Mi-Light 2.4GHz 4-zone RGBW LED strip controller FUT038

Ticks all the boxes, recommended seller, many thanks, would purchase from again

By: hobbys0_0 2018-12-21

MAX-LED MR16 LED light bulb 5W SMD 12V neutral white

I have purchased these bulbs as a replacement for my bathroom lights. The bulbs work well and give a great light. I\'m just counting now how many bulbs I need for the downstairs lol. MAX-LED good and cheap brand with high quality bulbs. Thanks, guys for the quick delivery. I\'m well satisfied with my purchase.

By: Donna 2018-12-04

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting - Future House Store

Well-chosen kitchen lighting under the cabinet should, among other things, facilitate cooking, and therefore provide good visibility in the place where we cut and cook products. Sometimes this goal is met by lighting in the kitchen hood, but a much better idea is lighting under kitchen cabinets. We can choose the entire under-cabinet panels. We can also put on individual furniture fittings for mounting from the bottom of kitchen cabinets equipped with halogen bulbs or LED lamps and having separate switches, which allows you to freely adjust the lighting intensity in the kitchen to our current needs. One under-cupboard lamplit in the evening will create, for example, a mood that favours confessions, and that is also very valuable. There are also under-cabinet lighting systems that also act as shelves or hangers for kitchen utensils. As you can see, the lighting of kitchen cabinets is essential. In addition, the lamps for kitchen cabinets can also include an additional socket under-cupboard. It should be remembered that in England it must be 220V under-cabinet lighting, and therefore it is worth buying in English lighting stores that also offer attractive lighting prices. Only a 220v under-cabinet lamp can be easily connected to the wall outlet or to the electrical installation in your kitchen. Remember that most of the LED lights operate at 12V, therefore, you will need a 12V DC LED driver that converts the 220V AC to 12V DC. All the necessary LED power supplies can be found in our DRIVERS & POWER SUPPLIES shop category. Appropriate lighting of the cabinets will provide a point or line luminaires - also with a motion sensor, to avoid unnecessarily wasting energy. 

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