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Complete LED lighting kit is complete outdoor lighting devices that contain built-in LEDs or halogen lamps. Integrated lighting simplifies the installation of the lighting system. They are designed to provide a specific colour and Lumen output and they do not have typical “bulbs” that can be replaced.  Complete LED lighting kit typically lasts for many years, often a decade or more.  

The main advantage of pre-made LED lights is that customers can choose the right lamp for their needs, as long as the lamp has the right shape, size and power. Initial installation of lighting is comparable to a complete LED lighting kit, but replacing incandescent lamps during combustion is easier than replacing LED arrays or complete LED lighting kit modules.

The LED strips with remote control capable of controlling multiple strips at once. However, because not all LED controllers are designed the same, there are a few things you need to know before choosing the LED strips with a remote control that is right for you. All of our LED strips with remote control can control multiple LED light strips connected to the same receiver and the same power source. However, some LED strips with remote control can only control a few LED light strips if they are all connected.

 Also, make sure you use the LED light amplifier properly if you want to combine several LED light strips together! While some of our controllers can only control LED strips that are all connected, we have several LED controllers that can control the lighting zone independently. We have many different LED strips with a remote control that are all capable of controlling independent light zones. However, these LED strips with remote control all have their own unique way of controlling the zones, so we'll break it down controller by the controller so you'll know exactly which one is right for your project. 

Are you looking for a supplier who supplies a complete LED lighting kit or LED strips with a remote control? Here at Shortcut Services, we offer a complete solution. We provide companies in many industries with many sets of complete LED lighting kit or LED strips with remote control in various types of your choice.

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  • LED Furniture Lighting

    LED Furniture Lighting

    Furniture LED luminaires: what's that?

    In recent years LED furniture lighting has become very popular, i.e. lighting furniture using specially adapted lighting strips, LED strips or halogen fittings. We have prepared for you a rich offer covering many types of furniture LED luminaires, which is one of the popular types of furniture lighting. Among our products, you will find classic under-cabinet fixtures in the form of lighting strips, as well as LED lighting in the form of round or other luminaires, recessed in or suspended under furniture boards. Presented LED lighting is a great way to finish and increase the attractiveness of kitchen furniture or bathroom furniture. Of course, some of the luminaires and LED strips will also work well when illuminating some types of furniture in showrooms, dining rooms or youth rooms. LED furniture lighting in the form of LED strips can be installed even under the bookshelf or the top of the glazed site, for better exposure of items, liquors or crystals stored inside.

    LED furniture lighting available in our store:

  • LED Strips Sets

    LED Strips Sets

    For people who are looking for simple solutions that guarantee the desired decorative effect, our store has prepared ready to assemble LED lighting sets. Each set contains a high quality LED strip and power supply. For the multicolour RGB version, the set also includes an RGB controller with remote control, with which you can set the desired colour of lighting, choose the degree of light intensity. These types of sets are the perfect way to highlight furniture, paintings or other decorative elements of a given interior. It is also a way to illuminate the interior of the kitchen, hallway, bedroom and even the living room. The LED strip takes up little space, so you can easily hide it in specially created recesses and projections made of drywall.

  • Indoor Decorative Lighting

    Indoor Decorative Lighting

    Decorative lights can be used both inside and outside the home. When indoor decorative lighting takes various factors such as space, furniture placement, room colour, and specific tasks required by the room are taken into account. For example, a study will have a decorative lighting style that is different from a kitchen lighting style. Outdoor lighting mainly consists of garden lighting, entrance lighting and street lighting.

    Decorative interior lights

    Indoor decorative lighting gives the individuality and style of the room. This should give a person a visual impact that determines the owner's personality with just one look. Decorative interior lights include ceiling lights such as pendants or table lamps. This can also include wall mounting such as paintings, medals, trophies, etc. In the case of decorative lighting, several factors must be taken into account, e.g. B. cost savings, energy efficiency, affordable prices, space requirements, etc.

    White indoor decorative lighting wire battery-powered LED string lights are great for weddings, mantles, table centrepieces, craft projects and where every you need high-quality lights but do not have the power for plug-in lights. Our long-lasting and energy-efficient white wire battery operated lights are available in 20 and 50 light sets and a verity of different colours. We are the battery-operated Christmas light experts!

    Decorative lighting is the fourth layer of indoor decorative lighting and, simply, like home decor: it makes your room sparkle and shines. Beautify your home and present the best features by adding decorative lighting fixtures.

    A large selection of indoor decorative lighting

    Wall locks are available in almost endless shapes, sizes, colours, styles, surfaces and prices and are ideal for adding a little sparkle to a small area of ​​the room. They are often used as a substitute for vanity in the bathroom. With a key, there is no limit to what you can turn on or what lighting is like. Some beards even look like miniature lamps (another form of decorative lighting).

    What if the beard has a trunk and can hang from the ceiling? This is the main idea behind the pendant that can be used for lighting tasks but is often made with decorative talent. Mini pendants are perfect for decorative purposes because they can be made in a variety of ways, from ultra-modern to natural, crystal clear to retro and everything in between. (Other types of trailers, including drums and bowls, are better for doing things.) With a mini trailer, the display of light is as important as what it does.

    How to choose the right indoor decorative lights?

    When designing lighting plans for the dining room, use battery-powered LED string lights by hanging so that it does not illuminate the table from above and not from the side so that it does not cast shadows on the plate.

    For the bathroom, you will place the battery-powered LED string lights so that you do not create a shadow on your face when you look in the mirror.
    Likewise, the main light source (eg chandelier) must always project a central seating area to the living room. Plants, paintings and other performances can also be used as a contrast to create dramatic effects in the room.

    When it comes to lighting up the bedroom, bedside lamps that can be mounted on the wall or with the help of table lamps work best because they are more practical (especially in the middle of the night!).

    If you need a different colour and choose an RGB LED strip, you also need to choose the RGB controller option so you can rotate all colours and options correctly. The RGB kit is supplied directly connected to battery-powered LED string lights and cassette. And as mentioned, the controller has 15 different colour choices, on/off switch, brightness up and down and flash, flash, fade and smoothness.

    The amount of use of this product is only limited to your imagination. So, come and try them out. Spruce up your home and make it dazzle by adding decorative lighting fixtures! If you need advice on decorative lighting, please contact us or call our trained lighting specialists.

  • Star Ceiling Lights

    Star Ceiling Lights

    The best LED Star Ceiling Lights

    A star ceiling light is mainly a lighting idea that gives rise to an illusion of a twinkling or glowing starlit sky over the ceiling. There is nothing calm and relaxing like star ceiling lights to give a finishing touch to your room, facilitating to make your room a distinctive shelter from the everyday world, a place where you can relax. Enhance the outlook of your room with fascinating start ceiling lights.

    We have a wide range of star ceiling lights that give a touch of magic to any room. Star ceiling lights are also available with LED edge lighting to add to the atmosphere. Star ceiling light offers a relaxing mood lighting experience, inducing memories of a starry cloudless sky on extended summer nights. Hundreds of stars can be seen twinkling and glowing over your head that creates a dreamy look so you can get rid of day time worries.  

    Why should you choose our fibre optic star ceiling panels?

    Our collection of star ceiling lights are easy to install, without approaching the ceiling space above. Every star ceiling light panel can be provided with colour-changing edge lighting to provide a glowing effect, giving your room decoration a whole new level. This starry sky illumination provides a tremendously relieving and graceful ambience, which is one of the key reasons for the fame of star ceiling lights. 

    The star ceiling light impact is generated with the use of fibre optic strands that spark at one end, this is the visible end on the ceiling. At the spot where numerous such ends glow fibre optic strands are gathered in random arrangement on the ceiling, they take after the effect generated by twinkling stars at night.

    Using star ceiling lights, you can make shapes of constellations and galaxies depending on anyone’s choice. You can also make star ceiling lights to take a look like the heavily starlit sky with no moon night or reduce the effect in the room if you want so; it will make the star ceiling lights a great idea for home improvement. 

    Make your room unique with star ceiling lights!

    With lots of choices and exclusive designs we offer, it is so refreshing to buy from our collection of captivating and exciting star ceiling lights. Several houses come with unattractive and boring flush mount lights and replacing them out with compelling and glowing star ceiling lights can do so much to enhance the style in your room and display your distinctive personality.  

    We provide two types of lighting technologies in star ceiling panels i.e. individual LEDs and fibre optic lights. One form of star ceiling light is LED starry ceiling light. They come in various sizes, colours, and shapes making it appropriate for any type of room and environment. There are 150 LEDs per square meter which can generate a suitable amount of light to brighten the room.   

    Another form is an optical fibre which allocates light from the source along with its length and emitting it at one end as small star points scattered across a flat panel. Most of the fibre optic star ceiling panels have almost 100-star points per square meter. 

    Choose also our ceiling downlights!



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