Mi-Light Control System

The Mi-Light control system offers a flexible way to control many types of 12 or 24V LED lights including colour-changing RGB, RGBW, and RGBW strips as well as white LED strips or light bars. This system includes remote controllers and light sources for amazing flexibility in many applications. The Mi-Light control system enables you to control RGB, RGBW, RGBWW, and white LEDs using a single remote. You simply have to set the RF receiver to the right mode according to the type of LED light you have attached.

You have a choice of two remote controls i.e. a single zone remote control for simple projects or eight zones remote for individual control of up to eight different areas. You can also add a Mi-Light Wi-Fi hub application for android or apple which can work with or without a physical remote. The system’s unique versatility comes from the Mi-Light multi-mode receiver. You can use controls on your remote to fully control the type and colour of light you want. With an 8 zone remote, you can easily control a combination of white and RGB lights on a different zone. 

When using an RGBW LED strip, you can not only mix and fade colours, you can also dim and change the colour temperature of white light from warm to cool. You can even mix the white light with any colour you want. This will let you create rich saturated colours or soft vista. So you can see that there is an endless choice of colours. 

The Mi-Light remotes and receivers communicate through radio waves with a 30 meters range which means that the receivers can be behind the walls or other obstructions and still work fine. This is not possible for LED controllers that use an infrared line of sight communication which can be clocked by obstructions between the remote and receiver like a wall or hand.

Mi-Light remote control systems are super easy to use because the receiver is built right into the light. You can use these lights anywhere, not just in your gardens. Light up your events or put them in your house for a better experience. The presence of light affects the ambience of a place. So you should look for a product that simply charms. The Mi-Light LED control system enables your lights to adjust between cool lights fresh environment and warm colours for cosiness. The Mi-Light control offers an elegant and simple solution for intuitive control over all kinds of LED low voltage linear lighting products. 

Modern and smart LED light is the contemporary way to highlight the fine architecture of the house. The application of modern LED light with Mi-Light is extremely versatile. To use an extensive range of system capabilities of Mi-Light, it is essential to select the proper control system. Our shop provides a rich selection of Mi-Light control system so that you get the right one for your LED lights. It allows you to immediately control all the parameters of LED lighting. Using the Mi-Light control system, you can easily change the temperature and intensity of light and also revert the previous settings. 

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