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LED Controllers

A wide selection of LED controllers

LED controllers are an important part of the dynamic light control system. Such controllers are used to changing the colours for RGB and RGBW LED lights. They are also employed to adjust and select the colour temperatures with colour temperature changing CCT LED strips and dim single colour, white LED strips to variable light levels. Future House store stocks a wide variety of professional LED controllers on the marketplace. We have a wide selection of RF, IR, DMX, and Wifi operated LED controllers.

Among the vast variety of lighting products on the market, the LED controller is one of the hot items. LED controllers and dimmers enable you to get the right brightness, colour, and lighting effects that you want from the LED lights. Select from a huge collection of LED controllers, LED dimmer switches, multi-zone, and wireless remotes, in-line switches, DMX controllers, motion sensors, wifi hubs, and RGB LED controllers with smartphone or tablet compatible applications.  

We offer a collection of RGB LED controllers from basic knob style to programmable RGB LED controllers and many with remote control features. The RGB LED controllers can be used to generate a unique lighting effect for your RGB lights, RGB LED tubes, RGB wall washers, LED RGB modules and LED RGB Ribbon. Check and shop our newly added touch switch with dimmer and LED strip touch dimmer to add a modern look to your place. Our best RGBW 4 colour LED controllers create a fabulous colour mixing effect with warm white lighting or single colour control white.

Years of innovation offering the world's most progressive lighting systems and LED controllers to ensure efficient and safer work environments. We offer lots of choices like LED light controllers, remote controls, LED dimmers, and LED lights. Update your electronic section and purchase from our incredible collection with the latest technology. We want to keep our clients up to date with this fast-moving electronic market and modern product trends.

Future House store is a prominent seller of modern lighting solutions for retail, exhibit environments with residential and commercial applications. You can get a line of innovative LED controllers, LED dimmers, remote controls, RGB controllers, RGBW controllers, and Wifi controllers. Our comprehensive catalogue, unique design, and years of technical expertise help you throughout your design, planning, and installation. No matter if it is a WiFi controller to operate your LED lights in your home or office or just basic knob style dimmer, we have covered controllers for each type of lighting project.

We focus on providing high-quality innovative LED lighting solutions to our clients. All of our LED controllers and LED dimmers are created by skilled professionals and manufacture from the high-grade material available. Each product is accurately checked and packaged to make sure that you get only the fine quality product.  Our design and quality are supported by our thoughtful customer service.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction and we always attempt to accommodate any appeal and to serve our customers at the best level possible. Whether you are a dealer, architect, corporate buyer, wholesaler, or a designer, we will serve you with the quality product and the same level of care. Welcome to our store. Check and shop from our selection of LED controllers below.

Check also the LED strips available in our offer!

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  • Remote Controllers

    Remote Controllers

    LED controllers or LED drivers are the electronic devices that are used to control different light sources equipped with light-emitting diodes. LED controllers or remote controllers are a crucial part of any dynamic light control system. LED remote controllers are used to adjust the brightness and change the colours of RGB and RGBW LED lights. These controllers are also used to adjust and choose the colour temperatures with temperature changing CCT LED strips and adjust the brightness of single colour white LED lights to varying light levels. 

    Usually, they are used for LED modules, LED strips, and low voltage LED bulbs. We offer a wide selection of various models of remote controllers, from products equipped with basic functions to the more advanced devices as well as multi-zone models. Future House store stocks the industry’s broad selection of professional LED remote controllers on the market. We supply different types of RF, DMX, IR, and Wi-Fi operated LED controllers. 

    LED drivers or remote controllers can be divided into various groups such as RGB controllers, dimmers, Wi-Fi controllers, and LED RGBW drivers. We accept that each light installation requires different procedures and other solutions that is why we are constantly expanding LED remote controllers with technical innovations. Such remote controllers are used in combination with strip lighting products to generate lighting scenes with millions of colour combinations. 

    When you are relaxing in bed or sitting on the sofa, you can save yourself the struggle of getting up to turn off or on the lights with the help of our handy remote controllers for light sources. Using remote controllers to control your LED lighting is something unique system meaning that you can control your LED light sources with a press of a button. The LED remote controller is an amazing and outstanding technology in the lighting industry. You can easily adjust the brightness, change the colour, lighting modes, and speed as per your requirements. You can choose from solid colours, cycling colours, or strobes to meet your needs

    LED dimmers and LED controllers enable you to get the right brightness, exact lighting effects, and colour temperature levels you want from LED lighting. Choose from our wide collection of remote controllers, LED dimmer switches, in-line switches, wall switches, wireless and multi-zone remotes, DMX controllers, RGB, and adjustable white LED controllers, and LED amplifiers. Change the colour of light, colour mode and brightness level of RGB LED strip lights with the help of RGB LED controllers. 

    We offer a huge collection of 5-24V DC LED light source remote controllers including LED Single Colour Strip Dimmer for single colour LED light sources, LED RGBW IR Controller for colour-changing LED lights, as well as DMX, LED controllers to generate unique and beautiful lighting effects for LED lights. Whether it is just a basic knob dimmer or a WiFi remote control system to control your LED lights over your office or home, we have you covered for controlling any sort of lighting system.

    With the versatile character of architectural development lighting, dimmable street light, indoor unique lights, warehouse, and outdoor lights, and many more, there is an increasing need for technological remote controllers for easy operation. With the help of remote control, you can make sure that LED light sources are operating without any sort of obstacles. 

    With the help of LED remote controllers, you can get the maximum utility from your professional LED strips. At Future House Store, we specialize in supplying high quality LED remote controllers. With LED systems, you will get what you pay for. Shop our collection below to get the right remote controllers for LED lights.  

  • For Aluminium Profiles

    For Aluminium Profiles

    Aluminium profiles are an important component of any linear LED fixture. They serve as a lightweight and durable housing for LED lighting of any colour, temperature, and output. They also act as the main source of thermal management for LED lights. Aluminium profiles for LED lighting not only protect the strips but also hides automatic lighting controllers and touch controllers. 

    LED controllers for aluminium profiles include: touch controllers, switch controllers, PIR motion sensor controllers, touch switch with dimmers, and many more. At Future House Store, you would be able to find each type of LED controller for aluminium profiles. Thanks to their construction, LED controllers for aluminium profiles have various sizes and shapes that accurately adapt to the profiles, hence simplifying the installation of lighting to the maximum.

    LED controllers for aluminium profiles including touch switch controller, a simple touch on/off switch, IR hand sensor controller, contactless LED switch touch switch dimmer, contactless sensor switch controller, PIR motion sensor controller are available to you on Future House Store which you can choose according to your choice and requirements of aluminium profile. Our collection includes a wide variety of LED controllers for aluminium profiles. 

    The LED touch dimmer controllers enables you to turn off or on or control dimming by touching the aluminium profile. The smart touch system eliminates the traditional process of a turning on and off dimmer wall switch or even remote control. The light is controlled by just touching any part of the aluminium profiles. The dimmer controllers are designed to be fixed within the aluminium profile.  

    Contactless switches dedicated to aluminium profiles are used to switch on, off, and dim the LED strips without contact. Such smart controllers are equipped with an innovative solution that enables contactless dimming of the LED lighting. The sensor controllers for aluminium profiles are dedicated to applications that require very high hygiene standards such as hospital operating rooms and laboratories.

    Switch controllers are used for easy switching on and turning off of the lighting using hand. Such switch controllers are specially designed to be fixed in aluminium profiles. The first touch of your hand turns on the light and the second touch turns it off.

    LED strip lighting with aluminium profiles fit seamlessly into grooves in stairs, ceilings, floors, walls, cabinets, and closets. In this way, you can light up your required area without the need for heavy, obtrusive light fixtures. LED aluminium profile touch switches are widely used as furniture lights such as in the kitchen and office. LED strip aluminium profile touch switches are also used as interior light designs like storage, stairs, and floor lighting. 

    No matter your LED application, Future House Store has the dimmer or switches for aluminium profiles that will perfectly integrate into your setting and precisely suits your requirements. We offer a huge collection of dimmers, remotes, switches, and more for aluminium profiles. Shop touch switch controllers, sensor controllers, contactless switch controllers, and many more from our website. 

  • Other Controllers

    Other Controllers

    LED controllers can be used almost anywhere outside or inside of your building to create the mood of light in your house according to your choice and for specific event or time of the day. With LED controllers, subtle colour combinations can be set. You can adjust and create the right colour temperature according to your requirements at any time of the day with an adjustable white tone. Depending on your needs, LEDs can be controlled with a smartphone or a radio remote control at any time of the day. 

    Modern technological solutions for a smart home like LED controllers are gaining more and more interest from customers. The use of LEDs can save electricity as they consume far less energy than traditional bulbs, which not only save the natural environment but also generate a sense of good investment. Smart LED lighting make sure a quick increase in expenditure incurred, as well as its comfort, economy, trouble-free operation, and long term durability. 

    We stock a huge collection of RGB LED controllers ranging from basic knob style controls, remote controllers, and programmable RGB controllers. With the help of RGB LED controllers, you can adjust the brightness, change the colour, colour mode, and temperature of RGB LED strip lights. LED controllers are available with wireless remotes, in-line styles, or as wall switches. 

    Future House Store has a wide selection of LED lighting controllers including touch dimmer, light dimmer switch, and LED switch controllers for single colour LED lights, RGB LED strip light controllers for colour-changing LEDs and DMX LED controllers to generate the unique lighting effects for your LED lights using the software.

    LED controllers are the basic component of any lighting control system. LED controllers are utilized to adjust the colours for RGB and RGBW LED lights. You can also use LED controllers to select and change the colour temperatures with colour temperature changing CCT LED strips. Also, you can dim the single colour of white LED strips at different light levels with the help of LED controllers. 

    LED controllers perform various functions for controlling the LED lights. Simple controllers can be used as LED dimmers. More complex LED controllers can also control the colour temperature or adjust the speed for pulsating light or change the colour for RGB LEDs. Devices can be controlled easily with a smartphone or remote control. You can set a suitable lighting mood in any room and set a particular accent with LED controllers. With the appropriate LED controller, you can also program the automated sequence. 

    Whether it is a basic knob style dimmer to control your LED or a WiFi controller to regulate your LEDs over your business or smart home network, we have you covered for regulating each type of lighting project. Future House Store stocks the industry’s extensive selection of professional LED controllers on the market. We stock and carry different types of RF, IR, DMX, and WiFi operated LED controllers. Visit our website to shop the high quality LED controllers.



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