MiBoxer DALI

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a communication protocol that incorporates digital technology into lighting. It is international communication standards for building lighting applications that define the commands LED drivers have to recognize. DALI is used for communication between lighting control products, like brightness sensors, motion detectors, or electronic ballasts.

Currently, DALI is the most commonly used protocol for lighting control. It allows easy installation of flexible, scalable, and robust lighting networks. The DALI lighting control system enables individual LED drivers and ballasts to communicate to the user and permits the user to communicate back through DALI controllers.

With the DALI lighting control system from Future House Store, it is possible to create predefined lighting effects and lighting scenes that best match with unique requirements of users or a specific task. Our DALI lighting control solutions are easy to install and offer enhanced functionality.

Future House store offers a wide variety of professional DALI lighting products and control solutions that are DALI certified and ensure the compatibility of DALI products with universal DALI systems. Our collection of DALI lighting products include DALI power supplies, DALI controllers, DALI touch panel, DALI switch, and DALI dimmer for LED lights. You will also find various high-end DALI LED lights on our website.

The DALI category is further divided into 3 main categories for DALI products including DALI Bus Power Supply, DALI DT6 Series, DALI DT8 Series (With LED display). It will help you find the right DALI lighting control products with ease. We offer durable and high-quality DALI lighting control solutions and products that are available at affordable prices. Device type 6 (DT6) DALI dimmers allow you to turn on and off the light and support dimming commands while DT8 dimmers support RGB colour adjustments and colour temperature change.

DALI DT6 series contain drivers, dimming panels, or controllers that involve using a single address for a single channel. Such drivers make use of a single address to dim the intensity of light and another address to change the colour temperature, supporting DALI 207, and DALI 102 protocol. On the other hand, a single address is for multipath channels in DALI DT8. Such drivers make use of a single address to get an adjustable white application. DALI DT8 supports DALI 209 protocol.

The DALI system is employed in building or home automation to regulate an individual light or group of lights. Controlling a single light to operating factors and grouping of lighting are done by short addresses. You can control up to 64 devices with a DALI master. Each device in this group can be assigned or grouped in 16 individual scenes and 16 individual groups.

DALI enhances flexibility by regulating lighting control to create new conditions through software without any hardware changes. For instance, you can transform the usage and layout of the room. After installation, you can also group or assign the lights with great ease without rewiring. Moreover, modern DALI controllers and drivers can be incorporated into high-level control systems and integrated into whole building automation systems through bus systems.

MiBoxer DALI system

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