For Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium profiles are an important component of any linear LED fixture. They serve as a lightweight and durable housing for LED lighting of any colour, temperature, and output. They also act as the main source of thermal management for LED lights. Aluminium profiles for LED lighting not only protect the strips but also hides automatic lighting controllers and touch controllers. 

LED controllers for aluminium profiles include: touch controllers, switch controllers, PIR motion sensor controllers, touch switch with dimmers, and many more. At Future House Store, you would be able to find each type of LED controller for aluminium profiles. Thanks to their construction, LED controllers for aluminium profiles have various sizes and shapes that accurately adapt to the profiles, hence simplifying the installation of lighting to the maximum.

LED controllers for aluminium profiles including touch switch controller, a simple touch on/off switch, IR hand sensor controller, contactless LED switch touch switch dimmer, contactless sensor switch controller, PIR motion sensor controller are available to you on Future House Store which you can choose according to your choice and requirements of aluminium profile. Our collection includes a wide variety of LED controllers for aluminium profiles. 

The LED touch dimmer controllers enables you to turn off or on or control dimming by touching the aluminium profile. The smart touch system eliminates the traditional process of a turning on and off dimmer wall switch or even remote control. The light is controlled by just touching any part of the aluminium profiles. The dimmer controllers are designed to be fixed within the aluminium profile.  

Contactless switches dedicated to aluminium profiles are used to switch on, off, and dim the LED strips without contact. Such smart controllers are equipped with an innovative solution that enables contactless dimming of the LED lighting. The sensor controllers for aluminium profiles are dedicated to applications that require very high hygiene standards such as hospital operating rooms and laboratories.

Switch controllers are used for easy switching on and turning off of the lighting using hand. Such switch controllers are specially designed to be fixed in aluminium profiles. The first touch of your hand turns on the light and the second touch turns it off.

LED strip lighting with aluminium profiles fit seamlessly into grooves in stairs, ceilings, floors, walls, cabinets, and closets. In this way, you can light up your required area without the need for heavy, obtrusive light fixtures. LED aluminium profile touch switches are widely used as furniture lights such as in the kitchen and office. LED strip aluminium profile touch switches are also used as interior light designs like storage, stairs, and floor lighting. 

No matter your LED application, Future House Store has the dimmer or switches for aluminium profiles that will perfectly integrate into your setting and precisely suits your requirements. We offer a huge collection of dimmers, remotes, switches, and more for aluminium profiles. Shop touch switch controllers, sensor controllers, contactless switch controllers, and many more from our website. 

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