Mi-Light 0~10V Series

Mi-Light 0~10V series includes dimmers that allow you to control luminous flux or the brightness of LED lights or other LED installations. The 0~10V series dimmers are the simplest and first lighting control signalling system that makes use of a low voltage 0~10V DC signal connected to each fluorescent ballast or LED power supply. The device will dim to the minimum level (permitted by the dimming driver) at 0 volts and will be operating at a maximum of 100% at the 10 volts. 

With the help of 0~10V dimmers, you can adjust and dim the lights in your room or house to create a suitable atmosphere according to your needs. LED lights are controlled through current and when a dimmer is used to control its light intensity or brightness, it also reduces the power being consumed by the LED light, resulting in less energy consumed. Low energy used means more money saved and extended life of the LED lamp.

The 0~10V dimmers can create multiple zones using receiving devices which makes use of a constant voltage of 0~10V on the output. These features enable us to perform smooth dimming and brightening of mono-chrome devices like LED modules, LED strips and low voltage LED bulbs. You can also switch on and off the connected LED lights.

The use of multi-zone 0~10V dimmer controllers enables you to enjoy a large LED installation, which can be controlled easily and conveniently through wireless control or and manual control. You can use the bell button to control the brightness of LED lights manually or connect your lights to the remote control with the help of WiFi and control the lights wirelessly. You can choose between both option by selecting the suitable receiving devices 

0~10V dimming is used as a standard method for controlling LED lighting strips and fluorescent fixtures with the help of light intensity controlling dimming ballasts. In recent years, with an increase in LED technology, 0~10V dimming has become a reliable LED dimming control procedure and gained much popularity. 

Mi-Light 0~10V series products are typically used in offices, homes, and retail spaces with dimming-compatible LED fixtures. 0~10V dimmable products are also used for residential spaces and outdoor commercial areas that require multipurpose lighting or ambience. Also, fixtures with dimming characteristics are used in sports courts to offer suitable lighting for various levels of play and sporting activities.

The ambience is a substantial reason for selecting a dimmable fixture as it enables your lighting to become a multipurpose tool, supporting a variety of activities that need different light levels. Hotels and restaurants often use dimmable lighting fixtures in their seating areas to produce a perfect environment.  

Future House Store offers a wide range of 0~10V panel dimmers and dimming drivers for controlling the brightness of LED lights. If you want a 0~10V dimmer for your project, the products from the Mi-Light 0~10V series are the right choice for you. Explore our website and get the right product as per your requirements.  

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