MiBoxer Zigbee Remote

MiBoxer is a leading name in the lighting industry that is offering LED lights and related items for residential and commercial use. MiBoxer provides a wide range of lighting products including MiBoxer Zigbee remotes. Zigbee remotes are transmitters that are responsible for controlling Zigbee lighting receivers including Zigbee switches and dimmers by connecting with the Zigbee network and pairing Zigbee receivers. Transmitters are available that are compatible with the universal Zigbee gateway. 

You can find both AC-operated and battery-operated Zigbee remotes. Battery-operated Zigbee remotes consume less power because of the Zigbee mesh network. Touch panel, as well as push-button Zigbee remotes, are available in the market for controlling different types of LED lights including single colour, CCT, RGB, RGBW and RGBCCT Zigbee receivers. The MiBoxer Zigbee remotes are compatible with all Zigbee 3.0 series products. You can use these remotes to control lighting products that operate with Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol. 

We have a broad collection of MiBoxer Zigbee remote controllers with various remote control functions. Using MiBoxer remotes, you can create specific lighting effects with your multicolour LED lights, LED strip lights, and other forms of RGB LED lighting. Zigbee Remotes by MiBoxer can control on and off, colour temperature, brightness, saturation, and RGB colour of compatible Zigbee LED lights. The MiBoxer Zigbee remotes are based on the latest Zigbee 3.0 protocol and can control different kinds of lights. 

RGB+CCT LED lighting remote controls are a significant part of the RGB+CCT LED lighting system that works as the centre of colour management for the lighting scheme. With the RGB+CCT remote, you can smoothly adjust the brightness, choose the colour-changing modes or static colour, change the colour temperature of white light, or mix the white colour with other light colours for richer and brilliant hues. MiBoxer Zigbee remote allows you to choose the colour from millions of light hues. 

To enjoy the pure white colour of the light, you can use the white button on the remote and touch or slide the saturation bar to set pure white light with a different colour temperature your CCT or RGB+CCT LED lights allow. The range of colour temperature is 6500K cool white, 4000K neutral white, 3000K warm white, 2400K orange, and 1800K golden yellow.

The RGB+CCT remote will not only allow you to control RGB+CCT LED strips but also manage RGBW LED strips, white LED strips, tunable white LED strips, and RGB LED strips. RGBW remotes are also available to buy but they only work with RGBW LED strips. In contrast, RGBCCT LED remotes can work with both RGBCCT LED strips and RGBW LED strips. However, when it comes to managing single-coloured and multi-coloured lights, the functions of RGBW LED remotes and RGB CCT LED remotes are the same. 

These remotes enable you to control LED strips with convenience. The MiBoxer Zigbee remotes are easy to operate and you just have to choose the zone where you want to adjust the lighting and after selecting the zone, you can easily change the colour, dim the brightness of light, turn or off the LED bulb, and set automatic changing colour feature using buttons, touch panels and slider on the remote controller.  

You can easily select the color because the remotes contain highly responsive control buttons and a very sensitive touch color wheel. The colour wheel enables you to freely select the colourful lights without the need to press buttons to find the right colour. Many remotes also have a saturation bar that can be used to easily mix white colour light with different coloured lights to generate more brilliant lighting hues. The easily understandable buttons are provided on the remotes to switch between different zones.

Many MiBoxer Zigbee remotes work up to a distance of 100 meters (open area). So, you can easily control lights in your home or office using the remote control within 100 meters of the lighting system. Zigbee controllers for LED lights create a wireless network of lights that can be controlled remotely through Zigbee remotes, smartphone apps, or light switches. The MiBoxer Zigbee remote will join the Zigbee network and connect to compatible Zigbee lighting products from the Zigbee hub interface or Zigbee controller so that it can control lighting devices remotely. 

MiBoxer Zigbee remotes are very versatile for home and professional use. Using only one remote controller, you can take full control over your LED lights. MiBoxer Zigbee remotes allow you to control various zones in your home or office. With a single MiBoxer Zigbee remote, you can manage multiple zones either simultaneously or independently. Each zone can be assigned any number of lighting products to control with a single remote. 

You will find a dedicated button for each zone on the MiBoxer Zigbee remote and it will allow you to freely choose your desired zone. Zones offer extreme flexibility to adjust various lighting groups simultaneously or independently using a single remote control. It enables you to manage each zone separately and generate the right ambience of your choice. When not in use, you can turn off the zone to save energy. 

MiBoxer Zigbee Remote functions

MiBoxer Zigbee remotes for multicolour RGB+CCT LED lights enable you to choose from millions of colours. You will enjoy the selection of colourful lights and it can be a dynamic colour-changing mode or static single colour. Such remotes adjust the colours for RGB+CCT LED strip

Using MiBoxer Zigbee remotes, you can choose any colour temperature for pure white light that your LED strip allows. The pure white light can be adjusted to many options like 6500K cool white, 4000K neutral white, or 2700K/3000K warm white. The range of colour temperature depends on CCT and RGB+CCT LED strips.

You can also use the remote to mix white light with other colours to create more brilliant and bolder colours. Use the MiBoxer Zigbee remotes to control the brightness of LED lights. You can dim or brighten the white or coloured lights.

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