Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4

Product Name: 4-Channel 0~10V Panel Dimmer 

Model No.: L4

Input Voltage: AC100~240V

Output Voltage: 0~10V

Output Current: Max. 20mA/Channel

Working Temperature: -20~60°C

Size: 86*86*28mm

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Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4

Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4 product size dimensions technical picture

LED wall panel MONO - 100~240V - voltage 0-10V - 4-channel Mi-Light is a wired wall panel designed to control the brightness of connected LED lighting. The dimmer has been adapted to work with a receiver that uses 0-10V voltage on the output. The L4 wall panel allows you to create from one to four individual zones and access them through a glass wall panel implemented in a dimmer. The wall panel has been designed for installation in a standard fi60 box and is supplied with 100~240VAC mains voltage.

 Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4 features

The receiver(s) need to be purchased separately. For compatible receivers please see the compatible MiBoxer products tab.

 Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4 brightness adjustable

The advantage of this dimmer series is the receiving device that is necessarily used. Connection with this wall panel is wired, but the receiver itself allows further expansion of the installation by using radio control devices (eg radio remote control) or additional bell switches.


Application for installation:

MONO - single-coloured


Characteristic functions of the Mi-Light wall panel - L4

Switching on and switching off connected LED lighting

Dimming and brightening of connected LED lighting

Two modes of switching off the lighting


Features of the Mi-Light wall panel - L4

Four zones to use

Adapted to work on the 100~240VAC network voltage

Wired communication with the receiver

Glass implemented in a wall panel

Touch control (touch screen)

Sound signalling

A gentle backlight of the button responsible for switching on the lighting

The construction is adapted to be mounted on a fi60 box

24 months warranty

Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4 installation wall mounting screws box mains 

The connection of the wall panel to the receiver takes place by means of a wired connection. The receiver itself, we can extend it by programming it with other transmitting devices using a wireless radio path. Communication-based on 2.4GHz frequency ensures stable and synchronized operation of the LED lighting used. The products cooperating with the L4 wall panel can be found in the compatible MiBoxer products tab.

Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4 sensitive touching  

Connection diagram - for a wall panel

Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4 connection diagram wall panel 

Alternative control - increased functionality

Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4 alternative control power supply LED strip switch 

The use of additional control inputs in the receiver is the perfect solution for expanding our LED installation with an additional form of control. In addition to basic radio communication, we can obtain wired control via a voltage of 0-10V and 1-10V or PWM signal frequency (10V PWM). The receivers in their construction also have a potential-free input, enabling connection of a simple bell button. Such a construction of the receiver is primarily the increased functionality of LED installations.

Glass touch panel - control by touch

Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4 high-end tempered glass panel 

The glass touch panel in the Mi-Light series products not only provides an aesthetic appearance resulting from the lack of protruding buttons but also a full touchscreen with touch fields corresponding to different functions depending on the device model. In addition, the glass wall panel used is characterized by good protection against various types of scratches, which gives you high durability for a long period of time. 

The whole room at your fingertips - zone control

Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4 4 channels output independent control controllers receivers 

Some of the Mi-Light transmitting devices provide access to multiple zones, fully controlled by one device. The use of such a procedure greatly facilitates the use of a created LED installation in a given room, at the same time enabling the future development of lighting at any time.

Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4 specification

Application For monochrome installations (single colour)
Input voltage - wall panel 100~240V AC
Output voltage - wall panel 0~10V
Maximum output current 20mA / channel
Number of supported zones/channels 1-4 zones
Communication method Wired
Output signal 0-10V control
Return to previous settings when power is off No
Cooperation with receivers please see the compatible MiBoxer products tab
Touch buttons Yes
Glass panel Yes
The working temperature of the wall panel -20℃ -:- 60℃
The degree of tightness IP20
The dimensions of the device 86mm*86mm*28mm
Installation of a wall panel recessed mounting
Colour White
Declarations RoHS, CE
Warranty 24 months

Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4 retail and wholesale packaging box size and weight

Mi-Light 4-channel 0~10V panel dimmer L4 package includes

1 x 4-zone wall panel dimmer in a retail packaging

1 x Manuals

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