Smart Light Switches

A smart light switch is like an ordinary switch that goes on your wall to control the lighting but you can also control the smart switch with your smartphone through an application. The smart light switches enable you to control your home or office lights with your phone. Smart plugs also have the same functionality that allows you to turn on or off the power supply from your smartphone, set schedules, and connect the lights with other smart devices in your house. It can be helpful if you link a smart doorbell with a light switch so that when the bell rings, it automatically turns on the lights.

Lighting is the foundation of a smart home or other building. Smart light switches that can control your lighting with your phone brings convenience, luxury, security, sophistication, and style to your home or office. Whether you are sitting on a sofa or comfy in a bed or working in the office, you can remotely control the lighting of your house from anywhere. When a smart light switch is connected with the Tuya app, you can easily turn it on or off from your smartphone. 

At Future House Store, you can find the best smart light switches and smart dimmers for your home and office. We offer smart light switches that can be controlled with the TUYA smartphone application that is simple and easy to use. Our smart light switches enable you to control lighting from the wall with just a few touches on your smartphone. The system connects to your home WiFi network to offer wireless control of your home lights. From porch lights to recessed lighting, Future House Store offers smart light switches that can control almost anything that a conventional light switch can.

With the smart light switches from Future House Store, take control of your home lights with the help of smart life Tuya app for both iOS and Android anytime, anywhere. The smart light switch controlled by WiFi and smartphone is the ideal solution for a home, apartment, office, and work, etc. Everyone will find a great application for the smart light switches from our collection. The workmanship is very accurate and the design perfectly complements the modern space in a smart home. Some of the advantages of our smart light switches include wireless network: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n, sleep timer, a status indication by LED for each circuit in two colours, and wireless control through a smartphone with access to the same WiFi network as the switch or through the internet. For proper functioning, the light switch must have internet access.

If you have several lights in the ceiling of your home or office, installing the right smart light switches is the most practical way to let you incorporate those lighting fixtures into your smart home. If you install smart lights instead of smart light switches, every time you or your other family member flips the light switch and you will lose the capability to control the lights. On the other hand, if you flick off the smart light switch, you can still turn on or off the lights from your phone with the help of the TUYA smart app.

We offer a wide variety of WiFi controlled smart light switches and our best high-quality smart light switches work with the Tuya smartphone app. We deal with the best quality smart touch light switches to control your home lights through WiFi. Smart light switches are made up of high-grade materials that are resistant to fire and water. Smart light switches and plugs now become a necessity in any smart home or room.

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