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Desktop Power Supplies

A desktop power supply is a battery back that connects a device to the mains power supply and is used to power your various appliances. These power supplies act as a channel between the main power supply and your appliances or desktop devices. It assists the electrical interaction that provides power to your devices and the capability to operate.   

The design of desktop power supplies enables you to easily and quickly connect the LED to the ends of the 12V line via the end of the cable with a DC plug. Desktop power supplies in our range are connected to the mains. For power supply in economy series, this category of the power supply is used in simple and inexpensive LED lighting applications. All DC power supplies come with a DC 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm jack.

The desktop power supplies feature high efficiency, long shelf life, variable cable lengths, fully enclosed plastic casing, energy-saving qualities in some power supplies and LED power indicators to know if the device is charging or not. Our desktop power supplies have the latest technology and are compact, neat, and smart for a clean and well-organized desktop. 

Desktop power supplies are available in various mounting types including desktop, or wall plugs. Desktop power supplies have wide areas of applications including your computer, laptop, or home PC, at work, medical equipment, and military applications. 

Desktop power supplies convert the AC from the mains power in your home to the DC your devices and appliances uses. Desktop power supplies and adapters are necessary as a source of DC voltage for an entire range of electronic devices. The provided power of 6W to 100W and output voltage of 12V hence covers the requirements of all typical uses. 

A wide range of desktop power supplies with high energy efficiency meeting all requirements asked of a DC voltage source. Desktop power supplies are in one internal unit, which converts alternate current to direct current. We offer compact, modern voltage sources and desktop power supplies for use in electronic household appliances, electronic systems for telecommunications, security systems, industrial electronic systems, and many other fields.

A source of power supply for various electronic devices, also known as a charger or AC adapter, plugs into a wall outlet and converts the main AC power to a single DC voltage. Your devices and appliances use multiple DC voltages, and the power adapter is the external part of the power supply for them. The additional direct-current voltages are generated by internal circuits. 

Our range of desktop power supplies offers output power ratings ranging from 6W up to 100W. All the desktop power supplies in our range are safety approved and meet the latest energy efficiency requirements. Such power supplies offer low cost and highly efficient solution for multiple applications. The power supplies from this category are ideally suited to offer the power, low-cost solution, and energy efficiency to increasingly proficient modern industrial and technology equipment. 

Future House Store offers a huge collection of cost-effective, highly efficient desktop power supplies. Our diverse range of desktop power supplies ranging from desktop stabilized switching power supplies to power supply plug cords, are sure to meet your unique requirements. 

Our range of quality desktop power supplies from the world-leading brand like Design Light includes desktop series switching power supplies and power supply cords. Detailed information about all of our desktop power supplies is available on our website to help you find the right product for your application. Visit our website and choose the best power supply from our wide variety of desktop power supplies. 

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