MiBoxer Triac Series

At the Future House Store, we believe in smart lighting that offers extra intelligence. Lighting that can be powered and controlled by a remote is an advanced form of illumination. Not only does remote-controlled lighting allow you to dim the light, but it also gives you the choice to set the colour temperature. This creates a huge impact on the ambience of a room. A warmer tone is more essential if you don’t want your eyes to get strained. Whereas a cooler tone may be bad aesthetically unpleasing. Mix the cool and warm tones and you’ll achieve the right balance, usually recommended for reading or a natural ambience. 

We stock smart lighting options MiBoxer Triac series stock offers you just that. We have two amazing MiBoxer Triac smart lighting remote options for you at a reasonable price, with abundant control and convenience. Get these to set the ambience of your rooms with ease.

About the Mi-Boxer Triac Series

The Future House Store is honoured to store products by this esteemed brand. The MiBoxer Triac series provides you with a switch panel remote and push dimmer.

Mi-Boxer, along with Mi-Light, are subsidiaries owned by Futlight Optoelectronics Co Ltd. located in Shenzhen China. The company has an experience of over 7 years in smart lighting. In 2018, the company became renowned for its high technology products. It revolutionised the world of smart lighting options by including traditional bulbs too. The company has gained acceptance in countries worldwide. Its high-quality products are available in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe and the entire continent of America.

At the Future House Store, you can also find various Mi-Light products of Futlight Optoelectronics Co Ltd. in our huge collection. From LED lighting and panels to even underwater lighting, along with remote controllers. 

At affordable prices, the Mi-Boxer Triac series offers customised lighting solutions to public and home spaces alike. The Mi-Boxer rotating switch panel and the push dimmer offer you full control of the ambience. The dimness can be controlled from 0% to 100%. 

The MiBoxer Rotating Switch Panel Remote K1

The MiBoxer Rotating Switch Panel Remote K1 is can be paired with a lot of lamps. The most common controllable-light lamps include FUT017, FUT019, FUT107, and FUT109. With so many options to choose from lamps, the MiBoxer Rotating Switch Panel Remote K1 is the most versatile dimming switch panel.  

It comes with four easy operations for full flexibility and control. With a simple short press, turn on the light easily. With a long press, you’ll enter into night light mode. You can control the dimness and brightness by turning the knob. The indicator makes it easier for you to check whether your operation was successful or not. It works at a temperature ranging from -10 to 40 degrees celsius, with a control distance within 30 metres.

It takes up little space, measuring only 86 mm in length and width. Its depth is quite shallow too, at just 27 mm. It offers colour temperature control ranging from 2700 K - 6500 K. What sets this product apart is that the temperature is not hardcore or programmed. You can twist the knob for accurate temperature control by addition of as little as 5 K. This also provides smooth operation, without any flickering. The device does not ‘tick’ or ‘step’ up to defined levels of light. Hence, giving you the freedom to mix the light you want exactly on the spectrum.

For installation, tear off the black tape at the back of the holder. Stick it onto the wall. Place a CR2032 battery inside the panel and firmly place it into the holder. You can install it anywhere, as the panel is made of durable PC material that won’t wear off. It is not only a wise option for light control, but it is also an aesthetic one. At only 10.80 pounds inclusive of VAT, it is a flexible choice for many lighting systems.

The MiBoxer AC Triac RF + Push Dimmer TRI-C1

The MiBoxer AC Triac RF + Push Dimmer TRI-C1 is unique because it provides control even for traditional lamps. It’s even possible with Halogen and Triac dimmable led lights. You can synchronise and set the minimum brightness for all lights by connecting them to the dimmer. The minimum brightness can be easily customised. This dimmer is an equally popular choice for homes as well as professional spaces. It is ideal especially for HoReCa spaces, that is, hotels, restaurants and cafes.

It provides fast linking with a single light within the range of 30 metres. Individual control of dimming provides a more customised ambience. You can also pair the MiBoxer AC Triac RF + Push Dimmer with an app too. Download it on your smartphone and pair it with voice control on your phone and Amazon Alexa. Using the clean and minimal interface of the app, you can set the Kelvin temperature and brightness for all the lights connected to the dimmer. It synchronises with Alexa and the dimmer simultaneously, providing excellent voice control even when your phone is not near you.

It can be installed quickly and easily. The dimensions and depth are suitable for any European or American standard box. It works with a push switch and you can use a long press to control the dimness or brightness of your lights. The MiBoxer AC Triac RF + Push Dimmer TRI-C1 protects against overloading. Take care of sudden spike or drops in temperature and heat. At 16.80 pounds inclusive of VAT, it makes an excellent choice for a dimmer.

Choose your MiBoxer Triac product according to your single-light or panel needs. We assure you of a timely response with the MiBoxer Triac Series and a money-back guarantee of 30 days in case of any fault.  You will have your MiBoxer Triac Series delivered to your doorstep in the UK in 2-5 working days. You can also purchase the MiBoxer Triac Series along with other smart lighting devices and get free shipping over a total of 200 pounds. For buying decisions, complaints and guidance on installation, feel free to contact our customer support.

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