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Both private users and large corporations are now paying more and more attention to the quality of lighting, the right amount of light in the exhibition spaces, low energy consumption and the possibility of obtaining unusual and original decorative effects. Another advantage of this lighting is a wide range of working temperature: from -30°C to + 70°C and high failure-free. LEDs do not require any maintenance. The lifetime of light sources based on LEDs exceeds 50,000 hours and the electricity consumption is several times lower than in the energy-saving bulb or fluorescent lamp and a dozen or so times smaller compared to ordinary light bulbs. Thanks to these advantages, they can be successfully used in hard to reach places and at high altitudes. One of the essential things is the extremely simple installation of this lighting. Just paste the LED strip into the aluminium profile, put on the shade and end plugs and we already have a ready LED frame. LED lighting perfectly meets these requirements.

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