Can you use dimmable LED bulbs without a dimmer switch?

982 6 Months ago

LED light bulbs are the representation of the latest progress in the lighting industry. LED lights provide various benefits in contrast to traditional light forms, creating new ways to utilize lights that were not possible before. LED lights are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional light sources making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial lighting needs. Unlike halogen and incandescent light sources, LED lights are available in both dimmable and non-dimmable forms. Initially, when LED lights were introduced, it was not common for them to be dimmable.

How to calculate LED controller output?

509 8 Months ago

LED controllers are a vital part of the lighting control system. LED controllers are employed to regulate the LED strips, change the colour for RGB and RGBW LED strip lights. Controllers also adjust the colour temperature of colour temperature changing CCT LED strip lights and change the brightness of single-colour, white LED strips to different light levels. 

Why do top companies choose Zigbee?

471 8 Months ago

When selecting the protocol to integrate into your products, there are many factors to keep in mind. Zigbee is one of the wireless technologies created as a global open standard to fulfil the unique requirements of low-power, low-cost wireless IoT networks. 

Zigbee protocol compatibility

996 9 Months ago

It is easy to synchronize all the smart devices at your home. There is a need for a common language to connect a mass of technology from various manufacturer brands.

Best multicolour downlights on the UK market

506 9 Months ago

Downlights have become very popular in homes and businesses today. One of the reasons for their popularity and enhanced application is that they can fulfil the range of interior lighting needs as they are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Why Tuya Smart is the best smart home app?

937 9 Months ago

Nowadays, everyone needs their devices to be smart in their homes but nobody wants lots of different apps on their smartphone to control all the products, nor buy different gateways, bridges and hubs.

New Mi-Light black Remote series

415 9 Months ago

The new black remote series by Mi-Light includes different models such as MiBoxer black touch dimming remote controller, MiBoxer black 8-zone RGB+CCT remote control, MiBoxer black 4-zone touch RF RGBW remote control, MiBoxer black 4-zone RGB+CCT remote control, and more.

How to disable/enable sound on Mi-Light wall panels?

771 10 Months ago

Did you know that you can enable or disable the prompt sound when touching the controller on the Mi-Light wall panel? Did you know that you can switch between RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT versions? No? Then check out this article!

What light fittings for the bathroom?

645 10 Months ago

It is important to optimize the lighting in your bathroom not only for aesthetics but also for various other practical reasons. The bathroom is the place where you enter after waking up in the morning, fix your hair, apply your makeup, and check out how you look. So, a perfectly lit bathroom with accurate and crisp lighting can make your mood for the day.

Pros and cons of LED light bulbs

644 10 Months ago

Lighting is an important component of our daily lives and we need it for almost every aspect of our everyday operations. With an enhanced sensitization on protecting our environment, there is increased progress made by the lighting industry, and LED lighting is one of these advances. LED technology has been recognized for energy efficiency that has a key selling point for LED lights.

Why do LED lights flicker on camera? How to stop light flickering in a video? (Guide)

33976 11 Months ago

When seen through a camera lens, sometimes it seems like an LED light bulb is flickering quickly at regular intervals like it is turning off and on rapidly. The light flickering in a video becomes more obvious and apparent because the frames per second (FPS) recording of the camera is not aligned with the frequency of electricity. This is known as the ‘strobe effect’. LED lights are of two types i.e. strobe and constant.

All about DMX Control for LEDs

557 1 Year ago

A DMX controller offers you countless options to control LED lights in your space. In past, DMX controls were bulky and big things that were only employed in theatre lighting. But modern-day DMX controls can be smart panels with touch screens or wall controllers. 

All about 0-10V Control for LEDs

721 1 Year ago

0-10V is one of the primary and simplest analogue lighting control protocols, that was used as the first fluorescent lighting control system. It is a control that provides a voltage between the ranges from 0 to 10V DC to generate variable intensity levels.

All about RF control for LEDs

756 1 Year ago

LED lights look great and have a wide range of applications. Both plain white and RGB LED strip lights can be used as task lighting at your office, or accent lighting in your home, or ambient lighting in the industrial area. LED lights are available in many forms and provide you with the creative potential to illuminate your space in the best and most attractive way possible.

All About TRIAC Dimming for LEDs

2249 1 Year ago

Dimmers have become the fundamental parts of various lighting systems and applications around us. It will not only enable you to adjust the brightness of light around your home but also significantly reduce the electricity bills when paired with the LED light source.

PWM control - rectangular pulse duty factor in LED lighting

891 1 Year ago

PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation which is another term for a kind of digital signal. PWM is employed in a wide range of applications including advanced control circuitry. Pulse Width Modulation control is commonly used in controlling the dimming of RGB LED lights. 

Dim to Warm LED lights

472 1 Year ago

LED technology is continuously evolving to suit the needs of users and to match the applications in the real world. To achieve this goal, many manufacturers are making LED lights that have the ability of “warm dimming”.

Reasons to choose LED Line LED strips over competitors

476 1 Year ago

LED strip lights have become extremely popular in the LED lighting market and are being used in various ways to generate beautiful lighting effects. The huge reason why people like LED lights is their energy efficiency. LED lights last longer and saves on energy cost being more energy-efficient as compared to other forms of lighting.

Start Guide - How to Setup your Google Assistant?

637 1 Year ago

Google Assistant is a default virtual assistant built into Android devices for performing tasks, getting information, and asking questions. It can also do the same job on your iPad or iPhone. Although Siri is accessible and convenient on Apple devices, people who have already established Google account with customized information and personalized settings can try Google Assistant as a substitute.

Light – The Key to Effective Work and Learning

439 1 Year ago

It is research-proven fact that environmental conditions can positively or negatively affect our health, productivity, and well-being.

Copper vs Aluminium Wiring: Which Is Best?

2139 1 Year ago

Both aluminium and copper are the commonly used materials in the manufacturing of electrical wiring. In this article, we will discuss copper and aluminium wiring and help you decide which one is best for you. Continue reading to know the difference between copper and aluminium wiring.

These devices draw power when they are turned OFF

489 1 Year ago

Many people believe that when an electrical device is turned off it doesn’t use power. But it is not true. In this article, you can find out why this is not true.

Fitting and testing new studio lights

352 1 Year ago
Lighting may not be considered the most important aspect of a music production studio but having the right lighting and ambience can help you to be more creative with your music production particularly when it is easy on the eyes.

What is Home Assistant and what it can do?

12934 1 Year ago
Have you ever wanted Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to let you have a smart home rather than just a group of smart devices? It would be fantastic to wake up with fresh coffee ready, have TV or radio casting news for you, the temperature adjusted properly, the toaster pre-heated, and all other things smart gadgets do for you, but let them do it on their own based on the time you set on your alarm clock.

Start guide - How to Setup your Amazon Alexa?

530 1 Year ago

If you have bought your first Amazon Echo smart speaker or other Amazon Alexa devices, it can be difficult for you to get started. The lack of a user-friendly interface can make it hard to set up and it becomes difficult for beginners to know what to ask Alexa and what to tell the new voice assistant to do. That is why we are here with a complete guide about how to set up Amazon Alexa.

How Much Internet Speed Does Your Smart Home Need?

1555 1 Year ago

Smart devices bring a new level of enjoyment, convenience, and security to your house. The most important thing that keeps your smart home working is your home network. If you add lots of smart devices to your home network without keeping in view the bandwidth they use could lead to a slow connection that makes all smart devices pretty dull.

How to solder: A beginners Guide

573 1 Year ago

In the world of electronics, one of the essential skills to master is soldering. Electronics and soldering go together like peas and carrots. Though it is likely to built electronics without using a soldering iron, you will soon come to know that with just a simple skill, a whole new world is opened. Everyone interested in or working with electronics should know soldering skills.

Future House Store in Top 80 LED Lighting blogs

366 1 Year ago

We are proud to be included in the Top 80 LED lighting blogs and websites in 2020. Feedspot rates the blogs and websites based on quality, relevancy, and consistency of blog posts, social media influence, and engagements as well as search ranking.

LED vs Halogen: Which one is better? LED or Halogen?

2900 1 Year ago

There are many types of lighting technologies available in the market and it is important to know about them to choose the right one. Halogen and LED lights are the two most common types of lighting and you should know the difference between LED and Halogen lights so that you can make the right decision on what is the best lighting solution for you.

LED profile diffusers - which one to choose?

3640 1 Year ago

When planing proper LED strip lights installation, we can't forget about the aluminium channels for LED strips also known as LED extrusions or LED profiles. Choosing the aluminium channel isn't so hard but what about the cover? The correct answer may be tricky but we will try to explain it in detail in this article.

Voice-controlled light bulb

1018 1 Year ago

When creating a smart home, lighting is one of the easiest and simplest ways to get started. Smart lighting is transforming the way how home or business owners control lighting, enhance security, and conserve energy with simple voice-controlled light bulbs. That is why smart lighting systems are one of the great energy-saving approaches for smart homes.

WL-Box1 - How to fix configuration failed?

3817 1 Year ago

Are you having problems with the MiBoxer Wi-Fi gateway? You follow the instructions and the app keeps saying "configuration failed"? Check out our article to quickly fix this problem.

Wi-Fi vs Zigbee vs Z-Wave - what's the difference?

4501 1 Year ago

The top three wireless smart home technologies are Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Z-wave. They are very different from each other in numerous aspects. Check out our article to find out more about these three technologies.

How to wire a light switch

27651 1 Year ago

Electricity projects can be tricky and difficult for many people but some of them are easy to do like wiring a light switch that is so simple that anyone can do this. With proper knowledge and few steps, anyone can do this job without hiring a professional electrician. 

What is the Colour Rendering Index and why it is important?

702 1 Year ago

When you are shopping for light bulbs, you may see CRI on some labels i.e. the colour rendering index. Colour rendering index or CRI is the measurement of how well a lamp illuminates colour. It is not a measurement of brightness but more an indication of how sharp colours will appear under its light. 

Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo: Everything you need to know

849 1 Year ago

Alexa is an Amazon cloud-based voice service that controls a whole smart device system. With its continuously refining artificial intelligence abilities, Alexa can respond to all of your queries and carry out complex routines to give information, assistance, and entertainment to its users. 

12V LED strip lights vs 24V LED strip lights

1534 1 Year ago

Also known as LED tape Strips, Flexible LED Strips, or LED Strip Lights, LED tape is a flexible circuit board with integrated light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

How to install Tuya smart radiator valve

3053 2 Years ago

Do you know this feeling when you come back to a cold home from holiday and need to wait for the radiators to heat up? Now you can forget about this! With smart Tuya radiator valve, you can set up when, how and how long for your radiators will be ON. 

Choosing the correct size cable

11956 2 Years ago

When we are building or renovating our electrical system, one of the biggest doubts we can run into is choosing the correct size of the electrical cables.

How to plan lighting in the kitchen?

465 2 Years ago

The light inside our homes is a very important element and we need to think of the right configuration for every environment: the kitchen is no different.

Flickering lights explained

1632 2 Years ago

The LED light bulbs may flicker and in this article, we will explain the effects and causes of flickering LED lights and how to fix the issue. In order to explain that first, we need to understand how electrical power and current works.

Smarten up your home with a dimmer switch

342 2 Years ago

LED technology is currently considered the most energy-efficient solution for homes and public areas. At the same time, it has also great potential to develop and can be used in multiple ways. LED lighting can be also equipped with practical dimmers that allow you to adjust its brightness according to your needs. How does the dimmer work? How will its presence affect your comfort and our home budget? 

7 creative uses for smart light bulbs

315 2 Years ago

Use the potential of smart light bulbs! Here are some of our suggestions. 

UV light and viruses

948 2 Years ago

Ultraviolet light has been used for many decades to provide lighting options and other industrial applications. However, the ultraviolet radiation emitted by these lights can be dangerous to humans. Keep reading for an overview of UV light, including its ability to kill viruses, as well as better lighting options for industrial and personal settings.

What is Tuya Smart app and what it can do?

22948 2 Years ago

Tuya Smart application is necessary for wireless control using a phone or tablet. Tuya provides a leading global IoT platform that enables manufacturers, brands, OEMs and retail chains to develop one-stop smart home solutions. 

How to control Mi-Light products via Mi-Light 3.0 app?

3686 2 Years ago

For new Mi-Light users who never had their hands-on Mi-Light products, the synchronisation and app control may be a bit of a challenge, therefore, we have come up with an idea to write this article to help you out with this topic. Check out the possibilities of WiFi control with Mi-Light 3.0 app.

How to sync Mi-Light controllers and bulbs with remote control?

10083 2 Years ago

The synchronisation of Mi-Light remotes with Mi-Light lighting is pretty straightforward but it can be a bit frustrating for the new customers who never used Mi-Light products before. In this article, we will try to make things a bit easier for you...

Choosing the best energy efficient LED bulbs

400 2 Years ago

The number of LED light bulbs we currently see in stores grows with every passing day. But how to choose the products that actually are the most efficient and will help us save both energy and money? Let's find out what we should pay attention to while shopping for the new efficient LED bulbs.

Modern outdoor wall lighting

548 2 Years ago

Our modern outdoor wall lights are becoming more popular now. Here are some of the reasons and benefits of why.

Why should you purchase LED lights?

1185 3 Years ago

Why should you purchase LED lights? Across various industries and markets, LED lighting technology has gained massive popularity. Positive comments from many industry experts have contributed to increasing the popularity of LED light bulbs, LED diodes, LED strips, which in many parts of the world have been successfully replaced by traditional bulbs and fluorescent lamps that used to be used in the past.

The biggest advantages of LED lighting

393 3 Years ago

The biggest advantages of LED lighting. We have recently presented you with basic information about LED lighting. Today, we invite you to read the article in which we presented the greatest advantages of LED lighting. LEDs are the most energy-saving source of lighting available on the market. They consume 80 or even 90% less energy than conventional light bulbs. What's more, the average life of an LED bulb is about 15,000 - 30,000 h. This time depends, of course, on the type of LED bulb. It is worth knowing that at the same time we would use from 15 to as many as 30 classic light bulbs.

You should start using this plastik 70

347 3 Years ago

You should start using this Plastik 70. Today we would like to talk about Plastik 70 transparent acrylic protective spray.

LED bulbs mean lower electricity tariff

371 3 Years ago

LED bulbs mean lower electricity tariff. Today, we would like to talk about LED bulbs. As you know LED bulbs are one of the most energy-efficient light sources.

Solar LED floodlights - reassuring and satisfying guaranteed

412 3 Years ago

These solar LED floodlights can be used in many outdoor places such as a garden, the front of your property, you can take it with you on a trip camping you can use it as an emergency light because of the built-in battery it lasts for a long time...

Basic information about bulbs and LED lamps

339 3 Years ago

Basic information about bulbs and LED lamps. The use of LED lighting in our homes has appeared on the market relatively recently. It is worth knowing that in the industry they have been for several decades, only the invention of high-power diodes has contributed to their popularization. Today, they constitute an attractive replacement for traditional light bulbs. This kind of lighting is increasingly chosen by users. That is the reason why we decided to introduce you to basic information about LED lighting

What do you know about modular power supplies?

360 3 Years ago

What do you know about modular power supplies? In our offer, you can find modular power supplies. Today we would like to raise this subject.

What does CCT mean?

2327 3 Years ago

In this post, we are going to explain what does CCT mean and what are the possibilities of CCT smart lighting?

Do you have a universal multimeter at home?

265 3 Years ago

Do you have a universal multimeter at home? The hand tools such as gloves, blade knives, callipers or universal multimeters are very important while you do a different kind of work. In our offer, you will find both basic tools as well as specialized tools. Today, we decided to present to you our universal multimeter during all work-related, among others with electrics and electronics.

Pop-up & corner box power port extensions

439 3 Years ago

Furniture sockets, known for some time from office decor, are more and more often used in flats and private homes.

Innovative LED Line panel (Frame)

1161 3 Years ago

Innovative LED Line panel can be distinguished by its unique design. The high-quality LEDs used in this spatial frame-shaped construction provides a neutral white light of 4000K with a luminous flux of 3200lm.

Modern lights are not only for the home

427 3 Years ago

Modern lights are not only for the home. We offer various types of modern LED lighting. As we all know, garden lights have something to offer. They make the garden at night look on a unique charm. You can sit down at night where there is darkness, and enjoy a lit up atmosphere. Garden lamps could be used in many occasions such as setting up the garden for a romantic dinner with your partner or any party occasions, such as barbeque with friends, family meetings, general special occasions, reading your favourite book to relax, or simply just to light up the garden. You can check our outdoor lighting from our Garden-Lights brand such as LED round balls as well as the LED light cubes.

LED strip controllers

1092 3 Years ago

The essential part of every LED strip set, no matter if you are planning to change the colour, brightness, mode or you just want to switch the lighting ON and OFF you will need an LED strip controller.

Which products by Philips brand can you find in our offer?

301 3 Years ago

Which products by Philips brand can you find in our offer? Surely you ever heard about Philips company.

WAGO 221 series compact lever connectors

3532 3 Years ago

Officially released in September 2015 allow fast wiring for solid, stranded & flexible conductors safely due to CAGE CLAMP connection. 221 series compact connectors are up to 40 % smaller

Futlight smart lighting Mi-Light series

671 3 Years ago

The Futlight has been established in 2012 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland). Their main products are LED Bulbs, LED Downlights, LED Track Light, LED Floodlights, LED Controllers.

Check our Fittings & Fixtures products

323 3 Years ago

Check our Fittings & Fixtures products. Will you agree with us that each of us needs changes? If you think about changes in your house or apartment you should read this article because today we would like to talk about Fittings & Fixtures products.

What to consider when buying LED strip lights?

849 3 Years ago

Warm white, neutral white, daylight, cool white, cold white.... again so many names to describe the same thing which is a shade of white (the light appearance provided by the LED).

Come and meet our RGB+CCT remote controller

406 3 Years ago

Come and meet our RGB+CCT remote controller. Can you imagine the situation when you use a remote controller to change brightness intensity or colour of light? It sounds like a fairy tale but it is possible. We know how to do it.

Designing LED Project, Individual Production, Custom Orders

515 3 Years ago

We offer our clients a wide range of services related to modern LED lighting. The rich experience we have gained in this area over the years of work will ensure the satisfaction with the services provided by a qualified team of specialists.

The sensors are widely used in automation

349 3 Years ago

The sensors are widely used in automation. In our offer, you can find many types of sensors. These sensors make your life easier. So what sensors are used in automation and what is their purpose? Today we will try to explain it to you.

25 Benefits of LED Panels | Perfect Ceiling Light in 2019

1174 3 Years ago

Lights which are mounted in roof ceiling are known as ceiling lights. Nowadays ceiling lights are famous that are placed inside the ceiling. Not mounted down from the ceiling or hanging up with the ceiling. These lights are mostly LED ceiling lights. Light-emitting diodes are a new technology in both perspectives of energy-saving and less radiation. Led lights to come in a various variant, but the most common one is ceiling LED lights.

8 Tips to Help You Cut Your Electricity Bill

507 3 Years ago

Electricity fuels just about everything we use every day and it's an essential part of modern life, but that doesn't mean we can't do our best to cut costs wherever possible.

Benefits of Plasterboard Recessed Downlights

1746 3 Years ago

When it comes to decorating and renovating your home, deciding on the right kind of lighting is a very important part.

Uses of LED extrusions, aluminium LED profiles in home lighting

1568 3 Years ago

In determining how smart home is, there are a number of things that come into play. It is not only limited to stacking up your home with gadgets...

Make your life easier and buy LED strip accessories

365 3 Years ago

Make your life easier and buy LED strip accessories. Do you know that in our offer you can easily find many types of LED strip accessories? So that is the reason why today we would like to talk about this kind of accessories.

The unique functions of Mi-Light WiFi remote control YT1

1261 3 Years ago

Nothing compares to the experience of having a smart and automated home. It adds immense value to your space. The technology does not only make your home look chic, modern and sophisticated, but it also puts a touch of ease and comfort to your everyday lifestyle.

SCAME junction boxes

529 3 Years ago

To carry out the proper electrical installation you may need junction box for wall mounting. You can use it aesthetically hide the connection and separation circuits. Very handy when fitting your new LED garden light.

Professional electrician Elex show 2017

340 3 Years ago

It is the place where you will be able to see all the latest top name electrical products under one roof. Every electrician and every lighting company should at least once a year visit electrical exhibition show to see what is going on right now on the market and what are the plans for the future in the industry

Aluminium profiles

590 3 Years ago

Aluminium profiles not only protect the LED strip from mechanical damage but also work as an excellent heat sink.

Spotlight ceiling fixtures

417 3 Years ago

We have considered your request for bringing more spotlight fixtures to our offer and we are really happy to announce that some of them are now in stock.

Future House Store now supply also smart lighting

311 3 Years ago

Mi-Light smart lighting control reduces the number of times you'll find yourself having to reach for a switch it's great fun not only for your kids but for yourself as well and it saves on your electricity usage too. Isn't that great?

Every kitchen needs LED wall step light

391 3 Years ago

Every kitchen needs LED wall step light! Why? Let us explain the benefits of LED wall step lights but before that let us explain what is LED wall step light.

Wardrobe IR switch

1367 3 Years ago

Wardrobe IR switch can be used with any of our MAX-LED products. You may also consider using LED Aluminium profiles from our offer.

Furniture USB smartphone charger

882 3 Years ago

Mounted directly in the furniture board - it is an absolute novelty on the market! Due to the small size and simple installation, it can be used in any piece of furniture! At home or in the office, the place does not matter it will come handy everywhere it is.

Future House Store introducing Apple Pay

314 3 Years ago

We at Future House Store care about our customers and their needs. We know how important and valued is your time, therefore we are constantly improving our services to get your shopping experience to the highest satisfactory level.

Choosing LED bulb

317 3 Years ago

Choosing an LED bulb - Base. The part of the lamp or light bulb that connects to the light fitting is generally known either as the cap or base. This provides electrical contact and also often the physical location of the lamp.

MS60 LED switch controllers

422 3 Years ago

MS60 LED switch controllers are an SMD board equipped with a convenient and reliable touch switch. The plate has a small size (31x8x8mm) and fits the aluminium profile where high does not exceed 7mm.

Choose right LED power supply

356 3 Years ago

By transforming 240-volt (mains) power to a lower voltage such as 24v or 12v, an LED power supply drives your LED installation. Connect your LED power supply between the mains supply and the LED product it will power. LED drivers come in many shapes and sizes.

LED Aluminium profiles

613 3 Years ago

Aluminium profiles not only protects the LED strip from mechanical damage but also work as an excellent heat sink. By selecting the appropriate cover you can obtain the effect of dispersion (milky cover) or concentration (transparent cover) light emitted by the LEDs in the LED strip.

LED advantages

330 3 Years ago

A key advantage of LED lighting is considerably lower energy consumption. Properly designed LED illumination allows for up to 80% efficiency, which means that 80% of the consumed energy is converted to light energy.

MAX-LED 12W LED bulb replaces 75W incandescent bulb

506 3 Years ago

In our offer, you can find some of the great products. One of them is MAX-LED bulb that consumes only 12W and generates a luminous flux of 1055 lumens.

Flexible SMD LED Light Strips - 3528 vs 5050 Comparison

1121 3 Years ago

Most of the flexible SMD LED light strips that are being offered on the market today are either of the SMD 3528 vs 5050 type, and it is really important to make sure that you understand their differences.

LED types

5594 3 Years ago

DIP, SMD, COB. Find out what are the types of Light Emitted Diode, their features and parameters and how to recognise them.

MAX-LED - RF Wireless Touch RGB

300 3 Years ago

The controller supports up to 30 meters of 150 LED RGB strip and up to 15 meters of 300 LED RGB strip.

Economical home - 90% smaller bills

362 3 Years ago

One of the EU directives meant that throughout the EU withdraws from the sale of incandescent bulbs, which have many defects are energy-absorbent, and very much increase the operating costs of the house.

New 2017 MAX-LED catalogue

324 3 Years ago

Significant reduction of energy consumption and the improvement of lighting parameters, while taking care of modern aesthetics, has always been the foundation of the MAX-LED brand.

Kitchen LED aluminium profiles

938 3 Years ago

The most popular use of LED strips in the furniture industry is the kitchen lighting. A large proportion of our customers are using linear lighting profiles and LED strips, as it is eye-catching and gives an evenly diffused light.

Crazy deals at Future House Store this Black Friday weekend

376 3 Years ago

Get up to 75% OFF this Black Friday weekend! All the products for all registered customers are discounted by at least 15%. Valid from 23.11.18 to 26.11.18



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