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Surface Profiles

Aluminium profiles are used on straight, even surfaces without the need for grooving or special cutters. The installation of aluminium led strip depends on the surface directly with screws, dedicated handles, double-sided adhesive tape or mounting adhesive. They are particularly appreciated by manufacturers and furniture distributors, who increasingly use LED profiles as a standard with the furniture supplied. The widest range of led ceiling models enables the use of LED strips up to 14mm wide (up to 3 pcs.). The aluminium LED trays we offer are available in several versions of raw aluminium, anodised aluminium but also anodized in black and white powder-coated version. Aluminum led lens are included in the kit, depending on model lenses of different efficiency (light transmission). Due to the mounting brackets, LED profiles are also available in two mounting styles (side-to-profile and snap-on lenses). Topcoats are available in one length only 1m. For most models of LED profiles we also offer optional accessories such as end plugs, mounting brackets, angle switches, slings and LED modules.


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