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Smart Lighting

Day by day the smart lighting becomes more and more popular. Our products under the name Mi-Light, are a series of products related to the LED lighting industry, mainly focused on LED lighting. This system allows the extension of the LED installation of a number of products related to this brand, without fear of interoperability. These devices are characterised by high liquidity and high quality, at a relatively low price, making them the ideal value for money. The Mi-light series available in our sale includes such products as multicolour LED bulbs with built-in receiver, a series of mono drivers, mono MONO monitors, multicolour RGB and multicolour with white LEDs RGB + CCT, LED downlight with controllable or different device type with PIR motion sensor operating infrared, all controlled by the Mi-Light drivers, of course. The basic form of control for this system is radio, covering a range of up to 30 meters in an open area while providing seamless communication in areas such as residential areas. Controls can be extended by alternative forms of communication, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


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