MiBoxer LED Strips

LED (Light-emitting diodes) are becoming more and more popular for both commercial and domestic illumination applications. In contrast to conventionally used halogen and incandescent lights, LEDs are extremely superior as they need just a small amount of electricity, generate very little heat, have a long lifespan, and can be installed, programmed, and controlled easily. 

LED strips are funky lights that can be utilized in various places particularly as they can generate an overall environment rather than focusing on a single point. Strip lights offer very good quality and crisp light so they can be used for photography to produce sharp images. LED strip lights are very convenient to use as they can be installed in many different ways. 

MiBoxer is a leading brand in the lighting industry that manufactures and offers good quality LED lights and other products related to lighting including LED strips. LED strips are the one-sided light rope that you can install anywhere you want such as on the roof or wall or inside an insert to generate ambient lighting. The LED strip lights come with a peel and stick feature. It means the back of the LED strip has a strong tape that enables you to peel and attach the light to various surfaces.

LED strips from MiBoxer are available in various lengths and offer all the latest features that LED strips usually provide. Customers can choose LED strips based on their specific needs. LED strips by MiBoxer are available at affordable prices that make it easy for you to use them in your project and enhance the overall look of your home.

MiBoxer LED strips can be cut every few inches which allows you to design your project freely. LED lights are flexible and you can bend them up to 90 degrees vertically. It enables you to install LED strip lights in almost all places. MiBoxer LED lights are available in single colour and multi-colour or colour-changing options. These lights are fully dimmable. The LED strip lights offered by MiBoxer are dimmable means that the brightness of the strip light can be adjusted.

LED strip lights from MiBoxer are compatible with many home automation systems, remote dimmers, and wall dimmers. You will have full control of your LED strip lights. LED strips are also available that can be regulated with a smartphone using Wi-Fi providing a more convenient form of control.  

The brand offers LED strip lights in different options that enable you to find the right type that is best to suit your specific lighting needs. MiBoxer provides a variety of LED strips with versatile features. LED light strips are available in a single colour, dual colour, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT. 

The colour-changing abilities of LED strips have been used extensively in both commercial and residential settings. RGBW type strips are also available that offers 16 million colours choice along with the adjustable colour temperature option ranging from cool to warm white. Both features together allow you to get a wider range of colours. These incredible lighting effects are regulated by RGBW LED Remote.

Another important consideration while buying LED strip lights is the colour temperature of LED strips. It is because the colour temperature enables you to fine-tune the ambience lighting of your place as per your style and function. MiBoxer LED strip lights are available which allows you to adjust the colour temperature of your ambience. 

The colour temperature ranges from 2700K-6500K. The warm white colour temperature (3000K) is a go-to choice for many people for living areas such as bedrooms and lounges as it has a warm, mellow, and pleasant quality that is best for socializing and relaxing. Daylight white colour temperature (4000K) is the most naturalistic colour temperature and conventionally, it has been used in study rooms and offices but today it is used in many living areas in the home. 

Cool white colour temperature is ideal for functions rooms such as bathroom and kitchen as it has a bright and clean quality that is best for task-centred activities. Colour temperature is particularly important when it comes to single-colour LED strips as they are available in single colours and getting it right is the priority.

The LED strip lights from MiBoxer are durable and long-lasting with a lifetime of over 30000 hours. You can use these strip lights to create different shapes as they are tailorable. It offers you the freedom of creating different designs as per your choice and the requirements of the project. Moreover, MiBoxer LED strip lights are backed by an extended warranty of 2 years.

The LED strip lights by MiBoxer enable you to get multiple LED strip lights and join them to make one long strip light that you can use in your project. You can extend the light to 10 meters in length. By buying one role of MiBoxer LED Strip light, you will get 5 meters long strip light. Some LED strips are also compatible with remotes that allow you to change the colour and modes of the strip. 

Installing LED strip lights is simple and the basic method is the same. You will require an LED strip, a power source, and a way to join the two to enable your light to turn on. The type and size of the power unit depend on the kind of LED strip, the required length, and the dimming choices needed.

There is a wide range of colours provided by MiBoxer LED strip lights and some models have a colour palette on the remote which allows users to choose the colour of their choice. Based on the model of the LED strip light, some can change colour as per the choice of song. LED strip lights are used in studios and restaurants to make a specialized lighting ambience of choice. Gamers choose to create their gaming station using LED strip lights to create the right mood. Get the best LED strip lights from MiBoxer at an affordable price to fulfil your project needs. 

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