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Accessories are the devices that are responsible for the proper functionality or assembly of the products to make sure the optimum performance and effectiveness of basic or decorative lighting products. The best quality of these accessories indicates the better arrangement of lights, enhanced lighting effects and the long life of the product.

We at Future house store keep into consideration the quality of each accessory for the proper operation of lighting products. When you choose from our broad collection of accessories related to lighting solutions, you will not be disappointed with our quality products.  

In our offer, you will find connectors, plugs, junction boxes, LED connectors, LED lighting, adapters, along with the remarkable effect of touch panels and controllers fitted out with remote control. These products permit the easy and safe installation of LED lights and their optimum performance, adapted to the intended arrangements of exterior and interior spaces.

LED technology is constantly growing in today's world and to support this, we use lots of accessories that remarkably facilitate the installation and functioning of LED installations. Among the many types of LED lights, LED strips are one of the most popular forms. In our store, you will find a wide collection of LED strip accessories such as LED strip connectors, cable splitters, LED strip holders, and many others. 

In the category of aluminium profile accessories, you can get all the essential items for mounting aluminium LED profiles. For each type of LED profile, specific mounting brackets are offered for assembly, profile angles/corner joiners, end closures, additional lenses, aluminium LED profile switches, double-sided tape, and other accessories.

In advanced lighting solutions, each component is fabricated to provide the whole character. Cables sometimes act as the basic decorative item in some lamps. Coloured and stylish electrical and LED strip cables with decorative bulbs and frames accurately match the rooms in a modern style. Moreover, switches, outdoor sockets, connectors, and junction boxes are also available.  

Sensors became more predominant with the development of the smart home. Nowadays, you can get a wide variety of detectors performing various tasks. In industrial automation and smart home automation, sensors play a significant role to make the products automatic and intelligent. In our assortment, you can find dusk till dawn sensors, microwave sensors, PIR motion sensors, and others.

In Future House Store, all the forms of adaptors and bulb holders are available that you may require to finalize your project. A broad range of holders and bulb adaptors for LED lights and incandescent bulbs include B22, GU10, G5.3 G4, MR16, E14, G9, and many more.

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  • Aluminium Profile Accessories

    Aluminium Profile Accessories

    Aluminium profile accessories: In this category, you will find all the necessary accessories for mounting aluminium LED profiles in our offer. For each LED profile, special mounting brackets are available for assembly, end closures for LED profiles, profile angles/corner joiners, additional lenses, double-sided tape, aluminium LED profile switches and many other accessories. The use of the above components for LED alu profiles will facilitate the assembly and will give an additional effect of finishing the whole lighting installation, made on aluminium LED profiles.

    Aluminium profile accessories: end caps, corner joiners, mounting brackets, light diffusers

  • LED Strip Accessories

    LED Strip Accessories

    LED strip connectors, LED strip holders, cable splitters and many more LED strip accessories can be found in this product category. To greatly facilitate the use of LED technology in the 21st century, quite often we use various types of accessories that significantly facilitate the operation of modern LED installations. The presented assortment in the category of accessories for LED strips is intended to serve, among others, facilitating assembly. Offered here, among others LED strip light connectors for easy connection of LED strips, LED cables for both monochrome and RGB/RGBW tapes, enabling connecting LED segments, various LED switches with wires, adhesive tapes for alternative assembly or electrical lists allowing quick and orderly connection of larger installations electrical/electronic components. The offer also includes entire quick assembly systems as well as splitters for lighting installations and all kinds of LED angle connectors. With the use of additional accessories that are offered for LED strips, we are able to perform the lighting installation in a much shorter time and without unnecessary complications.

    LED strip connectors & LED strip accessories

  • Cables


    In modern lighting, each element is designed to give the whole character. In some lamps, the cables are the basic decorative accent. Coloured cables used with decorative bulbs and appropriate frames perfectly match the rooms in a modern, industrial, minimalist or Scandinavian style. Lamps - bulbs on the cable are no longer associated with a residential provisor, and with innovative design. In the following category, we offer 2-core, 3-core, 4-core, 5-core, 6-core LED strip cables as well as electric cables, two-core, three-core, four-core - round or flat - coloured or transparent ideally suited for mounting suspension lamps (ceiling pendant lamps) or cables with a switch for desk lamps.

    Electrical and LED strip cables available in our offer:

  • Sensors


    Constructing a smart home begins with smart home automation sensors. These sensors are considered are the eyes and ears of your home, notifying you and other smart appliances of change in status 24/7. Automation sensors play a vital role in the protection of your house. These sensors can work together with your security system as an indoor component or individual as an outdoor component to detect suspicious activity and keep you aware. 

    If the security cameras, thermostats, and smart lights are the staples of your modern home, consider sensors as the invisible system connecting everything together. Or you can say the eyes of the smart home. The main job of the sensor is to sense the occurrence of the object in the operating zone without any physical contact with the object.

    Automation sensors for smart home take control of your appliances so that you can decide how and when to regulate all the devices in your home. Prepare your house with smart home automation sensors to observe activities, react to changes outdoors, and activate or deactivate appliances and lights automatically based on time of the day or scheduled events.

    One of the well-known automation sensors for the smart home is the motion sensor which can detect activity. Motion sensors can be used outdoors and indoors to increase home security. Sensors are available for windows, doors, walking paths, driveways, and home and business security systems. You can also put motion sensors anywhere in your house where you want to be alerted for movement. 

    Build your smart home with water, motion, smoke, driveways, doors, and windows sensors. You can let your home look out for you with motion sensors and door sensors that inform you when it is close or open, light sensors, and driveway monitoring. Some sensors can be self-installed and offer professional monitoring services. Thus provides you with the choice to place them anywhere in your home where you feel best.   

    A motion detector or motion sensor can alert you with an alarm sound when the motion is noticed or even turn on the light when you walk in the room. So, you can know who is coming in and going out of the house or office and also turn on the light when the door opens. Door sensors work as security sensors and add peace of mind. Look after the outside of your property, business, and home with battery-powered or wireless sensors.

    If you want to control the temperature of your pool or home, protect them from brutal heat and freezing temperature, then temperature sensors are the best products to get. Water leak sensors will notify you immediately if there is a leak in the plumbing system in your home. With the help of carbon monoxide and smoke detector system in your smart home stay alert from fire hazard. Driveway alarm sensors offer comfort to people who live in houses with ling driveways. So you will know when somebody is approaching your driveway before they reach your yard. 

    Future House Store offers a huge collection of smart home automation sensors of all types. We have the top brands and the best prices guaranteed. Check out our exclusive range of sensors for LED lighting and smart home and get the best one for you.  

  • Switches


    Electrical connectors - electrical apparatus intended for switching on or off the current in one or more electrical circuits. Electrical connectors may be intended for one or both of these switching operations. The displacement of movable contacts that are provided by electrical switches from one limit position to the other limit position is called a switch. Generally, we define electrical switches as all devices intended for switching operations, when switching on these will be commonly electrical switches and on switching off electrical switches.

  • Bulb Holders & Adapters

    Bulb Holders & Adapters

    Light Bulb Adapters & Holders: which one to choose?

    At present, LED technology has become an indispensable element of lighting system equipment both in residential buildings, as well as in public buildings, as well as in industry. Here you can find all the necessary bulb holders and adapters you may need to finalise your project. A vast range of bulb adapters and holders for incandescent and LED lights include GU10, G9, B22, E14, G5,3, MR16G4 and many more. The bulb holder is a detail from which a lot can depend. In modern lighting, it is often the frame, the ceiling and the cable that are the main decorative elements. Interesting lamp holder ideally suited to, among others, the lamp without a lampshade - a fashionable lamp bulb on a coloured cable. If you need a traditional E27 lamp holder with a standard thread, you have a vast choice!

  • Outdoor Sockets

    Outdoor Sockets

    Is it work in the garden or a barbecue - connecting to electricity on the plot turns out to be very practical in many situations. Cables run underground, but you have to watch out for many aspects. Often there are external outlets even necessary, eg for lighting ponds. These are both portable models and permanent installations on a stony or soft surface. In addition, the assortment of our online store is diverse, for example, external sockets are embedded imperceptibly into mysterious stumps or dummy rocks. Very often, electric sockets are also built into garden lamps. Outdoor electrical outlets in our online store come from recognized manufacturers on the market, such as SCAME, Philips or others, whose offers meet the requirements of our customers. In our online store you will get LED lighting equipment of all kinds, min. various external light balls or external lamps with plugs.

  • Junction Boxes

    Junction Boxes

    Junction Boxes: outdoor and waterproof electrical connection

    No electrical installation can be done without the hardware and manifolds of installation junction boxes. There are many interesting solutions in this field on the market. It's worth taking a closer look at them. The flush-mounted boxes available on the market can be installed in almost any type of wall. The simplest models are based on a universal cover. You can also buy modular versions, including dredges. Installation boxes with screwed covers are offered. A wide range of outdoor junction boxes made by the best Italian manufacturer can be found in this category.

    In our offer, you will find SCAME junction box.

  • WAGO Connectors

    WAGO Connectors

    Wago connectors available in the Future House Store electric wholesaler are one of the most frequently chosen electrical connectors present on the market today. Their popularity is primarily due to the safety and reliability guaranteed by the highest quality materials used by the manufacturer for their production. In the catalogue of the Wago brand, we find numerous types of installation connectors, among which solutions are available, both for connecting wires of the same type and for different types. By choosing the right model we will be able to make the perfect connection between two single-wire or multi-wire wires, as well as between wire cables with different cross-sections.

  • Heat Shrink Tubing

    Heat Shrink Tubing

    Heat shrink tubes - not just a cable cover. Polyethene is used for the production of heat shrink tubes. It is subject to a polymerization process using ionizing radiation. Thanks to that, it obtains the shape memory effect. This feature means that after the initial deformation at higher temperatures, the material returns to its original shape. These unusual properties of the heat shrink wrap, as this tool is defined in technical jargon, make it applicable in many fields. Heat shrink tubes in exploited the to the shrinkage of wood and metal components. They allow you to combine different types of elements made of materials such as metal, rubber, plastic or glass. They are used in many different spaces from the laboratory, through factories and workshops, to residential objects. The excellent properties of polyethene as an insulator make heat shrink tubing also an excellent cover for electrical cables, which perfectly complements the cable braids. In addition, the heat shrimps are great as a tool for eager cables against moisture. Transparent tubes make it possible to place permanent inscriptions under them. In our store, you will find cable markers that will allow you to mark cables.

  • Tapes


    Insulation tapes are a number of products that are mainly used in power engineering and electrical engineering. We offer PVC and PET insulation tapes, self-vulcanizing repair tapes, as well as Kapton masking tapes. A characteristic feature of PET insulation tape is its good adhesiveness and flexibility as well as insulating properties. PET tapes are used in the production of coils in transformers or wire harnesses, and self-vulcanizing tapes are used to seal damaged rubber or plastic products. Our masking masks are chosen by people looking for a high-temperature product with a corrosion-resistant adhesive.

  • Other Accessories

    To create a professional LED lighting system in addition to the main components are also needed additional accessories for assembly - above all, appropriate cables and connectors, but in our offer, you will also find motion detectors, soldering irons, wall plugs, waterproof connectors, tin and small assembly accessories that will certainly facilitate your work.



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