Smart Lighting

An intelligent home is a sign of our time. At present, this is no longer the expression of luxury, but the answer to changing needs and growing expectations. After all, one of us would not like the idea of a house controlled by a smartphone, straight from the movies of fiction. Now it's a reality - very nice and attractive, and intelligent lighting is one of its elements. How does it work, why it is so simple and what makes you have to have it?

MiBoxer Zigbee Remote

0 1 Month ago

MiBoxer is a leading name in the lighting industry that is offering LED lights and related items for residential and commercial use. MiBoxer provides a wide range of lighting products including MiBoxer Zigbee remotes. Zigbee remotes are transmitters that are responsible for controlling Zigbee lighting receivers including Zigbee switches and dimmers by connecting with the Zigbee network and pairing Zigbee receivers. Transmitters are available that are compatible with the universal Zigbee gateway.

Why do top companies choose Zigbee?

514 10 Months ago

When selecting the protocol to integrate into your products, there are many factors to keep in mind. Zigbee is one of the wireless technologies created as a global open standard to fulfil the unique requirements of low-power, low-cost wireless IoT networks. 

Zigbee protocol compatibility

1171 10 Months ago

It is easy to synchronize all the smart devices at your home. There is a need for a common language to connect a mass of technology from various manufacturer brands.

Best multicolour downlights on the UK market

551 10 Months ago

Downlights have become very popular in homes and businesses today. One of the reasons for their popularity and enhanced application is that they can fulfil the range of interior lighting needs as they are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Why Tuya Smart is the best smart home app?

1031 11 Months ago

Nowadays, everyone needs their devices to be smart in their homes but nobody wants lots of different apps on their smartphone to control all the products, nor buy different gateways, bridges and hubs.

New Mi-Light black Remote series

444 11 Months ago

The new black remote series by Mi-Light includes different models such as MiBoxer black touch dimming remote controller, MiBoxer black 8-zone RGB+CCT remote control, MiBoxer black 4-zone touch RF RGBW remote control, MiBoxer black 4-zone RGB+CCT remote control, and more.

How to disable/enable sound on Mi-Light wall panels?

859 11 Months ago

Did you know that you can enable or disable the prompt sound when touching the controller on the Mi-Light wall panel? Did you know that you can switch between RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT versions? No? Then check out this article!

All about RF control for LEDs

821 1 Year ago

LED lights look great and have a wide range of applications. Both plain white and RGB LED strip lights can be used as task lighting at your office, or accent lighting in your home, or ambient lighting in the industrial area. LED lights are available in many forms and provide you with the creative potential to illuminate your space in the best and most attractive way possible.

How Much Internet Speed Does Your Smart Home Need?

1794 1 Year ago

Smart devices bring a new level of enjoyment, convenience, and security to your house. The most important thing that keeps your smart home working is your home network. If you add lots of smart devices to your home network without keeping in view the bandwidth they use could lead to a slow connection that makes all smart devices pretty dull.

Voice-controlled light bulb

1181 1 Year ago

When creating a smart home, lighting is one of the easiest and simplest ways to get started. Smart lighting is transforming the way how home or business owners control lighting, enhance security, and conserve energy with simple voice-controlled light bulbs. That is why smart lighting systems are one of the great energy-saving approaches for smart homes.

7 creative uses for smart light bulbs

328 2 Years ago

Use the potential of smart light bulbs! Here are some of our suggestions. 

What does CCT mean?

2463 3 Years ago

In this post, we are going to explain what does CCT mean and what are the possibilities of CCT smart lighting?

LED strip controllers

1132 3 Years ago

The essential part of every LED strip set, no matter if you are planning to change the colour, brightness, mode or you just want to switch the lighting ON and OFF you will need an LED strip controller.

Futlight smart lighting Mi-Light series

717 3 Years ago

The Futlight has been established in 2012 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland). Their main products are LED Bulbs, LED Downlights, LED Track Light, LED Floodlights, LED Controllers.

Come and meet our RGB+CCT remote controller

429 3 Years ago

Come and meet our RGB+CCT remote controller. Can you imagine the situation when you use a remote controller to change brightness intensity or colour of light? It sounds like a fairy tale but it is possible. We know how to do it.

Uses of LED extrusions, aluminium LED profiles in home lighting

1668 3 Years ago

In determining how smart home is, there are a number of things that come into play. It is not only limited to stacking up your home with gadgets...

The unique functions of Mi-Light WiFi remote control YT1

1295 3 Years ago

Nothing compares to the experience of having a smart and automated home. It adds immense value to your space. The technology does not only make your home look chic, modern and sophisticated, but it also puts a touch of ease and comfort to your everyday lifestyle.

Future House Store now supply also smart lighting

343 3 Years ago

Mi-Light smart lighting control reduces the number of times you'll find yourself having to reach for a switch it's great fun not only for your kids but for yourself as well and it saves on your electricity usage too. Isn't that great?

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