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G24 LED bulbs are replacements for compact energy-saving light bulbs (CFL) used most often in ceiling luminaires. These types of bulbs are used in office lighting, in public buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, etc. G24 bulbs also appear in several versions of the socket - D1/D2 and D3. The "D" markings indicate how the seat snap catches are positioned. Most currently available LED G24 bulbs in our range are already compatible with all of these sockets. The G24 marking, on the other hand, informs about the spacing of the opposite pins of the bulb's "legs" - in this case, it is 24mm. LED G24 bulbs adapted for direct supply from 230V mains. Thanks to the use of LED G24 bulbs we are able to reduce the power consumption to 50-60% compared to traditional compact bulbs.

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