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Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium profile for LED lighting

LED aluminium profiles are an excellent part of the kit when creating LED lighting or lighting arrangements using LED strips or LED modules. They are also commonly referred to as LED alu profiles, aluminium channels, LED strip extrusions. Aluminium profiles for LED strips are used for several purposes: as a finish and an additional aesthetics of the lighting installation, to increase the degree of protection of the LEDs mounted therein and to indispensably drain the temperature of the LED strips to the substrate. The LED strips, in addition to the decorative ones, are important for the proper operation of the LEDs, so each LED profile is designed to function as a "heat sink". In the whole range, you will find profiles and accessories from European production companies such as TOPMET, ALU-LED, DESIGN LIGHT. From a wide range of profiles, we can distinguish several groups such as LED surface profiles, grooved profiles, hermetically sealed aluminium profiles, corner glass, alu led stairs, ceiling and bent profiles with a very wide range of application.

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  • Surface Profiles

    Surface Profiles

    Aluminium surface profile for LED strips

    Aluminium profiles are used on straight, even surfaces without the need for grooving or special cutters. The installation of an aluminium led strip depends on the surface directly with screws, dedicated handles, double-sided adhesive tape or mounting adhesive. They are particularly appreciated by manufacturers and furniture distributors, who increasingly use LED profiles as a standard with the furniture supplied. The widest range of led ceiling models enables the use of LED strips up to 14mm wide (up to 3 pcs.). The aluminium LED profiles we offer are available in several versions of raw aluminium, anodised aluminium but also anodised in black and white powder-coated version. Aluminium surface LED profile cover is included in the kit, depending on model lenses of different efficiency (light transmission). Due to the mounting brackets, LED profiles are also available in two mounting styles (side-to-profile and snap-on lenses). Topcoats are available in one length only 1m. For most models of LED profiles, we also offer optional accessories such as end plugs, mounting brackets, angle switches, slings and LED modules.

  • Recessed Profiles

    Recessed Profiles

    The recessed aluminium profiles are used in applications where a suitable mounting hole or cutter is made. They are particularly appreciated in furniture lighting, stair lighting as well as decorative lighting in plasterboard panels and tiles. Installation of the aluminium LED bar, allows complete masking and counting of the profile with the mounting surface (eg furniture surface) so that the entire lighting system takes full and uniform aesthetics. Thanks to this solution, the aluminium tray does not focus very much attention, but still meets the most important and appropriate function for it. Optional accessories (such as snap fasteners, plasterboard spring handles and RACK furniture handles), enable fast and efficient assembly of the profile without the need for additional components (screws, double-sided adhesive tapes, etc.). In addition, what is very important in LED lighting is the fact that aluminium strips allow a significant degree of heat dissipation during the operation of the diodes, thus contributing to a significant increase in the service life of the lighting. We offer one type of lengths (1m). Most models are available in 3 versions of aluminium (anodised, black and white).

  • Corner Profiles

    Corner Profiles

    The aluminium LED corner profiles will be perfect for lighting and decorating display cases, wall corners, shop windows, recesses, furniture and kitchen lighting. The design of this type of aluminium LED strips allows the illumination of the light beam (depending on the selected profile) to be 30°, 45°, or 60° relative to the mounting surface. Included with each LED profile are the hoods. The use of one of the many available lenses, creates the appropriate attenuation, diffusion or focusing of the LED light. LED profile shades also give the aesthetics of the installation as well as a protective function for the LED strips mounted inside. The use of a suitable shade also increases the degree of protection of the aluminum profile by dust and water condensation. There is always room for insertion of the shade on the side of the LED profile, so latching lugs are available so that mounting will not be a problem in hard to reach areas. Corner LEDs are available in either length of 1 or 2m. We also offer optional accessories such as end caps, mounting brackets, angular connectors and LED modules.

  • Glass Application Profiles

    Glass Application Profiles

    Glass application LED profiles are the profiles for glass shelves that are intended to create illuminated glass shelves. The glass application profiles are great choices for wardrobe shutters and cabinet shutters. The combination of the LED profile with the glass creates a bright shelf. The addition of LED modules or LED strips to the aluminium profile for glass offers an even more shining lighting shelf. Aluminium profiles for glass act as both lighting and decorating products to your glass shelves.  

    At Future House Store, a wide collection of glass application profiles are available for various glass thicknesses. Our offer includes a series of models designed for installation on the glass. We stock the high-quality raw aluminium glass LED profiles, anodized aluminium LED profiles and mounting profiles from the world’s leading brands such as TOPMET and LUMINES.

    We offer a broad collection of aluminium profiles for glass options for you, such as windows and doors, decorations, and glass walls. You can also choose from raw aluminium or anodized aluminium profile for glass. Glass application profiles are used for highlighting the edges of glass shelves or illuminating the engravings on the glass surface. The aluminium profiles for glass are in both raw and anodized aluminium are available. 

    The profiles can be easily cut to any required length. Various versions of aluminium profiles are available for different thicknesses of glass. The LED aluminium profile housing for glass offers a professional mounting solution for rigid, flexible, or linear LED strip lights. They are mainly used for decoration and advertisement purposes.  

    At our store and website, you will find different models of LED aluminium profiles for glass, with varying purpose, assembly, placement of glass on the profile. The TWIN8, MIKRO-LINE12, and MIKRO10 are the most commonly used LED models for glass backlighting directly on the glass with the glass application profile. The glass application profiles work best with multicolour LED strips such as RGBW and RGB LED light strips.   

    At Future House Store, you will also find the LED profile model mounted on the glass shelf to illuminate the objects placed under it. Such glass application profiles will work best for showcases and lighting exhibitions. The profiles for glass have an extensive range of applications due to their several configurations of individual components and a wide area of applications such as lighting, power supply, and decorating purposes. 

    Check the detailed information about each glass application profile offered by Future House Store on the website to have a look at the specs of each item so that you can find the ideal product which best suits your requirements. In addition, we offer a wide range of accessories.

    The edge-mounted aluminium profiles for glass shelves are designed to create customizable energy efficient and low voltage lighting fixtures for seamless integration with glass shelves. The LED profile fixtures offer an innovative solution for adding sparkle to displayed objects and highlighting their aesthetic features. If you are looking for high quality, durable and robust glass application profiles for your project then have a visit to our website and check our collection.

  • Special Profiles

    Special Profiles

    Special profiles include the LED aluminium profiles of specific use and purpose. In this category, you will find a variety of special LED aluminium profiles for various uses such as the wardrobe railing for clothing to illuminate the wardrobe in a modern way, wall accents, stair LED profiles to illuminate the edges of the staircase, the lighting of showcases, decorative lighting lines, creating illuminated glass shelves, lighting for shop windows, lighting mirrors in the bathroom, floor aluminium profiles, LED profiles for cabinet and furniture, etc. 

    Special aluminium LED profiles are available in various designs, colours, and materials. Multifunction LED profiles can also be used effectively in other applications. The innovative design and adaptive style of the special profiles offer a lovely decorative look. Special profiles can easily enhance the overall look and design of the space wherever they are installed. 

    The aluminium profiles in this category are either raw aluminium profiles or anodized aluminium LED profiles. Anodized LED profiles are the most commonly used profiles. Due to the aluminium anodizing technology, such profiles have greater corrosion resistance, much higher hardness, and more aesthetics. The thickness of the anodized coating over all the anodized aluminium profiles is 15um. On the other hand, raw aluminium LED profiles are the economic version of aluminium profiles that offer an affordable option and allows you to reduce costs.   

    Special profiles at our website include mounting profiles, indoor skirting aluminium profiles, special round aluminium profile, stairs aluminium profile, floor aluminium profile, wardrobe LED profile, and anodized LED aluminium profile. Each of the products is available in several colours, lengths, and designs. Such profiles are used to illuminate furniture shelves, cabinets, exhibitions, exposition, and mirrors, etc. They will also provide a unique decorative element.

    The aluminium LED strip profiles are best suited to shops, restaurants, public spaces, and even a great addition to home trends, giving each area a subtle and innovative character. The application of innovative architectural products like coloured aluminium profiles, windows, and doors frames has increased year by year.

    The main advantage of the aluminium profile is durability and corrosion resistance. The aluminium profiles are extensively employed in environments with extreme humidity, bad climate, and acid rain. For aluminium profiles, the construction industry is one of the main markets. 

    Many of the special profiles are highly resistant to dust and water damage which makes them perfect choice for decorative illumination of the outside areas or pools and even inside the buildings in places with high humidity. Most of the LED aluminium special profiles from our collection are also available in various aluminium finish options.

    Future House Store offer the high grade, durable and finest special profiles for LED strips and lights from the world’s leading brands such as TECH LIGHT, TOPMET, and LUMINES. We stock a huge collection of special aluminium LED profiles for various applications. Explore our website to know more about each product in the special profile category, so that you can choose the right one as per your requirements.



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