MiBoxer LED Special Power Adapter

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are rapidly replacing incandescent and fluorescent technologies for both indoor and outdoor lighting purposes. It is because of their durability, energy efficiency, long life, and flexible design. But if you are thinking of setting up LED light strips, selecting the right LEDs is only a single part of the LED lighting system. 

To enable your LED light system to work at its optimum level, you will have to attach it with a power supply that possesses properties that best match your LED and your required usage. This power supply is provided by a power adapter that enables your LEDs to perform optimally. 

As LED lights are different from conventional incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs in terms of set-up and installation, they require a low voltage DC to work. That is why they need a power supply device that can convert 230V AC into a voltage signal that LED lights can use. 

A power adapter is a device that provides the optimum amount of current to electronic devices that they require. This is the reason that electronic devices can run according to our expectations and will not overheat and fail before time. A power adapter simply plays a role in regulating the current provided to electronic devices. 

The electronic device can be anything ranging from smartphones to laptops and printers to LED smart lights. The LED power adapter will receive the AC (alternating current) from the power outlet on the wall and then convert this current into a low voltage DC (direct current). The LED lights will safely, optimally, and comfortably operate on this low DC voltage provided by a power adapter.

LED power adapter and LED driver are two different terms that are often used interchangeably but there is a difference between the two. An LED power adapter is a device that offers constant voltage while the LED driver is a device providing the constant current. Conventional DC-DC converters and AC-DC power supplies change their outputs to make sure a constant voltage. The power adapters for LED lights are AC-DC power supplies that provide constant voltage to the lights and enable them to perform optimally without damaging the LED light.

Eventually, the experts recognized that the LED lights can work more efficiently and in the safest way when the power source is constant current drive instead of constant voltage. That is why the manufacturing companies created many devices to provide this LED drive and the industry names them LED drivers. So, LED power adapters are not as LED drivers. It is necessary to choose the appropriate LED power adapters for a specific LED strip to turn it on and work properly. 

If you are looking for power adapters from one of the leading manufacturing brands in the lighting industry, look no further than MiBoxer LED special power adapters. These power adapters are specially designed to work with almost all kinds of modern and smart LED lights including LED strips. MiBoxer brand manufacture and supply high-quality LED power adapters that are sturdy build and created to last for long. All the power adapters from MiBoxer are backed by 5 years of warranty.  

MiBoxer LED Special Power Adapter

MiBoxer LED special power adapters are available in a range to suit the different requirements of customers. You can find the one according to the requirements of your LED lights or lighting system at your home or office. The LED power adapters by MiBoxer features constant current and voltage output with improved dimming performance. The MiBoxer power adapters are designed for and are compatible with MiBoxer LED strip lights. These special LED power adapters have improved the 2.4G RF control distance of over 30 meters and improved dimming performance. All the power adapters provided by MiBoxer works at the input voltage of 100-240V~ 50/60Hz i.e. the universal global standard.

The type of power adapter you require for your LED depends on the power requirements of your LED strip light. The LED strip lights commonly found in the market usually have 12V or 24V volts requirements. So, LED power adapters are mainly of two types i.e. 12V LED power adapters and 24V LED power adapters. The 12V LED power adapters are used to deliver electricity to 12V LED strip lights as they convert 120V AC power to 12V DC. These kinds of power adapters are ideal for a small set-up of LED strips. On the other hand, 24V LED adapters are utilized for large-scale or long-run LED light fittings. It is because 24V LED lights come with a low voltage drop as compared to 12V LED lights. The LED light will need fewer powering points with a 24V LED light.

MiBoxer LED special power adapters have a wide range of applications in both residential and commercial sectors including indoor office lighting, garden lighting, commercial lighting, and decorative lighting. The power adapters for LED strip lights are required when you want to install LED strips in any place as a power source. The type of power adapter required depends on the type of LED strip and input voltage. 

The MiBoxer special power adapters are created with special care considering all important aspects related to it. They meet the environmental RoHs standard and operate silently with a noise level of less than 30dB so that it will not annoy you while working. It also offers protection against over full loaded, overvoltage, and short circuit. In case the LED power adapter is over fully loaded, the LED light strip will not continuously flash. 

As there is a wide range of LED power adapters provided by MiBoxer in the market, you can easily find the one as per your requirements. With so many innovative features and high quality, you will find one of the best power adapters when choosing the MiBoxer brand. The MiBoxer LED power adapters are built to work for years to come. The 5 years of extended product warranty proves the high quality and durability of the power adapters from the MiBoxer brand.

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