LED Floodlights With Motion Sensor

The simple yet elegant design of the thin profile LED floodlights with a PIR motion sensor incorporates excellent heat dissipation using high-purity, high-purity aluminium alloys that can have a thermal conductivity of around 210W / m-K at room temperature. Tempered glass lenses are treated for optimal strength and light transmission (up to 98% of visible light).

Motion sensor Floodlights

The SMD 2835 high brightness light source produces 110 lumens per watt. The outstanding optical design offers luminous flux of 5000 to 6500 lm with a wide beam angle of 120 degrees and offers ultra-bright light emission for maximum reach and safety. These LED floodlights are economically ideal because they only use a fraction of the power of old halogen lamps and can help you save up to 80% on your electricity bill. The lamp was developed with driverless technology that significantly extends its life. With LED lighting, there is a mismatch between the age of the circuit and the actual life of the LED device. LED devices often have a longer lifespan than driver circuits.

There are two main groups of outdoor security LED floodlights in this series - the Infinity series and the standard. They differ in terms of performance and appearance. So let's go deeper and understand what that is. The first thing you'll notice is the  LED floodlights with a PIR motion sensor - standard lights look like normal LED floodlights with a PIR motion sensor, but infinity outdoor security LED floodlights are much thinner and slimmer. They also have a curved glass at the front, which complements their modern aesthetics.

A wide selection of LED floodlights with motion sensor

You can buy the Infinity series in black or white, while standard LED floodlights with motion sensor are available in many colours.

LED floodlights with PIR motion sensor also vary in both. The standard LED headlamps can detect movement from distances up to 12 m at a distance of 160 °, while the Infinity LED floodlights with a PIR motion sensor with a detection range of 15 m and 180 ° is slightly better.

You benefit from energy-efficient lighting, regardless of the range, you are aiming for. Once again, the Infinity LED headlamps exceed the standard and give you a little more light per watt.

Our Lighting, the outdoor security LED floodlights is in this category all come with PIR motion sensors – so they’ll switch on automatically upon detecting any movement. This helps keep any potential intruders away, protecting your home in the process.

The outdoor use of these security lights is further solidified by their wide beam angles of 160 degrees, so you’ll see anything coming no matter what it is!

They can stand up to anything that Mother Nature throws at them too, thanks to IP65 rating across the range, protecting them from light jets of water from any direction.

If you don’t fancy mounting them directly on your wall, our LED floodlights with PIR motion sensor  Bracket and LED floodlights with PIR motion sensor Spike Pair allow you to have them positioned away from your home, opening on more strategic possibilities.

Outdoor security LED floodlights

Outdoor LED floodlights is a security element that is installed to help protect people and property from nighttime offences and criminal activities and to create a perception of safety and security. Security lighting is a broad term that describes all types of lighting having an impact on the incidence of crime. Outdoor lighting systems, such as street lights, parking lot lights, pathway lights, and exterior wall lights, all aid in citizen protection and crime reduction while serving their primary lighting goals. Security lights, when they are mentioned in the consumer market, usually refer to lighting products that are specially designed to create effective zones of protection and facilitate the detection and/or deterring of intruders approaching or attempting to gain entry into protected areas.

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