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Ceiling Downlights

What is a ceiling downlight?

A ceiling downlight is a luminaire or a form of a light fitting that radiates light in a downward direction with a narrow beam and an accurate angle. The beam of light is intense and focused, offering a bright, clear, and unparalleled lighting effect to the place or objects directly placed under them.  

Ceiling downlights are one of the most famous lighting options for home, bringing a smooth sophistication to your living, kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of the house. The lighting of the home has become a central part of home décor, and when you put in proper lighting solutions, we guarantee that you will not regret your decision. Our ceiling downlights are specially designed for multi-functionality.

Modern LED downlights

Our offer includes a wide range of the latest, low energy consuming LED ceiling downlights from some of the leading brands in the United Kingdom and all over the world. We maintain a huge selection from stock to make sure hassle-free and fast delivery.

Among ceiling downlights, LED downlights are the most advanced and modern lights available, offering the brightest and clearest lighting effects and consuming the lowest energy possible in the process. We have an extensive collection of ceiling downlights from the UK’s leading brands. We stock a wide range of high-quality professional LED ceiling downlights at a competitive price. 

Our selection includes halogen ceiling hinges from a reputable brand LED Line, that are fabricated for in-line installation in a suspended ceiling. Our offer also includes halogen lenses that are appropriate for both conventional halogen bulbs and LED lights. The lighting fixtures offered by LED Line is characterized by the extraordinary quality of workmanship and appealing contemporary look.

Why LED ceiling downlights are a perfect choice?

In any building, ceiling downlights and fixtures are the ideal element of the finish for the light source. A wide range of materials such as glass, steel, and aluminium and an extensive range of designs make these ceiling downlights appropriate for the main lighting, decorative lighting and spotlighting.

Ceiling downlights has got it all ranging from producing accent lighting like highlight furniture arrangements or highlight your special décor to offering you with mood lighting. Attention drives exactly where you intend it to be, it is the right time to look for the design of your room and have these high quality and high-performance ceiling downlights installed at the area that you want to illuminate.

You can choose between surface mounted or recessed downlights to illuminate your space. For a great architectural look and more flexibility, you can go for gimbal downlights which enables you to adjust the light frame to focus on various areas such as your favourite artworks on the wall. Bring a modern sophisticated look to your office or home with well places ceiling downlights that offer perfect shine and help you generate a welcoming environment.

At Future House Store, we consider lighting as an integral part of your home and we aim to provide you with the best quality lighting product to maximize the benefits of your place and perfectly lit ambience that comes straight back to life when the sun goes down. Come and explore our wide range of surface mounted and recessed downlights that are suitable for all interior. 

Choose also high-quality furniture lighting from our offer!

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  • Non-Waterproof Downlights

    Non-Waterproof Downlights

    What are downlights?

    Downlights are an integral part of the lighting fixtures as they are the main elements of a good lighting plan in many lighting projects. Mostly, the downlights are used to offer general lighting in a particular area. 

    The downlights provided by Future House Store are equipped with the latest technology available, making use of an integrated system meaning that the lighting is incorporated within the downlight. This feature provides a much longer life span with LED lamps.

    Non-waterproof downlights are available in our store that can be used indoor, inside sealed signage, inside sealed products, or when using aluminium extrusions. It all depends on the area in which you are going to place such ceiling downlights. The most popular ones nowadays are aluminium fittings which are well known because of the relatively low cost. Check also waterproof downlights.

    However, the story doesn’t end here. Regarding appearance, glass frames appear too good but they have the drawback that they are not much resistant as aluminium. Usually, this factor can be neglected due to the fact they are ceiling lights but it is worth keeping in consideration.  

    Non-waterproof downlights have an IP20 rating which means that they can't resist water. So you should not submerge such downlights in water. If you are not going to use downlights in a harsh environment that is highly dusty or wet then lower IP ratings like IP20 would be adequate. 

    The popular and most basic type of downlight is the fixed downlight that point the light in the downward direction. These are the most cost-effective ceiling downlights available in the market. They are designed to fulfil the demands of the wide range of rooms including bedrooms, kitchens, and lounges. 

    Non-waterproof downlights in our offer

    We offer non-waterproof downlights LED that directs an intense and focused beam of light in the downward direction. Such a beam can come with different brightness levels and angles. Also, all the downlights offered by Future House Store are colour-changing, dimmable, or even fire rated. 

    If you are searching for dimmable downlights, then go to explore our wide collection of dimmable downlights and dimmer switches. We have products from many world-leading brands on the market.

    The latest downlights are the LED downlights that are the brightest lights with the lowest possible consumption of energy. We offer a wide range of lighting solutions that will exactly match any type of project. LED downlights are a great alternative to halogen lights with long life and low energy consuming attributes. LED lighting technology is highly energy-efficient that it will not be replaced with other technology but will only be improved.

    We house high-quality Non-waterproof LED downlights and are happy to recommend the most appropriate one for your lighting project. Whether you are looking for surface monte or recessed downlights, we have a huge selection of available lights from the UK’s leading brands. 

    If you want to know more about the design of such downlights or need additional information regarding downlights, please feel free to contact us and we will help you get the right product for you. We value our customers and always try to satisfy their needs with high-quality products and excellent service.

  • Waterproof Downlights

    Waterproof Downlights

    Waterproof luminaires are an excellent choice for rooms in which light bulbs will be exposed to moisture, water vapour or water. Waterproof hermetically sealed luminaires with ...they block the access of unauthorized substances to the light source. The bulb in this frame will be 100% safe when it comes to water resistance.

    Where waterproof luminaires can be used?

    Waterproof luminaires are perfect for bathrooms. There is the greatest probability of damaging the bulb by splashing it with water. Thanks to these bindings, you do not have to worry about it. Floating water vapour from hot baths or saunas will not hurt the bulbs, and their lifespan will lengthen these places effectively. Perfectly designed luminaires guarantee the highest tightness that is required in wet places. They are also ideal in kitchens where water vapour floats on the agenda. Water-resistant luminaires will work very well, even in the most intensively used kitchens. In addition, we often find waterproof fixtures used in garages. Due to the negligible heating of garages, moisture often appears in them. Thanks to the use of waterproof luminaires, our lighting problems in garages will end. Light bulbs will last a lot longer. Due to the possibility of mounting LED bulbs, we can effectively reduce electricity charges. Once the investment for the purchase of LEDs has been made, the correspondingly smaller electricity bills will pay us back the money spent once. Thanks to the lower energy consumption, we have a positive impact on the natural environment and ecology. Less energy consumed is fewer fumes in power plants. Also, we can start to change the world for the better, starting by replacing LED bulbs.

    Waterproof downlights available in our offer:



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