E14 LED Bulbs

E14 LED candle bulbs

E14 LED candle lights are a popular choice for households who want to benefits of saving energy and cost savings of LED lights while maintaining the traditional halogen lamp style. We offer a wide range of LED lights with luminous and non-dimmable candles with a guarantee of up to 5 years, which are available in all ranks

E14 LED bulbs emulate the shape of a candle flame. E14 LED candles bulbs are energy efficient bulbs that come in b15, b22, e14, e27, e10 & e12 base types, making them easy to install in existing fittings. With a decorative appearance, a variety of colour temperatures and styles, and dimmable options, they are ideal for use in chandeliers and wall sconces.

E14 LED candle bulbs offer the unrivalled performance of an LED lighting solution without compromising on style. Generally, E14 LED Candle Bulbs are most often found in chandeliers & traditional style lamps; this is due to their traditional style. When the old meets the new, great things can happen and our range is no exception.

Vintage E14 LED bulbs

Vintage filament LED flame candle bulbs add a touch of vintage flare to your home or business by using these antique Vintage filament LED flame candle bulbs. Matching the look Vintage filament LED flame candle bulbs incandescent, these LED filament lamps produce the same warm light while being more energy-efficient. These vintage replica bulbs have a clear glass finish to help show off the filaments, however, amber-tinted or frosted finish are also available. Since these bulbs typically have a lower Lumen output compared to standard LED light bulbs, they are used for purely decorative purposes and are best suited for fixtures like sconces and pendants.

Vintage filament LED flame candle bulbs use traditional-aesthetic components of vintage and standard incandescent lighting, such as shape and traditional glass shielded circuits. However, the LED emitters within the bulbs last for a longer period of time than the fragile incandescent filaments. With these lights, you still get the vintage look of Edison light bulbs, but instead of only having about 1000 Lumen-hours, Vintage filament LED flame candle bulbs have approximately 15,000 life hours. However, this is much shorter than the average Lumen life of regular LED bulbs which typically last around 50,000 hours on average.  This has to do with the type of LEDs being used in the Vintage filament LED flame candle bulbs, along with fragileness and the possibility of overheating.

Do you want a vintage look? Our antique wires are designed to replicate the appearance of silk. It was wrapped from the 1930s and can be combined with antique plugs. Use the twisted lines for a classic look, or try parallel lines for a more modern look. Additional cables with extended ends for hardware or with male and female ends are also available. The cable is additional protection for Vintage filament LED flame candle bulbs on exposed pendants or can replace the colour of decorative lights to achieve a more industrial look.

The long life and low energy use of Vintage filament LED flame candle bulbs will help you save money on energy. Use this candelabra-base Vintage filament LED flame candle bulbs decorative bulb in ceiling fans, pendants, chandeliers and decorative fixtures.

We also recommend checking out outdoor lighting and smart lighting.

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