, sophistication, and style to your home or office. Whether you are sitting on a sofa or comfy in a bed or working in the office, you can remotely control the lighting of your house from anywhere. When a smart light switch is connected with the Tuya app, you can easily turn it on or off from your smartphone. 

    At Future House Store, you can find the best smart light switches and smart dimmers for your home and office. We offer smart light switches that can be controlled with the TUYA smartphone application that is simple and easy to use. Our smart light switches enable you to control lighting from the wall with just a few touches on your smartphone. The system connects to your home WiFi network to offer wireless control of your home lights. From porch lights to recessed lighting, Future House Store offers smart light switches that can control almost anything that a conventional light switch can.

    With the smart light switches from Future House Store, take control of your home lights with the help of smart life Tuya app for both iOS and Android anytime, anywhere. The smart light switch controlled by WiFi and smartphone is the ideal solution for a home, apartment, office, and work, etc. Everyone will find a great application for the smart light switches from our collection. The workmanship is very accurate and the design perfectly complements the modern space in a smart home. Some of the advantages of our smart light switches include wireless network: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n, sleep timer, a status indication by LED for each circuit in two colours, and wireless control through a smartphone with access to the same WiFi network as the switch or through the internet. For proper functioning, the light switch must have internet access.

    If you have several lights in the ceiling of your home or office, installing the right smart light switches is the most practical way to let you incorporate those lighting fixtures into your smart home. If you install smart lights instead of smart light switches, every time you or your other family member flips the light switch and you will lose the capability to control the lights. On the other hand, if you flick off the smart light switch, you can still turn on or off the lights from your phone with the help of the TUYA smart app.

    We offer a wide variety of WiFi controlled smart light switches and our best high-quality smart light switches work with the Tuya smartphone app. We deal with the best quality smart touch light switches to control your home lights through WiFi. Smart light switches are made up of high-grade materials that are resistant to fire and water. Smart light switches and plugs now become a necessity in any smart home or room.

  • Smart Controllers

    Smart Controllers

    Smart controllers for various devices are becoming increasingly popular and necessary than ever as the homes become occupied with several gadgets to control. For many families, the connected home is becoming a standard throughout the world. However, the need for separate applications for each device can make it hard to navigate and maintain control over them.  

    Therefore the Future House Store designs innovative options for smart home controllers. With the installation of smart devices by many popular brands across the world such as the NEO brand, you can do it without imitating the walls and running cables. A home automation controller is necessary for remote access and control of your home automation devices from a smartphone, computer, or tablet.  

    The entire intelligent smart controllers system is operated by the Tuya smart application on your smartphone which is the most well-known app for IoT devices. With the help of the Tuya smart application, you can easily and conveniently construct a network of intelligent dependencies. Connected intelligent devices work together to meets the needs of security and convenience. The Tuya application is being developed and updated with new functions and supported devices. The Tuya smart application is supported by both Android and iOS and is available for free.

    With the help of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi technology, you can control devices wirelessly from anywhere in the world including lighting, air conditioning, garage door, blinds, monitoring, electronics, and other household appliances. Sensors and actuators work together in a single environment called cloud. The use and operation of intelligent devices only depend on the creativity of users.  

    At Future House Store, we offer products from brands such as the NEO and Fibro brand that works based on modern energy management algorithms. With a single battery, they offer up to a year of operation with optimal performance. All the smart devices from NEO work best with mobile internet and don't require special information during their configuration and assembly. 

    We stock a huge collection of smart controllers including smart plugs, smart remote controls, smart thermostats, smart blind rollers, smart switchboards, smart thermostat heads, intelligent gesture controllers, and smart dimmers etc. Almost each of the products is supported by a popular Tuya smart app. 

    The application control and operation enables you to access these smart devices from outside of your home. It means that you can control approx. everything remotely such as turning on and off the lights and other appliances, opening and locking the doors, shut the garage, check humidity and temperature sensors, monitor energy use or even get notification from motion sensors immediately if the movement is detected at your home or other property. 

    Using Tuya application on your smartphone you can control different types of devices at your home. This remote access is not restricted to control from the premises of your home, it usually enables you to access the devices from anywhere in the world. As long as the smartphone can connect the internet, no matter where you are, you can easily remote control your appliances. For instance, when you are ready to leave for home, you can turn on the air conditioner, turn on the lights, open water heaters or open the prepared food cooker with the help of your phone to make your living easier and convenient.

    The smart controllers at Future House Store come with the advanced technology, well-designed devices with optimal performance and high quality to offer the right device for your ease and convenience. Visit our website and choose the right smart controller for your application in a connected home automation environment. Or scroll down to see our collection of smart controllers. 

  • Smart Light Bulbs

    Smart Light Bulbs

    Smart home technology is everywhere nowadays. The right light for the right location is essential for our well-being. Smart light bulbs, that can automate and control with the smartphone, tablet, or any other device, are one of the easiest and convenient ways to get on the smart home trends. 

    Smart light bulbs let you create atmosphere and mood according to the situation. You can choose the smart lighting for late evenings and early mornings or for working or cooking at home. The smart lights bulbs enable you to dim, turn on, turn off, switch from cold to warm light with the help of a smartphone application or remote controllers. 

    Similar to other connected devices, light bulbs can also be controlled and operated through an application on your smartphone. Unlike normal bulbs, smart light bulbs help you regulate the brightness and temperature of each bulb thus making it easier than ever to maintain the right mood at your home.

    Smart light bulbs E14 and E27 are the lighting points that can perform different tasks such as interior lighting and decorations. These bulbs perfectly suit the rooms that need high exposure while offering a decorative feature. Conversely, low consumption of energy enables you to save up to numerous dozen pounds per year per lamp as in contrast to traditional incandescent bulbs.

    With a mass of new smart light bulbs and other lighting products hitting the market, you have got a broad range of options than ever if you want to design your customize lighting system and leave classic bulbs behind. Smart light bulbs with remote control system are the trending lighting products on the market. You can adjust the colour, brightness, and temperature of the single-coloured, RGB and RGBW smart light bulbs according to your mood with the help of remote controllers. With a smartphone app, you can also control your smart lighting remotely when you are out of the home.

    The addition of smart light bulbs to your smart home is an easy and quick way to convert your boring place to a smarter and attractive one without breaking the bank. Available in all types of styles and sizes, smart bulbs can create the atmosphere and set the mood by dimming or bursting with colours. 

    The smart light bulbs from Future House Store strikes the perfect balance of quality and ability by creating vivid and bright colours and linking to your home network through the WiFi. We offer a huge assortment of high-quality smart light bulbs operated with remote controls or WiFi controlled smartphone app such as Tuya application. 

    Without surplus drivers and combination with other devices in the system, smart light bulbs are like the traditional halogen bulbs. However, being a component of an extensive system, a smart light bulb is a smart lighting point and meets all modern criteria. Due to the remote control system, smart bulbs can change its colour, light intensity, and operating mode. The smart light bulbs come with white light or an RGB variant.

    The RGB smart light bulbs come with colour settings that you can use to personalize your light bulbs with a million colours and tones of white light. Each colour is dimmable. Multiple lighting patterns make them suitable for showcase,  hotel, residential, exhibition room, shop, home, indoor, landscaping, and office, etc.

    For your smart home lighting system, we have a broad range of competitive and affordable options that you can choose from. Get a smart plug and a smart thermostat and you will have a complete smart home to go with your smart light bulbs. Visit our website to get the right smart light bulb option for your home or office.

  • Smart Security Systems

    Smart Security Systems

    The home security system technology has significantly changed over the last few decades. Almost all the security systems today are wireless and many of them also double as home automation systems mean more value for your money. Moreover, they are much easier to use, because of their smartphone operation and touch screen panels. 

    The popularity of smart security systems nowadays is mainly due to their ease of installation, features, functionality, and wireless control via smartphone from anywhere in the world. You will be able to completely relax and feel secure about your home and all your assets in it when you are on holiday. Smart security systems enable you to monitor and control the security conditions of your home with the help of your smartphone.

    A home is a castle for everyone as it is one of the huge investments you will ever make. Therefore, it must be your priority to keep it safe and secure. With our smart security systems, you can now raise your home protection and make it secure. Our smart security systems are controlled and operated by Tuya smart app. With this highly intelligent and free Tuya mobile app, you can control your home from anywhere at any time. 

    Future House Store stocks high-quality, indoor, and outdoor smart security systems with advanced technology. Smart security systems offer several benefits for users. It enables you to arm or disarms your security system from virtually anywhere. Remotely control smart devices such as door locks, security cameras, lights, garage doors, thermostats, and more. It will alert you will text or email when it is triggered or your system is disarmed.

    Whether you are looking for outdoor cameras, motion sensors, or door and windows sensors, we have all sorts of smart home security systems. Smart security systems make use of your Wi-Fi network to connect sirens and entry sensors to devices such as smart door locks, smart lightbulbs, and smart thermostats. Once these devices are connected, they can talk to each other and connect with your home security system to make your life more secure and convenient.

    Whatever you are looking for, Future House Store has dozens of security cameras, sensors, and other security designs ranging from affordable models to highly secure ones and even waterproof and nighttime security devices. So you can rest assured that your home will be protected and safe. Our collection of smart security systems includes smart cameras, smart locks, smart lights, smart thermostats, smart smoke alarms, smart doorbells, and many more.

    There are many types of smart security systems and devices out there but most commonly used are the security cameras, motion detectors, and doors and windows sensors. The ideal smart security cameras detect sound and motion, capture footage immediately, and help keep your belongings safe no matter wherever you are. Wireless technology of smart security systems offers you the flexibility to place cameras and other devices just about anywhere you want, like near doors or some high-traffic areas, therefore you have a window into activity in and around your home.

    Motion detectors are the crucial component of a home security system, they can detect the movements outdoors and indoors, in rooms, stairways, and halls to alert you of any danger. Door and window sensors alert you if there is any movement across them. When a window or door is opened unexpectedly, these sensors will aware of someone entering your home. Get the smart security systems for your home from Future House Store to make your home more secure and safe. Check our website for our collection of smart security systems. 

  • Z-Wave


    Z-Wave is one of the latest types of wireless technology that smart home devices utilize to communicate with each other. It is a wireless protocol that was designed by keeping home automation in the mind. You can consider it similar to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but it has some unique features that translate into huge benefits for home automation. Z-Wave has some captivating qualities like low power consumption, high reliability, and a wireless mesh network that are necessary for smart home applications.

    The protocol consumes low energy radio waves to assist smart home devices and other appliances communicate with each other. The Z-Wave was developed in 2001 by Zensys from Denmark. Their specified goal was to generate a cost-effective substitute to enable devices from different manufacturers to communicate in harmony. Z-Wave networks can support four hops between the destination and the controller device. This network protocol is limited to 232 total devices. 

    Low power consumption by Z-Wave makes it a popular choice as a network for smart home devices. It makes use of frequencies of 868.42 MHz throughout Europe and 908.42 MHz in the US, therefore undergoes a slight interference because the 800-900 band is clear as compared to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies used by WiFi and other appliances, devices, and protocols. Z-Wave makes use of AES 128 encryption standard and it is necessary for any device requesting for Z-wave certification.

    Z-wave network operates with a mesh network system which is the group of devices that connect and communicate with each other without any wires. Within the Z-Wave protocol, all the devices create a mesh by sending signals over low-energy radio waves with a specified frequency which varies from country to country. 

    Each device in the Z-Wave network contains a small built-in signal repeater that receives and sends network information to other connected devices. In mesh architecture of Z-wave, you will have multiple devices connected to a central hub and you can control and operate Z-wave devices with the Tuya Smart Life app on your smartphone or with the help of controllers or voice commands. 

    Z-Wave technology is highly reliable and robust with its impressive mesh network topology and low power consumption. All the signals are routed by the utmost effective path possible. In case the Z-wave protocol couldn’t find the best path, a substitute will be set up. Low-power radio with a remarkable range sends small data packets among devices. The little Z-Wave chip fits into small smart devices with great ease. 

    A registered technology owned by Sigma, the company, also license Z-Wave technology and operate the Z-Wave Alliance. It controls the certification and ensures that all devices comply with firm standards. It is also required that each Z-Wave device works with every Z-Wave controller. A big selling point for Z-Wave is its interoperability meaning that each Z-wave device has to comply with the strict set of Z-wave standards. 

    Now Z-Wave has more than 700 manufacturers of smart home devices and over 2400 devices as part of the Z-Wave Alliance out there in the world. The most commonly used categories of Z-wave devices include lighting controls, smart home security systems, garage door, remote controls, on and off outlets, smart locks, thermostats, smoke detectors, and many more. 

    All the Z-Wave devices are compatible with each other. It can match and mix devices from different brands. There are thousands of Z-Wave devices on the market today, making it even popular. Future House store stocks a wide collection of Z-wave devices that can add ease and convenience to your smart home automation. Smart home devices with the Z-Wave central hub are available on our website. We have modern smart devices with the latest technology that you want to have in your smart home.

  • Zigbee


    Connecting all the smart home appliances is not easy as there is a need for a common language to join together the wealth of technology from different manufacturers. It is where the ZigBee comes in that is one of the prominent and world-leading protocols in facilitating smart home hubs to control the technical appliances in your home. 

    ZigBee is an open communication standard that works wirelessly based on the IEEE's 802.15.4 personal-area network. ZigBee is a specification that has been around for over a decade and is widely reflected as an alternate to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for various applications including low powered devices that do not need higher bandwidth such as your smart home sensors. 

    ZigBee functions using what is known as a mesh network. In this type of network, the signal originates from the central hub but the connected devices don’t need to communicate with the central hub directly. Each device in the mesh network acts as a repeater and passes on the signal to another device in the network. This feature enables mesh networks to be more flexible. ZigBee network can cover more distance and work around hurdles.

    With ZigBee central hub, you don’t have to install each device individually in your smart home instead you just need a central hub to control all of these devices. The ZigBee central hub will scan your network for all of your devices and save you from the struggle of individual setup. This network also offers you convenient and easy control over the devices with the help of a single central application like the Tuya smart life app.

    The major benefit of ZigBee is its low power requirement as compared to Wi-Fi which makes it a popular choice for smart home devices. When the reliability of automated processes is the priority, ZigBee devices are worth using. Safe and stable communication, low-power consumption, and speed of operation are the compelling advantages of ZigBee. 

    The total numbers of devices controlled by the ZigBee networks are not limited. Theoretically, a ZigBee network could have 65,000 devices connected to it. ZigBee devices are compatible with each other. The integration of new devices to the ZigBee network is extremely easy. The addition of a new device only requires pressing the button over it and approving the addition in the application.

    ZigBee operates at 2.4 GHz with a communication range of approximately 35 to 70 feet. It offers a higher frequency to transmit more data but reduce the range of signal a bit. ZigBee makes use of AES 128 encryption standards similar to the one used by the government and banks. The hacking of signal encryption is not possible but your devices can be vulnerable. 

    Back in 2002, ZigBee makers created ZigBee Alliance. The industry alliance involves the companies that signup to use the ZigBee protocol. Right now, there are over 400 members and more than 2,500 devices registered to the ZigBee Alliance. ZigBee is also becoming famous in commercial applications by the set of its IoT capabilities. Its design makes it perfect for sensing and monitoring sensing applications, with acceptance in these areas developing rapidly.

    Tuya Smart Life app united with the ZigBee Alliance, and due to which it created great opportunities to grow the system with new elements with the integration of more than 11,000 different devices of 30 categories including control, air conditioning, monitoring, etc. from 10,000 manufacturers of smart devices. 

    At Future House Store, you will find a wide variety of smart home automation devices that can be easily operated with the ZigBee central unit via the Tuya Smart life app. Visit our website to find the ZigBee devices for your smart home to achieve convenience and ease. 

  • Smart LED Lights

    Smartly illuminate your home or office with smart LED lights from Future House Store. Smart LED lights are the best way to reduce the consumption of electricity and save energy. We sell smart LED lights at the best affordable prices.

    Future House store offers a broad collection of Smart LED lights for wide applications. Our smart LED light bulbs enable you to control your smart lights with your smartphone apps from anywhere in the world. We have a wide variety of smart LED lights that are compatible will all key smart home devices and voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home etc.

    Similar to other smart home devices, smart LED lights can be operated from anywhere in the world with the help of a smartphone, tablet, or other smart devices. Most smart LED bulbs will be integrated into your present smart hub such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant through WiFi, which means that you can turn on and off the smart LED lights with a voice command too.

    Smart LED strips are commonly used lighting types in homes and offices. Use the LED strips for cabinet lighting, TV lighting, desk lighting, and many more. These strip lights are packed with various impressive features including smart control and multiple effects. You can use smart lighting to set the right ambience as per your mood by changing the colour and tunes of light. Many light bulbs have over 16 million colours to choose from.

    Best price Smart LED lights at the Future House Store will enrich your home, office and restaurant space lighting with smart RGB WiFi operated LED bulbs. They can be operated with a smartphone app, remote control, or third-party voice control to change the colour, dimming, brightness, and temperature scenario.

    Smart LED lights with a free smartphone app allow you to set scenes and schedules as per your choice. Such a smart WiFi-operated light bulb has 16 million colour choices and a broad range of white tones and each colour is a dimmable LED light that you can set according to your requirements to create the perfect ambience.

    Use remote control, smartphone app, or voice command to change colour from green to blue, red to yellow, or change the light between plain and bright. Simply, DIY your space with your desired colours to suit the scenario. Smart LED lights are convenient and energy-saving. They are perfect for office, home, super-market, party, store, and other decoration and lighting.

    You can also schedule your smart LED lights to turn on and off at a particular time. Smart LED lights improve the security of your home when you are out for a picnic by scheduling the smart LED lights to turn off and on giving the feel that you are at home.

    You can also control the smart LED bulbs anywhere and anytime using your smartphone. You can turn off your smart LED lights if you forgot to switch off them while leaving home or turn them on before reaching home using the smartphone app. Get your smart LED lights from Future House Store now and add convenience and ease to your life.

  • Smart Outdoor Lights

    Smart Outdoor Lights

    Proper lighting of the home at night is important as it adds to the security and safety of your home. Outdoor lights can show you the pathway and prevent you from fumbling or tripping on the dark passageway. Smart outdoor lights offer enhanced features including automation, convenience, remote control, and various other features. Smart outdoor lights offer convenience and reduce energy consumption.

    The smart outdoor lights can be controlled with an app on your mobile phone. You can control these smart devices from anywhere in the world. These outdoor lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant that allows you to control the lights using the voice command.

    So, light up outside of your home with our amazing collection of smart outdoor lights. Our broad collection brings smart outdoor lights with a difference that offers your entire control as well as flexibility when it comes to illuminating your driveway and garden. Whether you are looking for garland smart lights, spotlights, lanterns, or pedestal-style lights, Future House Store has you covered.

    Check out our collection of smart outdoor lights for automation features, geofencing, distant control, scheduling features, and above all, a broad range of attractive and sleep choices that will bring style and modernity to your outdoor space. Have a look at the various designs of smart outdoor lights at Future House Store that enables you to brighten up your space in a decorative way and are best for setting an excellent outdoor ambience.

    Similar to smart indoor lights, it is beneficial to have your outdoor lighting integrated with your smart home platform. When controlled with a smartphone app, remote controller, or voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you will get convenience and automation capabilities that will improve the security of your home.

    One benefit that many integration choices will offer you is a kind of scene control. It allows you to arrange a series of lights and devices to activate using a simple button press or a voice command. Many smart outdoor lights offer can be automatically turn on and off based on time, place, and temperature.

    If you want to keep your home’s outside lighting simple and elegant, choose our economical and environmentally friendly garland smart outdoor lights. Consider lanterns or fairy lights for a lovely glow in your outer space. Many smart outdoor lights at Future House Store are dust and waterproof. They are durable with over 20,000 hours of lifespan and come with a warranty.

    With smart outdoor lights, you will have entire control on your fingertips using your smart device. These lights are convenient, energy-saving, and bring ambient, and a soft glow to your outer space. Add smart outdoor lights to your home to make your life easier as you will be able to manage all of these smart devices in one place using the mobile app. The smart outdoor lights at Future House Store are very quick and easy to set up. They are also compatible with many Tuya smart devices.



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