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Furniture Lighting

Future-oriented furniture LED lighting

With the advancement and transformation of LED technology, furniture and under cabinet lighting are the best way to introduce performance into display units and task lighting in the kitchen. The furniture lighting adds to the functionality and aesthetics of the interior decor of your home. Furniture lighting is a kind of lighting that has established its uses in approximately every room. 

For the first time, the furniture lighting appeared in the kitchen as additional lighting for kitchen cabinets and countertops. Small lights and fixtures are often placed under cupboards in the cooking place. It enables you to work safely in the kitchen especially while using sharp knives. Moreover, it also offers great functionality to the room.

Available in small and discreet lights, our furniture and cabinet lights offer various shades of coloured or white lighting in a mounted fixture, making them appropriate for decorative lighting. We offer furniture lights to provide continuous illumination in your display units. These lights come with a lifespan of 10 times higher than a fluorescent lamp and using only a part of the energy used by a traditional halogen lamp. Our furniture and cabinet lighting give long-lasting performance.

What makes our collection of furniture lighting special?

Quality, style, and function are the key deciding factors for the best furniture lights for your home. There are limitless designs available in various colours and materials to provide our customers with extensive choice. Our perfect collection is waiting to showcase your favourite style and personality throughout your space.

You can find recessed furniture lights that come with a modest design and almost blend into the wood. Surface-mounted spotlights are fitted on the furniture items. They highlight sculptures, books, and many other decorative items. They are incredible as ambient lighting. Surface-mounted furniture LED lighting products are mounted on items of furniture, instead of being built into it.

Furniture lighting finds its uses in wide areas. They are used wherever there is furniture ranging from the basement to the attic. It can be used in the kitchen as under cabinet light, in the living room to create an attractive ambience, in the bedroom to light up the wardrobe, and in the child’s room to make the toy shelf more tempting.

Furniture lighting can bring life to any cabinet or piece of furniture. Lighting the interior of a cabinet or under the shelves can add value to your kitchen. The kitchen that used to be a dark place before can now have an efficient illuminated space. We offer an extensive range of furniture LED lighting that will brighten up cabinets, drawers, and pantries. They are available with auto turn-on, dimmer switches, and battery options.

Brighten up your home with furniture lighting from Future House Store. Our collection has everything that you require to illuminate your display cases, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom vanities, and many other lighting applications. Our extensive range of furniture lighting and accessories includes under-cabinet lighting, accent lighting, closet lighting, halogen lighting, LED lighting, replacement bulbs, dimmers, task lighting, switches, under-shelf lighting, floor lighting, connectors, and transformers.

Future House Store is motivated by the power of excellent design to enhance everyday living through usual objects with lighting being no exception. We are inspired by the lifestyle of people expressing modern ideas through quality materials.

Check out also decorative outdoor lighting from our offer!

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  • LED Clips For Glass Pane

    LED Clips For Glass Pane

    Illuminating the glass wall units or shelves of your house adds an exquisite effect to any room. It not only lights up the items of these showcase cabinets but also produce soft ambient mood lighting for the whole area. In our collection, you can find shelf lighting selections for floating shelves or in-cabinet in kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

    Modern lighting with LED Clips for glass pane

    The LED Clips for glass pane or shelf is a consistent solution when you intended to transform the ordinary and boring furniture and give them a modern look. Simply attach a small LED clip for glass pane on the back of the shelf and it will brighten up the edges of the glass when you turn it on. It is worth to go for the LED lighting clips for glass pane to change the whole look of your room.

    Check for the versatile designs of LED clips for glass offered by Future House Store; our products can boast of many benefits. The LED Clips for glass pane manufactured by our company offer interesting and eye-catching light effects that please the eyes of people around. 

    Our offer includes a wide variety of LED clips for glass shelves that are quick and easy to install and consume as less power as possible. The LED clips have a small size and neatly created to complement the look of any glass unit and the whole room. They have a long life span which is an investment for years.

    If you are thinking about how to decorate your room without going out of budget then we have a compelling idea for you. Search for the items that will add life to your interior or give your home a touch of modernity. The solution is simple than you might think. The LED technology is generally related to under cabinet lighting and suspended ceiling lights but this can be confusing. LED lights can also be utilized as a great decorative tool, for instance, a convenient and simple to use LED clips for glass shelves.

    Versatile designs of LED clips for glass

    LED clips for glass shelves are available in many colours which enables you to select the lighting articles as per your choice. We offer LED glass shelf clips available in both warm and cool white colour options and other colours as well. As they are very small and have incorporated LED technology, they consume very little power.

    A huge range of products with interesting designs in our offer will enable our customers to select the best lighting materials for the furnished and decorative interior. We manufacture LED clips for lighting up the glass shelves in many variants. Customers can choose between 2, 3, 4, and even 6-point clips, which enable matching decorative elements to shelves of various sizes.

    Our offer includes PVC, metal, and PVC RGB clips for glass shelves. The latter one will surely delight users that are searching for phenomenal but comfortable to use lighting as using a remote control and modern controller can manage lighting programs. We offer professional advice to our customers and we are ready to help you select the right LED Clips for glass shelves for your home.

  • Under Cabinet Lighting

    Under Cabinet Lighting

    Reliable and functional under-cabinet LED lighting

    Well-chosen kitchen lighting under the cabinet should, among other things, facilitate cooking, and therefore provide good visibility in the place where we cut and cook products. Sometimes this goal is met by lighting in the kitchen hood, but a much better idea is under cupboard LED lights. We can choose the entire under-cabinet panels. We can also put on individual furniture fittings for mounting from the bottom of kitchen cabinets equipped with halogen bulbs or LED lamps and having separate switches, which allows you to freely adjust the lighting intensity in the kitchen to our current needs. One under-cupboard lamplit in the evening will create, for example, a mood that favours confessions, and that is also very valuable. There are also under cabinet lighting systems that also act as shelves or hangers for kitchen utensils.

    Properties under cupboard LED lights

    As you can see, the lighting of kitchen cabinets is essential. In addition, the lamps for kitchen cabinets can also include an additional socket under-cupboard. It should be remembered that in England it must be 220V under-cabinet lighting, and therefore it is worth buying in English lighting stores that also offer attractive lighting prices. Only a 220v under-cabinet lamp can be easily connected to the wall outlet or to the electrical installation in your kitchen. Remember that most of the LED lights operate at 12V, therefore, you will need a 12V DC LED driver that converts the 220V AC to 12V DC. All the necessary LED power supplies can be found in our DRIVERS & POWER SUPPLIES shop category. Appropriate lighting of the cabinets will provide point or line luminaires - also with a motion sensor, to avoid unnecessarily wasting energy.

    In our offer, you will also find GU11 LED bulbs.

  • Staircase LED Wall Lights

    Staircase LED Wall Lights

    Staircase wall lights ensure a safe effect of illuminating stairs, corridors, and other communication routes. The staircase aluminium wall lights are decorative lights made in a modern style. The staircase lights not only guide you the way but also greatly enhance the overall look of your home and interior design. With the integrated LED technology in staircase wall lights, you can save more than 80% of energy.

    Consider adding low level LED wall lights for the staircase to your home for an even bigger impact. The staircase wall lights are easy to install and available at a reasonable price. Some staircase LED wall lights are also available for outdoor use because of their high mechanical resistance and resistance to dust and water penetration. Such lights can be used on the stairs leading to the house or in the garden.  

    Future House Store offers various types of staircase LED wall lights including surface mounted stair luminaires, concealed stair luminaires, LED wall lights, and wall fittings. All the products are made of high-quality aluminium and are durable. We stock the staircase LED wall lights from well-known brands such as POLUX, LEDIX, and Design Light. 

    At our website, you will find LED luminaire for the staircase that can be effectively used not to only illuminate the stairs around the house but also as a lighting source for your corridors and even garden. Such decorative luminaries will certainly decorate any area where they will be installed, ensuring trouble-free and long-lasting operation. Our various types of LED staircase wall lights are a great choice for you to create an excellent look to your house. 

    Our offer includes a wide variety of luminaires with varying colour versions of the lamp body as well as the colour of the emitted light i.e. neutral white, and warm or cool colour temperatures. The wall-mounted, surface mounted or recessed LED lights are available for you to choose from. The light emitted from the LED wall lights does not offend the eyes. Get the right solution that will you best and enjoy it for many years. 

    The LEDIX, Design Light, and POLUX brands create LED staircases with an intelligent lighting system that creates complete freedom in the selection by its design and creation of a convenient LED staircase. The staircase LED wall lights are the perfect solution, combining innovative solutions and workmanship, allowing for functional use of staircase LED wall lights. 

    Many of the staircases LED wall lights at our website come with built-in motion detectors which when assembling consecutively offer an interesting effect of progressively illuminating them up as the people move. In most cases, the luminous stream from the staircase in emitted into two levels, the front one and the lower one.  

    The wall luminaires for the staircase will beautifully illuminate your stairs while adding a magical look to the ambience. If you are planning to install a new staircase to your home or upgrade the existing one, have a look at the products at our website and get the right LED wall light for your staircase to create a perfect look. 

  • Night Lights

    Traditional bedside lamps placed on the tables next to the beds are increasingly being replaced by miniature nightlights using LED technology. This type of lamp is ideally suited to both the bedroom or children's room, as well as may be a proper night lighting corridor and bathroom. Discover our offer and choose the LED night light for yourself!



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