MiBoxer 75W single colour dimming LED driver (WiFi+2.4G) WL1-P75V24

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Product Name: 75W Single Colour Dimming LED Driver (WiFi+2.4G)

Model No.: WL1-P75V24

Working Voltage: AC100V~240V  50/60Hz

Output Voltage: DC24V

Output Current: Max 3A

WiFi Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

Bluetooth Protocol: Bluetooth 4.2 (low power consumption)

RF: 2.4GHz

Remote Control Distance: 30m

Ta:40℃     Tc:85℃

• Built-in power adapter

• Support “Tuya Smart” app control

• Support music rhythm

• Support third-party voice control (Alexa, Google Assistant)

• 2.4G RF Remote controllable

• Brightness step-less dimming

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MiBoxer 75W single colour dimming LED driver (WiFi+2.4G) WL1-P75V24

WL1-P75V24 product size technical image

The WL1-P75V24 LED controller is dedicated to MONO light sources. It is equipped with a signalling diode that facilitates assigning and setting parameters. The controller has the ability to change the PWM frequency modulation. The built-in WiFi module allows you to control the lighting directly from the application, without using the WL-BOX1 bridge. The repeater function allows you to achieve an infinite range and keep a distance of 30m between successive MiBoxer devices. The product has a built-in power supply.

MiBoxer 75W single colour dimming LED driver WL1-P75V24

How to connect?

You can use up to 4 control devices to manage one product. The functions of the controller depend on what you will control it with. Familiarize yourself with the available traditional, voice or application control solutions.

Please note that the control device is not included in the set - due to the large selection, you must purchase it separately and assign it.

new generation of dimming power supply for single colour LED light strips

Note: The WL1-P75V24 controller is dedicated to MONO light sources. Using this controller with other types of products may result in malfunction. Select the LED controller according to the type of LED source.

white LED strip controller using bluettoth and WiFi

When the power fails, you can set what should happen

You have the ability to set the dependency on what should happen in the event of a power failure. By default, the product returns to its previous working state, but you can change this default behaviour.

room illuminated in white single colour

Remembers brightness, colour and temperature settings

In the event of a power failure, the brightness, colour and saturation settings will not change thanks to the built-in memory. There is no need to set everything up from scratch.

two way data communication Tuya Smart App

Two-way communication - thanks to it you can know the status of work

It receives and transmits information - so you can know the current operating parameters of your LED source. A useful function, especially if one light source is controlled by several devices.

smartphone app control for single colour 24V LED strips

Assign and unsubscribe in seconds

Simple actions performed in the right order allow you to quickly and efficiently assign or unsubscribe a given light source to the control device.

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Alice Voice control

Create several zones

By assigning devices to zones, you create a kind of group of light sources whose parameters you want to set at a given moment. How to choose products for zones? It is best to observe the dependencies - probably one part of the room lighting is used during the day, and another combination for the evening.

support for remote control 2.4G FUT006 FUT007 FUT087 B1 B2 T1 T2

You don't need a bridge to enjoy the full potential

The built-in WiFi module allows you to connect the controller to the application without having to buy an additional WiFi bridge.

MiBoxer Smart app multiple scenes

Safe and reliable

In the event of a short circuit or overvoltage, the controller will cut off the power supply, which prevents its damage.

music rhythm support for single colour LED strips

The range is not your concern

This product has the function of signal transmission up to 30m. You can go ahead and install more products within this distance and be sure that everything will work!

tap-to-run automation in app features Tuya Smart

Night light mode

Need minimal lighting at night? All you have to do is hold down the power button on the remote control or in the application - the light source will switch to night mode, thus preventing accidental changes to the settings.

sleep wake up mode in app settings

Voice control

Using the MiBoxer bridge, you can synchronize your light source with many voice assistants available on the market.

WL1-P75V24 timing function

Control the way you want

You can use up to four devices to manage one light source. Using the control panel, traditional remote control or WiFi bridge, you can choose the right combination.

do not disturb mode WiFi Tuya controller

White light from dawn to night

Activate the function in the application that will select the light according to the time of day - in the morning it will gently wake you up, during the day it will fill with bright and cold light, and in the evening it will prepare you for sleep and help you fall asleep.

MiBoxer 75W single colour dimming LED driver (WiFi+2.4G) WL1-P75V24 signal retransmission

Sync function

Devices can work synchronously, even when they are started at different times. Synchronization is possible if the distances between successive devices do not exceed 30m, are assigned to the same remote control and are in dynamic mode.

fireproof PC shell Set button LED strip controllerinput and output connectors LED strip controller single colour

Solve the problem of noisy installation

Is your installation making squeaking/humming noises? The controller has a built-in function to change the modulation frequency, allowing it to work in the high frequency of 8KHz or the low frequency of 500Hz. This ensures a better adjustment of the controller's operating conditions to the existing installation.

You can control it with the bell switch

The LED controller allows you to control the LED light source both in a traditional way, using a bell switch, and with the help of another control device. After connecting the bell switch to the controller, it no longer has the function of cutting off the power supply, it only transmits an impulse to the device with which you can change the brightness or operating status.

MiBoxer 75W single colour dimming LED driver (WiFi+2.4G) WL1-P75V24 specification

Application For MONO (single colour) installation
Maximum output current 3A
Input Voltage 230V DC
Output Voltage 24V DC
Number of outputs 1 channel (V+/V-)
Controlling method Radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Controlling range up to 30 meters in an open area
Model number WL1-P75V24
Control frequency 2.4GHz
Bluetooth Protocol Bluetooth 4.2 (low power consumption)
WiFi Standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
Working temperature -20 – 60℃
Compatible devices please see the compatible MiBoxer products tab
Return to previous settings after powering off Yes
Input connector (power supply) 3-core (Live, Neutral, Ground) bare wire cable
Output connector (signal) Screw terminals for bare wires
Dimensions[mm] L190 x W53 x H32
Certification RoHS, CE, UKCA
Warranty 2 years

MiBoxer 75W single colour dimming LED driver (WiFi+2.4G) WL1-P75V24 wholesale packaging retail box

MiBoxer 75W single colour dimming LED driver (WiFi+2.4G) WL1-P75V24 package includes

1 x MONO (single colour) LED strip controller with built-in power supply

1 x User manual (English)

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Product Details

Data sheet

Rated Power
Light Colour
Rated Voltage
Model Number
2 years
Pack Quantity
Current Type
AC in / DC out
LED Driver
Output Voltage

Specific References

Shipping Info
Wholesale shipping
WL1-P75V24 - compatible MiBoxer products
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