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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor house lights - how to choose them?

Outdoor lighting is as important as the smart lighting inside of our homes and apartments. Outdoor lighting fixtures are mainly the lighting element of the entrance to the house, the entrance to the garage, the premises of the company; image element as well as security. Among the luminaires adapted for outdoor use, we find a wide range of luminaires that differ in design, fixation, finishing material and light source. Among the presented outdoor luminaires are garden luminaires, facade luminaires, inlays and LED paving stones, as well as decorative LED garden stones.

Outdoor lighting available in our store:

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  • LED Floodlights

    LED Floodlights

    Waterproof LED floodlights

    A LED floodlight is essentially LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that radiate light at a certain pattern and amount of lumens to light up an area.  Typically associated with a wide pattern, it can have a variety of light patterns.  It can add a cool vibe to any area or be highly functional. A LED floodlight can also add flair to any business, home, or party. The functions of a LED flood light are the most diversified of any light out there. LED floodlights have a lot of advantages and can brighten or turn the mood up in that area.

    Advantages of LED floodlights

    One of the advantages of LED floodlights is that they can be utilized in a variety of ways.  They can be fixed mounted to show off an area. Another benefit of an LED floodlight is that it’s extremely durable.  Unlike old lights with glass, the aluminium housing and plastic diffuser can stand up to abuse.

    Outdoor security LED lights are the ideal products to illuminate various outdoor areas. The material from which this luminary with IP65 protection is made allows it to withstand adverse weather conditions, temperature changes, etc. LED outdoor lights are products that are widely used for lighting outdoor areas, parks, and facades. LED Floodlights generate up to 80% savings compared to outdoor halogen bulbs

    Where can they be used?

    This type of LED Floodlights can be used in many places. The most common are usually those intended for lighting outdoor posters. They are also used for illuminating large areas such as parking garages or warehouses.

    In sports, headlamps are used to illuminate sports and tennis courts to achieve better lighting than old headlights.

    In the sporting field, floodlight LED is used in the lighting of sports courts, tennis courts to achieve better lighting than old headlights obtained by the old spotlights used.

    Shades of Outdoor security LED lights Projectors can be divided into two for which is mono-colour and RGB.

    Firstly, Monocolour is the form of Outdoor security LED lights that’s the most common that we can find and is usually installed. Available in three white colours (warm, neutral and cold), one or the other is usually recommended, depending on the usage used.

    Secondly, the RGB introduction of LED opens up a lot of choices in terms of colour tones. With RGB LED lights, customers can choose between red, green and blue. You can get orange, pink, purple, yellow, cyan and white colours from a combination of basic colours.

    External LED floodlights

    From time to time it can be very difficult to create an entertaining atmosphere outside the room. Therefore, an external LED floodlight is needed. Outdoor security LED lights are designed to hold water and use less energy, combined with spotlights that give light to any business, home or party. LED floodlight function is not compatible.

    Are you looking for lighting frames that shine outside the walls of your home, or lighting that attracts customers to bars, restaurants or other retail lighting? LED floodlights have endless uses.

    We, humans, are usually excited when we see an area with a fun atmosphere. In one way or another, we are drawn to these places because they are bright and inviting and not boring. If you want to attract more people to your company or event, this is the ideal approach to attract the attention of everyone who passes by.

    We offer a variety of portable outdoor security LED lights. With low LED power, you can now activate the LED floodlight. We offer portable LED floodlights with 10-50 watts.

    We also recommend checking out LED controllers and industrial luminaires, available in our offer!

  • LED Floodlights With Motion Sensor

    LED Floodlights With Motion Sensor

    The simple yet elegant design of the thin profile LED floodlights with a PIR motion sensor incorporates excellent heat dissipation using high-purity, high-purity aluminium alloys that can have a thermal conductivity of around 210W / m-K at room temperature. Tempered glass lenses are treated for optimal strength and light transmission (up to 98% of visible light).

    Motion sensor Floodlights

    The SMD 2835 high brightness light source produces 110 lumens per watt. The outstanding optical design offers luminous flux of 5000 to 6500 lm with a wide beam angle of 120 degrees and offers ultra-bright light emission for maximum reach and safety. These LED floodlights are economically ideal because they only use a fraction of the power of old halogen lamps and can help you save up to 80% on your electricity bill. The lamp was developed with driverless technology that significantly extends its life. With LED lighting, there is a mismatch between the age of the circuit and the actual life of the LED device. LED devices often have a longer lifespan than driver circuits.

    There are two main groups of outdoor security LED floodlights in this series - the Infinity series and the standard. They differ in terms of performance and appearance. So let's go deeper and understand what that is. The first thing you'll notice is the  LED floodlights with a PIR motion sensor - standard lights look like normal LED floodlights with a PIR motion sensor, but infinity outdoor security LED floodlights are much thinner and slimmer. They also have a curved glass at the front, which complements their modern aesthetics.

    A wide selection of LED floodlights with motion sensor

    You can buy the Infinity series in black or white, while standard LED floodlights with motion sensor are available in many colours.

    LED floodlights with PIR motion sensor also vary in both. The standard LED headlamps can detect movement from distances up to 12 m at a distance of 160 °, while the Infinity LED floodlights with a PIR motion sensor with a detection range of 15 m and 180 ° is slightly better.

    You benefit from energy-efficient lighting, regardless of the range, you are aiming for. Once again, the Infinity LED headlamps exceed the standard and give you a little more light per watt.

    Our Lighting, the outdoor security LED floodlights is in this category all come with PIR motion sensors – so they’ll switch on automatically upon detecting any movement. This helps keep any potential intruders away, protecting your home in the process.

    The outdoor use of these security lights is further solidified by their wide beam angles of 160 degrees, so you’ll see anything coming no matter what it is!

    They can stand up to anything that Mother Nature throws at them too, thanks to IP65 rating across the range, protecting them from light jets of water from any direction.

    If you don’t fancy mounting them directly on your wall, our LED floodlights with PIR motion sensor  Bracket and LED floodlights with PIR motion sensor Spike Pair allow you to have them positioned away from your home, opening on more strategic possibilities.

    Outdoor security LED floodlights

    Outdoor LED floodlights is a security element that is installed to help protect people and property from nighttime offences and criminal activities and to create a perception of safety and security. Security lighting is a broad term that describes all types of lighting having an impact on the incidence of crime. Outdoor lighting systems, such as street lights, parking lot lights, pathway lights, and exterior wall lights, all aid in citizen protection and crime reduction while serving their primary lighting goals. Security lights, when they are mentioned in the consumer market, usually refer to lighting products that are specially designed to create effective zones of protection and facilitate the detection and/or deterring of intruders approaching or attempting to gain entry into protected areas.

    We also recommend checking out LED light bulbs and LED controllers.

  • LED Garden Lights

    LED Garden Lights

    Outdoor LED garden lights

    Garden lighting, also known as landscape lighting, refers to the use of outdoor illumination of public landscapes and private gardens. This type of lighting is mainly used for the purposes of accessibility, nighttime aesthetics and safety. LED garden lights are touted as the next big thing in energy efficient garden lighting. Characteristics of LED lights make them particularly suitable for outdoor use.

    LED garden lights utilize two main sources of power: solar- power garden and electricity. Because they require less energy, they can be easily powered with solar energy. These types of lights can be attached to sensors in a way that they are activated as soon as daylight fades away. 

    Solar power garden lights

    Solar-powered garden lights are by far the easiest to install and require little to no maintenance. The batteries are rechargeable and will last for a long time before they need replacing. Solar-power garden technology is also very versatile and can be found in many types of ambient outdoor lighting.

    Even though this garden lighting is a fairly novel use for light-emitting diodes, it is swiftly gaining popularity due to the advantages it has over traditional halogen or incandescent lighting techniques. A major advantage in a garden is that LED garden lights are cooler in temperature meaning foliage will not be damaged by searing lights. Additionally, there is a reduction in the risk of injury to children or adults from burns.

    It’s true, most solar power garden lights use a standard crystalline solar panel. This is found on our standard solar power garden light which gives a great performance in summer with decent days of sunlight: although during the rest of the year it will really struggle to light up unless there is a day of glorious sunlight.

    A wide selection of LED garden lighting

    There are various kinds of LED garden lighting available. It is possible to choose units that can be wired to the home’s electrical system or units that are powered by solar power. At the same time, there are a number of different lighting styles to choose from like pond lights, spotlights and walkway lights. Most styles of LED garden lights are available in coloured or white bulbs that can be utilized to create varying effects in the garden. Solar landscape lighting is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to enhance your gardens and walkways. They have a lot of advantages, including running cost and limited maintenance, but they have some disadvantages as well. Before illuminating your landscape with solar lights, consider the pros and cons to ensure that solar is the kind of light you’re looking for. All of our LED outdoor lights have protection class IP44 and higher.

    Looking for something extra special? Check out our new-in collection of designer outdoor lighting solutions. From ultra-modern stainless-steel slatted lighting effects to the more classic lantern look, we’ll help you to mix efficiency with an eye-catching attractive finish.

  • LED Wall Lights

    LED Wall Lights

    Outdoor LED wall lamps & luminaires

    LED Wall Lights - are lighting lamps adapted for wall mounting - building facade. They are mainly used as the lighting of the entrance to the house, and lighting of the space around the stairs, gates, or garage entries. Depending on the model, wall luminaires can be used as the main lighting in front of the house or building, as well as decorative lighting that emphasizes the architecture of the illuminated building. Outdoor wall lamps available in our offer are characterized by high resistance against the negative influence of external factors. Among the wall lamps, you will also find façade luminaires made in LED technology with a built-in energy-saving light source.

  • Outdoor Decorative Lighting

    Outdoor Decorative Lighting

    Light up the outdoor areas of your home with Future House Store. We can light up your front door; give an additional layer of security, illuminate the architecture and landscape of your home, and much more. Make your backyard and other outdoor spaces a fairytale with lampshades, lanterns, and lights. Check on our range of outdoor lighting and you get the right one for your home. We have pretty outdoor lights for your home to give it an entirely new look.

    Decorative outdoor lighting

    Mounting modern outdoor decorative lighting is a cool way to bring new life to your outdoor spaces. Contemporary outdoor decorative lighting fixtures look perfect in entryways, pathways, patios, outdoor stairwells, and other outdoor areas that can advantage from additional illumination. The ideal outdoor decorative lighting is fabricated to serve the purpose and to inspire your decorating sense. 

    Outdoor decorative lighting takes the theme of your outdoor areas to the next level. From decorative lighting to functional lighting to focus high traffic spaces with an emphasis on design, outdoor decorative lighting represents versatility. An additional characteristic of outdoor lighting is its versatility. To light up the patio, you can add an outdoor ceiling light and fan combo to regulate temperature and deliver ambient light at the same time. Trying various kinds of lights from the single collection can add to a cohesive look in outside spaces.  

    A wide range of outdoor decorative lights

    At Future House Store, you will always have many options for your outside space to choose from. Therefore, we come up with so many options for outdoor lighting for sale. If you want to add a splash of colour or give a creative finishing touch to your terrace, balcony, or garden, then our outdoor decorative lights are the answer. With tons of options to select from involving, candle LED solar light, colourful LED balls, and jar outdoor decorative lamp, whatever you select, your outside areas will soon be the talk of the neighbourhood and beyond.

    Outdoor decorative lighting adds to the natural beauty and enhances the energy of your home. Lights can highlight the fascinating features, lightens pathways, and generates an alluring ambience. It also enables you and others to walk around safely at night. It keeps intruders away from your home. With outdoor decorative lights, the value of your home increase. Most of all, good lighting makes each step outside even better. 

    There are lots of outside areas you can bring style and so many ways outdoor lights can make your home more functional and safer at night. Illuminate all the outside spaces with ease: pathways, entryways, driveways, stairs, decks, dining areas, patios, and more. With extra light coming around, more reason to move outside, extending the functionality of your outdoor spaces in the dark. 

    The right outdoor decorative lighting solutions not only embellish your garden when it goes down but also the vale to your home, enhance overall security, and boost the safety of your entryway. We offer a wide range of collection of outdoor decorative lighting designs.

    Check out also Professional LED Floodlights and LED garden lights available in our shop!

  • Illuminated House Numbers

    Illuminated House Numbers

    We all are well aware of the frustration of driving in dark and being unable to see the house numbers for your home. Our illuminated house numbers easily solve this issue by offering well-illuminated house numbers that show your address number on the outside of your home. We provide backlit LED house numbers for various people including designers, contractors, and homeowners.

    With illuminated house number displaying your address number, never get lost again in an attempt to find your home at night. Available in LED, neon, and solar-powered backlighting, there are several choices to match your design and outside décor. A beautiful well lit house number is an ideal addition to a modern home, specifically if you entertain regularly. You can get either individual digits or a combination of multi numbers.  

    Our collection of illuminated house numbers look gorgeous with backlit LEDs at night. The beautifully designed house numbers with LEDs on the backlight is a great solution for the functionality and décor of your home. The stunning design of backlight presents beautifully in a day and is visible at night. The use of LEDs offers the benefits of long life and low energy utilization. The LEDs we employ on our house numbers are high quality and can withstand all weather conditions outside the house. 

    Such a beautiful illuminated house number on the wall outside of your house is an ideal decorative and functional element. The modern design impresses with a contemporary and stylish ambience. The strong and robust build works great outside. We provide a solar-powered illuminated house number with a built-in solar panel. This will help make your house stand out in dark and enable your visitors to find your house easily. 

    Future House Store creates versatile, high-quality numbers and letters to arrange for each customer. With the help of long-lasting and bright LED lights, these fixtures are crafted for outdoor use and manufactured to withstand the elements to stay classy and fresh looking. Homeowners, contractors, and designers can enjoy the brightness and clarity of our letters and numbers, allowing customers and visitors to look for their location at night. We have various finishes and fixing equipment to fix these illuminated house numbers to any surface. 

    Display the address and number of your house with illuminated, bright clarity and make everything easy for visiting guests and emergency service vehicles. We have a range of solar powered House number LED lights that makes it easy and nice for people to identify your home. The illuminated house numbers are solar powered for optimal energy efficiency. Solar-powered illuminated house numbers are easy to install and lacks messy wiring.   

    Whenever any of your family members visit you from out of town, they will be able to find your house with ease. Likewise, if someone is injured or sick at your home and need emergency attention, the illuminated house number will make your house readily identifiable. 



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