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LED Downlights

Ceiling luminaires with a light source in the form of LEDs designed for in-line installation in suspended ceilings. LED ceiling luminaires are characterized by high quality of workmanship and aesthetic and modern look. LED ceiling mats are the perfect finishing touch to any building. The wide range of LED luminaires and a wide range of materials (aluminium - glass - plastic) make LED luminaires both a major lighting fixture and spotlighting fixture. LED ceiling luminaires are equipped with a built-in power supply for supplying built-in LEDs so that luminaires can be installed directly into the 230V AC mains. Spot LED luminaires also use movable rings with an LED module to direct the luminous flux. LED ceiling luminaires are especially recommended for use in areas where lighting is used for most of the day, such as in medical care, retail, office or industrial environments as well as in households. The use of LED ceiling lights will certainly reflect on the bills for electricity - reducing the energy consumption.

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