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Welcome to the Future House Store

Future House Store is a company offering professional lighting services based on LED technology. We provide a wide range of lighting products and accessories for modern homes, businesses, and professional applications. In our lighting store, you will get all types of products that will guarantee the proper installation and optimum performance of lights. 

Our broad range of various products includes LED strips, controllers, power supplies, aluminium profiles, LED bulbs, LED smart lighting, LED outdoor lights, and many more. Such lighting products enable you to customize the installation according to your requirements.

In our assortment of products, you will also find advanced LED solutions for the 21st century such as zone dimmers multichannel RGB, RGB+W, RGB+CCT controllers, Amazon Alexa Voice Control lighting, Wi-Fi LED drivers, etc. You can get anything you want to fulfil your lighting needs from a single place i.e. Future House store. 

With the advancement of LED technology, smart lighting is becoming more prevalent. To meet the requirements of customers we offer smart lighting products under the name Mi-Light. It is a series of products connected to the LED lighting industry with the main focus on LED lighting. Some of the items from Mi-Light range are Mi-Light control system, remote controllers, panel controllers, WiFi control, light bulb series, LED downlights, outdoor light, Alexa series, smart LED controllers, etc.

LED bulbs are the energy-efficient, safe, reliable, and long-lasting light source with high brightness and intensity. LED bulbs are the right alternative to traditional light bulbs as they consume 90% less energy as compared to incandescent bulbs.  

For the smart home, we have smart controllers, light switches, security systems, smart alarm light bulbs, smart staircase lighting, etc. In smart home automation, all the devices and appliances are connected to offer an all in one control over all the functions of the house. 

LED strips are the latest and popular lighting solution in the LED lighting industry. LED strips are a cost-effective way to illuminate your space and projects. LED strips are used in residential, commercial, and industrial projects. LED strips are available in white or RGB colour changing LED strips in our store to choose from.

Profiles for LED lights are the hot and very famous lighting material in modern lighting design. LED aluminium profiles are widely available at our store. Specific aluminium profiles are available for each type of LED lighting product. 

Outdoor lighting offers two-fold benefits for you and your property. First, they add glamour and beautify the exterior of the building, and secondly, it adds a factor of security at the time of dark. Outdoor lighting can be used in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. Different types of outdoor lightings at our store include LED floodlights, LED garden lights, LED wall lights, outdoor decorative lighting, street lights, illuminated house numbers, etc. 

LED Controllers are an essential component of the dynamic light control system. These controllers are utilized to change the colours for RGB and RGBW LED lights. They are also used to select and adjust the colour temperatures with colour temperature changing CCT LED strips and dim single colour light neutral white LED strips to different light levels. We deal with remote controllers, for aluminium profiles and other types of controllers. 

Still, there are many other types of products at our store which you need to search on our website. We welcome you to explore our online store to get the best product and excellent experience. We hope that you will be one of the happy and satisfied customers once you buy our products and use our services. 

 If you need any assistance, please contact us via our contact form

LED lighting products available in our online shop:

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  • Smart Lighting

    Smart Lighting

    Day by day the smart lighting becomes more and more popular. Our products under the name Mi-Light, are a series of products related to the LED lighting industry, mainly focused on LED lighting. This system allows the extension of the LED installation of a number of products related to this brand, without fear of interoperability. These devices are characterised by high liquidity and high quality, at a relatively low price, making them the ideal value for money. The Mi-light series available in our sale includes such products as multicolour LED bulbs with built-in receiver, a series of mono drivers, mono MONO monitors, multicolour RGB and multicolour with white LEDs RGB+CCT, LED downlight with controllable or different device type with PIR motion sensor operating infrared, all controlled by the Mi-Light drivers, of course. The basic form of control for this system is radio, covering a range of up to 30 meters in an open area while providing seamless communication in areas such as residential areas. Controls can be extended by alternative forms of communication, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    Smart LED lighting - our products:

  • Accessories


    Accessories are the devices that are responsible for the proper functionality or assembly of the products to make sure the optimum performance and effectiveness of basic or decorative lighting products. The best quality of these accessories indicates the better arrangement of lights, enhanced lighting effects and the long life of the product.

    We at Future house store keep into consideration the quality of each accessory for the proper operation of lighting products. When you choose from our broad collection of accessories related to lighting solutions, you will not be disappointed with our quality products.  

    In our offer, you will find connectors, plugs, junction boxes, LED connectors, LED lighting, adapters, along with the remarkable effect of touch panels and controllers fitted out with remote control. These products permit the easy and safe installation of LED lights and their optimum performance, adapted to the intended arrangements of exterior and interior spaces.

    LED technology is constantly growing in today's world and to support this, we use lots of accessories that remarkably facilitate the installation and functioning of LED installations. Among the many types of LED lights, LED strips are one of the most popular forms. In our store, you will find a wide collection of LED strip accessories such as LED strip connectors, cable splitters, LED strip holders, and many others. 

    In the category of aluminium profile accessories, you can get all the essential items for mounting aluminium LED profiles. For each type of LED profile, specific mounting brackets are offered for assembly, profile angles/corner joiners, end closures, additional lenses, aluminium LED profile switches, double-sided tape, and other accessories.

    In advanced lighting solutions, each component is fabricated to provide the whole character. Cables sometimes act as the basic decorative item in some lamps. Coloured and stylish electrical and LED strip cables with decorative bulbs and frames accurately match the rooms in a modern style. Moreover, switches, outdoor sockets, connectors, and junction boxes are also available.  

    Sensors became more predominant with the development of the smart home. Nowadays, you can get a wide variety of detectors performing various tasks. In industrial automation and smart home automation, sensors play a significant role to make the products automatic and intelligent. In our assortment, you can find dusk till dawn sensors, microwave sensors, PIR motion sensors, and others.

    In Future House Store, all the forms of adaptors and bulb holders are available that you may require to finalize your project. A broad range of holders and bulb adaptors for LED lights and incandescent bulbs include B22, GU10, G5.3 G4, MR16, E14, G9, and many more.

  • Fittings & Fixtures

    Fittings & Fixtures

    High-quality lighting fittings & fixtures

    Renovating your home or office with the right lighting fittings and fixtures is not only an ideal way to illuminate your space but also to set the tone of your interior. There can be indefinite choices, so select the one according to the functions and design theme of each room.

    Lighting fixtures and fittings are the electrical devices that hold and power the light bulbs to create light. Also known as luminaries, they can be mounted to a wall or ceiling to spread the light to its ambience. Lighting fittings and fixtures are fabricated and sized to best match the specific applications and to take particular light bulbs. 

    An extensive collection of fittings and fixtures enables you to illuminate and decorate the room from walls through ceilings and furniture to the floor. Due to the availability of a huge range of colour, power, type, and material, selecting the right product to match your style becomes much easier. An extensive degree of mechanical resistance and tightness makes them appropriate for external use or in areas where humidity is high.   

    Fittings & Fixtures - perfect for indoor and outdoor use!

    For indoor lighting, the fittings & fixtures range from bay lights for producing large amounts of lights to under cabinet fixtures for shedding light onto countertops and from high ceiling to the floor. Outdoor fixtures can be roadway lights for illuminating parking lots or streets and landscape lights for accent lighting of gardens and building exteriors.

    Fittings and fixtures for lighting are used to illuminate commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Lights are available in outdoor and indoor styles, task lights, emergency lighting, hazardous location fixtures, recessed fixtures, and many more. Some of them are entirely functional while many others have aesthetic attributes. 

    We offer a range of outdoor, indoor, party, and commercial lighting fixtures to suit any occasion. You can find a huge collection of high-quality lighting fittings from many of the world-leading brands, meeting your needs related to lighting solutions.

    At Future House Store, choose the best wall and ceiling lighting fittings and fixtures. Whether you are searching for modern, classic or industrial oyster lights, pendant lights, fluorescents led batten, spotlights, or chandeliers, to style up your home or illuminate your room for reading and working, you can find everything here. Check all types of wall and ceiling lighting fixtures on our website.

    Decorate your home with the floor lamps and table lamps with excellent design and quality lighting, that are sure to blend in wherever you place them. If you are looking for great deals, then you are in the right place where you will get the best quality lighting at affordable prices and huge discounts as well. Browse our collection of table and floor lamps now.

    As there is a vast variety of lighting types with various names, styles, and technologies, it is essential to take your time to select the right luminaires and fittings so that you gain the proper lighting satisfaction. Each of the lighting fittings and fixtures has its own exclusive characteristic and use.

    The most popular types of fittings and fixtures include downlights, floodlights, and ceiling lights. There are many other types of fittings available at Future House Store, browse our full range of products for more details.

    We recommend also great smart home sensors from our offer!

  • LED Bulbs

    LED Bulbs

    LED bulbs - the energy-efficient source of light

    LED bulbs are one of the most energy-efficient light sources. At present, LED bulbs dominate the market with respect to other bulbs, whether incandescent or CFL bulbs. Current models of "LED bulbs" are unmatched by traditional bulbs in terms of light output as well as colour temperature. Thanks to the use of LED bulbs we are able to reduce the power consumption to 85-90% compared to conventional filament bulbs. In our offer, you will find the most popular models of LEDs such as E27, E14, GU10, GU5.3, G4, G9, GU11, MR11, MR16. At the moment we are able to replace almost any type of bulb with LED-based technology. New LEDs as they improve the technology of LEDs become more efficient and economical. It also happens that the chase of importers and salespeople "for a lower price" results in lower product quality and thus becomes more emergency or uneconomical.

    LED light bulbs available in our store:

  • Smart Home

    Smart Home

    Smart Home products

    Whether you are looking for smart controllers, security systems, light switches, or light bulbs, begin with the best smart home appliances we have tested for each room in a house. Smart home automation is part of the internet of things. The appliances and devices are connected to provide us with all in one control over all the features of your house. 

    For decades smart home automation moves around lighting and simple appliances control but recently technology comes up with the idea of the interconnected world of touch control of your finger and voice command of Google assistant, Alexa, and Siri. Now the dream of a smart home is reality.

    The best Smart Home devices

    Smart home devices link switches, appliances, and gadgets to the central hub to enable you to control such devices conveniently and securely. You can get alerts when water leaks or fire incident occurs, program thermostat to work along with AC and fans when your room gets hot or direct a group of lights to turn off or on with the opening of the front door. Smart home appliances make your home more convenient, more secure more and comfortable, than ever.

    We offer a huge variety of smart home products from a complete smart lighting system to smart controllers and security systems with multiple appliances that are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We bring everything you need to monitor, control, and secure your house together with smart home controllers, automation hubs, smart switches and remote control modules, all sorts of smart sensors, and many more.

    Control your house with Smart Home products

    Future house store smart home system works without boundaries. All prevailing smart lighting and devices can be added to your home control. You can control and monitor your home from anywhere on the globe. It offers real-time alerts on your android or apple mobile. Contact our team to transform your home into a smart home. 

    Offering a combination of the latest and best products on the market, the sky is the limit and we love challenges. With years of experience, we can deliver a feature-rich solution from security issues to a fully automated smart home for you and your family according to your needs.

    Protect your home CCTV cameras and controlled door entry for peace of mind that you and your property are secure. Best of all, you can check it from anywhere with the convenient smart home application on your cell phone. Enjoy the right temperature throughout your house with air conditioning and heating control, operated from one device.

    The smart lighting system enables you to control and regulate the brightness of your lights, without your conscious input. These lighting compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are ideal for sites where lighting plays a key role like in the evening or during parties. 

    Smart home appliances control through mobile are compatible with IOS and android. We are pleased to announce that or smart systems support voice assistant services. Connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control and remote control. 

  • LED Strips

    LED Strips

    LED strips in many colour variants

    LED strip is also commonly known as "LED tape" or "LED ribbon", LED diodes are placed in a single strand on a special PCB substrate with 3M double-sided adhesive tape. LED strips are available in many colour variants, with varying density of LEDs as well as with various LEDs. This is a modern and increasingly popular solution in the field of LED lighting. Depending on the model used, LED strips can be obtained from the decorative effect to a powerful lighting effect. In our online shop, you will find types such as LED MONO (monochrome/single colour), RGB (multicolour), RGBW (multicolour+white), CCT (white with adjustable colour temperature) and RGB+CCT (multicolour+adjustable colour temperature). LED strips have a multitude of uses, they are used especially in interior lighting to create ambient light accents, to illuminate work surfaces or emphasize the arrangement. The use of LED strips with increased airtightness class with "silicone" coatings or new coatings in "Nano" technology, allows to use them in places with high humidity. Thanks to its simple construction and high flexibility, LED strips are used in almost every field of life. A wide range of used LEDs on LED strips allows you to choose the right model with the right amount of light. An important advantage is also the fact that almost every tape is dimmable. With RGB LED or RGBWW tapes, except for dimming and brightening, you can also choose any colour from the vast range of colours offered by these models. An important feature of LED tapes is also the ability to obtain almost any dimension - (they can be shortened depending on the model every 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, etc). They also differ in the number of LEDs used so that in some types of LED strips one can obtain almost uniform continuous light lines.

  • Drivers & Power Supplies

    Drivers & Power Supplies

    The LED drivers is an independent power supply that regulates the power supply for a LED or series of LEDs. LEDs are energy-efficient lighting devices with long service life and low power consumption, which is why special power supplies are needed.

    Why do we need LED drivers?

    LED drivers are needed for two purposes: First, LEDs are designed for low voltage LED drivers and power supply (12-24 V) DC operation. However, most places provide higher voltages of LED drivers and power supply (120-277 V) and AC. LED driver corrects higher voltage, alternating current to low voltage, direct current. 12 V LED drivers for lighting The LED driver series with one output and constant voltage from Power LED, which is suitable for LED interior lighting, e.g., For example, LED lighting for private households, showcase lighting, LED downs, LED backlights, coordinated lighting and light sculptures.

    12V LED lighting drivers are widely used to replace old traditional transformers for 12V halogen lamps that are commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, especially those with extractor covers, bedrooms, and living rooms. Because LEDs are very efficient, they work with much less power.

    Second, the LED driver also protects the LED from a voltage or current fluctuations. Changes in voltage can cause changes in the current supplied to the 12 V LED lighting drivers, proportional to their power supply and the LED drivers must operate within a certain current range (measured in amperes). Therefore, too much or too little electricity can cause the light output to change or decrease faster due to higher temperatures on the LED. In short, the LED driver converts a higher voltage (AC) to a lower voltage (DC). They also keep the voltage and current flowing through the LED circuit at a nominal level.

    What are LED drivers used for?

    The LED drivers are either used externally on internally within the LED bulb assembly.

    These are commonly used in domestic LED bulbs to make it easy when replacing the bulbs; the internal drivers are usually housed in the same case as the LEDs. For the aforementioned reasons, every 12V LED drivers for lighting source requires a driver. However, some LED driver, particularly those designed for household use, contain internal drivers rather than separate, external drivers. Household bulbs usually include an internal driver because it makes replacing old incandescent or CFL bulbs easier. These include LED bulbs with standard screw-in or plug-in bases (E26 / E27 or GU24 / GU10 – see images below) or those that specify a line-voltage (120 volts) input on their datasheet. LEDs that typically require an external driver include cove lights, downlights, and tape lights, as well as certain fixtures, panels, and outdoor-rated lights.

    LED Power Supplies & Drivers

    The external drivers are housed separately from the LEDs and usually used for applications such as outdoor, commercial, roadways lighting. These types of lights require separate drivers which are easier and cheaper to replace. In most of these applications, the manufacturer specifies the type of LED driver to use for particular light assembly.

    Our extensive LED driver IC product portfolio, design tools, and technical resources can help you add innovative lighting features to your design. Search for the best device for your system in two different ways: by the function of the LEDs in your design or by the topology of the LED driver power supply.  

    Lighting is one of the most important of all building systems and we offer buyers thousands of lighting products to choose from, including modern lighting, indoor, outdoor and bathroom lighting. The spectrum of lighting manufacturers and wholesalers we represent is very broad. If you are mainly looking for the latest LED drives and LED lamp manufacturers for 2020, here are all the options you can think of. Be sure to see all the options you can find, such as B. LED car lights, work lights, automatic LED lights.

  • Aluminium Profiles

    Aluminium Profiles

    Aluminium profile for LED lighting

    LED aluminium profiles are an excellent part of the kit when creating LED lighting or lighting arrangements using LED strips or LED modules. They are also commonly referred to as LED alu profiles, aluminium channels, LED strip extrusions. Aluminium profiles for LED strips are used for several purposes: as a finish and an additional aesthetics of the lighting installation, to increase the degree of protection of the LEDs mounted therein and to indispensably drain the temperature of the LED strips to the substrate. The LED strips, in addition to the decorative ones, are important for the proper operation of the LEDs, so each LED profile is designed to function as a "heat sink". In the whole range, you will find profiles and accessories from European production companies such as TOPMET, ALU-LED, DESIGN LIGHT. From a wide range of profiles, we can distinguish several groups such as LED surface profiles, grooved profiles, hermetically sealed aluminium profiles, corner glass, alu led stairs, ceiling and bent profiles with a very wide range of application.

  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor house lights - how to choose them?

    Outdoor lighting is as important as the smart lighting inside of our homes and apartments. Outdoor lighting fixtures are mainly the lighting element of the entrance to the house, the entrance to the garage, the premises of the company; image element as well as security. Among the luminaires adapted for outdoor use, we find a wide range of luminaires that differ in design, fixation, finishing material and light source. Among the presented outdoor luminaires are garden luminaires, facade luminaires, inlays and LED paving stones, as well as decorative LED garden stones.

    Outdoor lighting available in our store:

  • Sets


    Complete LED lighting kit is complete outdoor lighting devices that contain built-in LEDs or halogen lamps. Integrated lighting simplifies the installation of the lighting system. They are designed to provide a specific colour and Lumen output and they do not have typical “bulbs” that can be replaced.  Complete LED lighting kit typically lasts for many years, often a decade or more.  

    The main advantage of pre-made LED lights is that customers can choose the right lamp for their needs, as long as the lamp has the right shape, size and power. Initial installation of lighting is comparable to a complete LED lighting kit, but replacing incandescent lamps during combustion is easier than replacing LED arrays or complete LED lighting kit modules.

    The LED strips with remote control capable of controlling multiple strips at once. However, because not all LED controllers are designed the same, there are a few things you need to know before choosing the LED strips with a remote control that is right for you. All of our LED strips with remote control can control multiple LED light strips connected to the same receiver and the same power source. However, some LED strips with remote control can only control a few LED light strips if they are all connected.

     Also, make sure you use the LED light amplifier properly if you want to combine several LED light strips together! While some of our controllers can only control LED strips that are all connected, we have several LED controllers that can control the lighting zone independently. We have many different LED strips with a remote control that are all capable of controlling independent light zones. However, these LED strips with remote control all have their own unique way of controlling the zones, so we'll break it down controller by the controller so you'll know exactly which one is right for your project. 

    Are you looking for a supplier who supplies a complete LED lighting kit or LED strips with a remote control? Here at Shortcut Services, we offer a complete solution. We provide companies in many industries with many sets of complete LED lighting kit or LED strips with remote control in various types of your choice.

  • LED Controllers

    LED Controllers

    A wide selection of LED controllers

    LED controllers are an important part of the dynamic light control system. Such controllers are used to changing the colours for RGB and RGBW LED lights. They are also employed to adjust and select the colour temperatures with colour temperature changing CCT LED strips and dim single colour, white LED strips to variable light levels. Future House store stocks a wide variety of professional LED controllers on the marketplace. We have a wide selection of RF, IR, DMX, and Wifi operated LED controllers.

    Among the vast variety of lighting products on the market, the LED controller is one of the hot items. LED controllers and dimmers enable you to get the right brightness, colour, and lighting effects that you want from the LED lights. Select from a huge collection of LED controllers, LED dimmer switches, multi-zone, and wireless remotes, in-line switches, DMX controllers, motion sensors, wifi hubs, and RGB LED controllers with smartphone or tablet compatible applications.  

    We offer a collection of RGB LED controllers from basic knob style to programmable RGB LED controllers and many with remote control features. The RGB LED controllers can be used to generate a unique lighting effect for your RGB lights, RGB LED tubes, RGB wall washers, LED RGB modules and LED RGB Ribbon. Check and shop our newly added touch switch with dimmer and LED strip touch dimmer to add a modern look to your place. Our best RGBW 4 colour LED controllers create a fabulous colour mixing effect with warm white lighting or single colour control white.

    Years of innovation offering the world's most progressive lighting systems and LED controllers to ensure efficient and safer work environments. We offer lots of choices like LED light controllers, remote controls, LED dimmers, and LED lights. Update your electronic section and purchase from our incredible collection with the latest technology. We want to keep our clients up to date with this fast-moving electronic market and modern product trends.

    Future House store is a prominent seller of modern lighting solutions for retail, exhibit environments with residential and commercial applications. You can get a line of innovative LED controllers, LED dimmers, remote controls, RGB controllers, RGBW controllers, and Wifi controllers. Our comprehensive catalogue, unique design, and years of technical expertise help you throughout your design, planning, and installation. No matter if it is a WiFi controller to operate your LED lights in your home or office or just basic knob style dimmer, we have covered controllers for each type of lighting project.

    We focus on providing high-quality innovative LED lighting solutions to our clients. All of our LED controllers and LED dimmers are created by skilled professionals and manufacture from the high-grade material available. Each product is accurately checked and packaged to make sure that you get only the fine quality product.  Our design and quality are supported by our thoughtful customer service.

    Our main goal is customer satisfaction and we always attempt to accommodate any appeal and to serve our customers at the best level possible. Whether you are a dealer, architect, corporate buyer, wholesaler, or a designer, we will serve you with the quality product and the same level of care. Welcome to our store. Check and shop from our selection of LED controllers below.

    Check also the LED strips available in our offer!

  • LED Panels

    LED Panels

    LED ceiling panels

    LED ceiling panels are the ideal alternative for ceiling racks, coffered ceilings, Armstrong ceilings, gypsum plasterboards, and regular ceilings (with appropriate cables). Extremely thin LED panel housing, its precision and elegant design make it suitable for almost any room. LED panels of our offer are made of an anodised aluminium frame, powder painted in white. The illuminated panel is made of white PMAA material, manufactured by Mitsubishi. Edge panel illumination by LED allows for even distribution of light at slight losses. LED panels are most popular in office buildings, shopping centers, corridors and homes where elegant design, strong lighting and energy saving are essential.

  • Industrial Luminaires

    Industrial Luminaires

    LED industrial luminaires are lighting lamps, in particular, fluorescent luminaires, LED linear luminaires and High Bay LED luminaires. The offer includes various industrial luminaires ranging from linear office luminaires, hermetic luminaires to linear luminaires with a built-in light source in the form of LED diodes. It is these latter LED luminaires that are revolutionizing the lighting market recently, gaining more and more popularity and recognition among customers. High luminous parameters, negligible failure rate and a wide range of available colour temperatures as well as power put the LED industrial luminaires in the highest place. They are intended in particular for the indoor lighting of premises such as commercial spaces, corridors, warehouses, halls, sports facilities, shops, offices, hotels as well as the lighting of residential buildings.

  • Services


    A soldering LED strip light) is a flexible circuit board soldering populated by surface mounted light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs) and other components that usually comes with an adhesive backing.

    Regardless of the turns, twists, or turns, the LED light strip can be adapted to any application. Soldering LED strip lights allow long, multi-strip connections and secure connections. This tutorial provides instructions on how to solder standard RGB, RGB colour hunting, and RGB LED light blades that are weather-resistant but can be used as a model for all types of strips. The following steps show how the LEDs are broken down and soldered. However, two separate LED strips can be connected using the same procedure.

    How should you connect your soldering LED strips?

    To connect the LED strip, it is often necessary to solder wires onto the LED strip. You need to solder the wires to the soldering points. These are the copper coloured points that are found, for example, every 2.5, 5 or 10cm on the LED strip. Single colour LED strips have two soldering points: + and -. However, there are many different types of LED strip with more soldering points. An RGB LED strip has 4 soldering points, R, G, B and +. And an RGBW LED strip has 5 soldering points. The best way to properly solder wires to a LED strip is to first apply tin to the soldering points and the wires, and afterwards melting the soldering points and wires together. If you have no idea how to solder, don't worry! We can do this for you. You can add this service to your order by adding soldering service to your shopping cart.

    Soldering services  

    The service is available in two options:

    1. Soldering wires to the LED strip.

    2. Soldering LED strip to another LED strip (e.g. joining two 5m rolls of the LED strip into one roll of 10m LED strip).  

    How do I order a "soldering service"?  If you order a 5m LED strip and you want us to cut it into 5 parts (each one meter long) and you want to solder cables to each part, you need to order "5-pcs soldering".

    PLEASE NOTE! The price applies to one-sided soldering of a single section of LED strip.

    We process aluminium profiles cut to length. Here we offer our customers the entire process from product development to manufacturing and installation. With a smart production concept, we make small and large batches, individual production and prototypes. We achieve maximum production efficiency through precisely coordinated process phases and the use of innovative technology.

    Aluminium profiles cut to length; we process around many tons of aluminium per year. In this way, we create innovative products that inspire us and our customers. This includes complex machined profiles made of extruded aluminium as well as complete lightweight construction concepts and system components and modules.


    Are you looking for a supplier to supply and aluminium profiles cut to length? Here at Short Cut Services, we offer the complete solution. We supply companies in many sectors with cut length.

  • Health & Safety equipment



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