MiBoxer Zigbee Controller

At the Future House Store, we stock the best products of the smart lighting industry. We believe that smart homes are getting smarter. Smart lighting has become a popular choice not just for public spaces, but also for homes. We now have technologies to synchronise our lighting with time, music, and other aspects of our lifestyle. Traditional lighting gives no control to set temperature, change colours or other customisable features. With smart lighting, smart controllers have been produced in the market. Using smart lighting controllers makes features of smart gateways and bulbs accessible.

MiBoxer is a brand of Futlight Optoelectronics Co Ltd, based in Shenzhen, China. Futlight has become an internationally renowned company, their products are a popular choice for smart lighting in many countries. The MiBoxer Zigbee products have been designed keeping the various lifestyle needs of the customers in mind. These products extend smart lighting beyond the typical needs, bringing various features together for optimised customisation. Scenes can be created for multiple rooms and spaces, with temperature, brightness and even music controls. Compatibility across multiple platforms for voice control has also become possible due to intelligent gateways.

The MiBoxer Zigbee Controller is designed to work with a variety of gateways for voice control. It is compatible with both the Zigbee gateways, the ZB-Box1 and the ZB-Box2. Other compatible gateways include the Amazon Echo Studio, Ikea Tradfri and Philips Hue. Although the use of a Zigbee Controller is recommended if you want to access complete features. There are 5 MiBoxer Zigbee controllers, all designed to work with a variety of different LED lights. Options are available for dual white LED, single colour LED, RGB LED controller, RGBW LED and RGB+CCT LED. Features offered by the Zigbee controllers are aligned with the Zigbee 3.0 protocol and include adjustment of temperature, brightness and dimness, synchronisation with the MiBoxer App control. The controller provides a control distance of 100 metres, with indicator lighting. The controller is tiny, with 74.5mm width and 36mm height, made of durable PC material and provides a good temperature range between -10 to 40℃. All at a reasonable price.

The Future House Store is honoured to stock the MiBoxer Zigbee 3.0 range. Use the MiBoxer Zigbee controllers with any of the compatible gateways. To experience all features, you will need the MiBoxer 3.0 gateway and the MiBoxer 12W RGB+CCT LED smart light bulb. App and voice control will become applicable when you use the MiBoxer Zigbee series in a combo. We assure you of a timely response with your MiBoxer Zigbee Controller and a money-back guarantee of 30 days in case of any fault. You will have your MiBoxer Zigbee Controller delivered to your doorstep in the UK in 2-5 working days. Combine your purchase with the MiBoxer Zigbee Gateway and the MiBoxer 12W RGB+CCT LED smart light bulb to avail free shipping over a total of £200. In case of any fault, purchase and installation guidance, feel free to contact our customer support.

Mi-Light Zigbee smart controllers

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